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The Canes tried to forget about it. Hard to do, when Val Cane would wake up in the middle of the night with the Doctor's look of disgust for her forever bored into her mind. Biff Cane would try to comfort her, but they would never discuss that day. Jethro Cane tried to discuss it, but he was always hushed. He wasn't alright with just forgetting it. He stopped wearing black, and stopped hanging out with his friends. Suddenly, darkness and death just weren't cool anymore.

Professor Winfold Hobbs tried to forget too. For the first few days, at least. But when Dee Dee Blasco transferred out of his class, he became obsessed in finding out what sort of life could live on a planet like Midnight. He would spend the rest of his life theorising and hypothesising on the types of life able to live in an xtonic environment, but he would never return to the planet.

Dee Dee Blasco was later selected to join an expedition team investigating the mysterious reappearance of the no-longer-Lost Moon of Poosh. But when other members of the team began rough-housing on the transport shuttle, she suffered a breakdown and had to be let off at the nearest station. She then switched her degree to Mechanics, graduated with top-marks, and joined her father at his shop.

Sky Sylvestry had no immediate family, but when her ex-lover heard the news report, she was saddened, and even regretful. But she eventually moved on.

The Hostess, the unnamed, unsung hostess of the fateful Crusader 50 shuttle bus, did have family. Her funeral was paid by insurance from Crusader Tours, and her family was awarded compensation by the Leisure Palace Company.

The Leisure Palace Company closed down their Midnight Palace, after a recommendation by a Doctor who left the planet almost immediately. After an investigation concluded that the Leisure Palace Company failed to properly survey the planet, scandal ensued. Top executives were jailed, the company was fined an untold amount, boycotts and protests were held, and the company filed for bankruptcy and nearly tanked, but after a few years and a name change, the company slowly began regaining profits.

Donna Noble did forget. She forgot the look in her friend's eyes as she met him off the bus. She forgot how he was shaking when she held him. She forgot the horror she felt as her friend recounted what had happened. She forgot her friend.

The Doctor would never forget, for as long as he lived.