"She's gone," Artemis whispers to herself, kneeling in front of the grave in disbelief. The loss is too sudden, too soon. She hasn't even finished college yet.

"She is," a voice says from behind her, startling her into whipping around to catch sight of the speaker. A jacket is the first thing she sees, held out right in front of her, but holding it is a familiar head of black hair.


Her teammate drapes the jacket around her shoulders, and for the first time, she notices that his glasses are off. She isn't sure what she expected, but those blue eyes feel far more solemn than she expected from the usually cheerful superhero, and they shock her into a silence that Nightwing uses to continue talking. "But youare still alive, Artemis. And I don't think your mom would have wanted you to freeze yourself to death in front of her grave."

The jacket is very warm against her cold skin, which only makes her realize that her teammate had a point. Slightly embarrassed, she averted her eyes. "What are you doing here?" She finally manages to say.

"Visiting my parents," he replies, the response surprising Artemis enough to lift her head up in surprise. "But I figured I would find you here too. It's a bat-sense." He jokes lightly, his expression turning gentler.

"Your parents…" Artemis repeats, the implication sinks in quickly.

"It was a while ago," he admits, taking a seat next to her and placing a flower of his own at the base of the grave. "I think they would have liked to meet you."

Artemis stays silent, not sure what to say. And then, slowly, she murmurs, "I think my mom would have liked to meet you too. She was always nagging me to bring some friends home…"

Artemis is not sure what possessed her to start talking, but those words are like the first cracks in a damn of unsaid thoughts, and the rest floods out. "I should have listened to her more. She was always worried about me, but she was always supportive of everything. Even when I decided to move across the country to Stanford. Even when I started crime fighting…"

Her eyes grew blurry and warm, but her thoughts were somewhere else at a time where her mother admitted to begging to Green Arrow. A startling realization dawns on her. "She…she was the one who first believed in me as a hero."

Tears begin to trail her checks for the first time since the funeral as the waves of nostalgia hit. Artemis tries to wipe them off, not wanting to be caught like this. Weak. Vulnerable. So foolish. But Dick leans over, enveloping her in a hug as if to hide her away from the world.

"She sounded like a great woman," he says. She feels it then, that shared pain of loss, in the way Dick grips her tightly in understanding.

"She was." And finally, Artemis allows herself to cry.

A/N: This takes place in some kind of AU where Artemis's mother dies in the five year time gap. I'm just trying to get back into the groove of writing Young Justice fics again since I seem to have some kind of mental block for my multichaps. Feedback, as always, is appreciated :)