A/N: I'm so sorry for the long period of time I had of not writing. I've been very busy and had little to no time to write this. Recently, I found that my trilogies have no connection to one another so I decided to rewrite all of them, which was a swell idea since now I have to rewrite a new plot with new characters that have completely new roles. Since the game is different than my original plot, it just seemed illogical to alter the story, adding to my need to change and improvements. This means both writing and art ideas (making art of the different characters really help me explain their personality and powers so yeah…) is in the process of changes (similar to a rough draft). I know this is no excuse and I am prepared for just about any complaints.

This is a remake of the prologue I made a couple of months ago (or maybe years?), please, enjoy.


Blazing pyros danced through the arena followed by a rain of shards of concentrated ice, all no larger than a small dagger and no smaller than a Chickencow egg but all equally powerful.

A young magi, with a long, beautiful, dark teal-blue scythe at hand, ran across the field while avoiding the practice humanoid mana dummies whom were flinging fireballs at her direction.

She was drenched in sweat for she had been training for hours without break. Her violet dress, covered in dirt, had many scorched areas. Her once white sleeves were now at a light shade of tan. Sweat poured from the tips of her short, brown hair and forehead. With a fierce determination, she progressed on destroying the many opponents by flailing her scythe on to their bodies, scorching them with her flames, or freezing them solid with ice.

Arcana, the Mage trainer, oversaw the training with great fascination. She smiled as every one of her spells were cast perfectly and hit their target cleanly. She turned to her superior, the Archmage, who was also astounded by the skill the young girl presented.

The Archmage watched the simulation silent and expressionless. His pet, a small blue creature with a single eye, an eye socket, and bat wings, Jimmy, blinked several times before perching onto his owner's shoulder. Its eye turned to the direction his mastered was facing.

"I believe she is ready," Arcana stated as she smiled gleefully.

The Archmage nodded, causing Arcana to raise a brow.

"Not yet she isn't," he simply responded as his hand radiated with turquoise energy, mana, then released the energy with a snap of his fingers.

Arcara simply observed as the Archmage enhanced the Mana dummies without the girl noticing.

"Warlic," Arcana asked in shock as the dummies began to take a new shape, and with it, a new source of strength. Warlic simply observed with great interest.

The girl gasped in horror as the dummies flung stronger, intense fires with greater precision. She shielded herself from the instant attacks by rotating her scythe in a circular motion, instantly extinguishing most of the fires.

"Observe," Warlic responded.

The young magi ran in all directions, attacking them both physically and magically. One of the dummies had precisely cast a fire spell aiming to her feet, causing her to lose her balance and fall, with it her weapon. She groaned in pain before picking herself up.

The girl became overwhelmed when the dummies had surround her; she was unable to flee. She looked in all directions, hoping for an opening to attack each dummy individually. The only thing visible for her were celeste figures with fire and ice at hand and certain failure.

Realizing that escape was inevitable, she reached for her bag and took out a small, runic scroll. She rapidly unrolled the scroll and scanned through its contents.

"Blinding Light!" she yelled as she absorbed the runes with her hand then released a blast of light, hitting every dummy in the arena.

While most of the enemies evaporated into the still breeze, most remained blinded by the light. The magi took this opportunity to bring down the dummies individually. After the stun effect wore off, a sole dummy remained. The girl charged forward, then swung her scythe directly across the humanoid's body. On contact, the last one too evaporated.

The girl smiled weakly then held her knees from exhaustion. Drops of sweat fell from her flushed cheeks to the dirt below. She panted hard, her breaths were dry and rasp.

Arcana stood there both shocked and impressed at her student's success. Warlic smiled.

"Fascinating. I would like to talk with your student. May you summon her here?" He asked with a smile.

"O- of course!" Arcana replied nervously then turned to the small, indoor arena where her student was, "Apprentice, can you come here please?"

The magi shook off her exhaustion then ran to her master, picking up her weapon in the process.

What could they want of me? she thought inwardly as she bowed to them.

"Well, young student. The Archmage has important news to tell you," Arcana began, her eyes turned to the man next to her.

He stepped forward and shook the young girl's hand.

"I-it is a pleasure t-to m-meet you sir… m- my name is M- Miki..." the girl said shyly.

"It is a pleasure to meet you too, ma'am. My name is Warlic, the Archmage."

The girl smiled awkwardly, leaning back and forth. Warlic continued to stare at the girl.

"I will leave so that you can talk to her in peace," Arcana said nervously as she backed away.

"Your presence is needed as well..."

"I see."

"Now, let us get down to business. To be completely honest with you I have seen many magi fail this last test. Most of them give up without a second thought and wait another three years in order to be eligible for another test… others never come back,"the girl grasped her scythe tighter with each passing word, "But you passed with little to no problems… which is good."

"Ms. Miki", the young magi looked up to the Archmage, "How old are you?".

"F- fourteen sir!" the young magi replied nervously.

"Indeed you are young. Too young to be learning magic and, too young to hold a weapon," Warlic replied, his tone dropped a few tones as if disappointed.

"N- no sir, I decided to take this path. I want to be of use to the kingdom, so I asked my guardian, Jordan, if he could teach me the ways of a wanderer or magi..." she lowered her head in fear.

"What did he say?"

"He refused to teach me bloodshed."

"I see..." He frowned, holding his chin with his thin hand. "Do you know where he is now?"

His question was said in a such a tone that Miki braced herself for the worst.

"No sir, I haven't seen him since yesterday. Did something happen to him?" She asked with fear in her voice.

Warlic raised a brow.

"No, I can assure you he is fine. He went to the castle to speak with your Majesty." Miki sighed in relief.

"I- is there a problem?" Miki asked with great concern.

"None, the kingdom has been safe for some time so I doubt it has anything to due with safety concerns" Arcana suggested.

Warlic turned to the Mage Trainer.

"Indeed the kingdom has been safe for months since the Necropolis incident. In fact, they were discussing about you, young Miki".

"About m- me?" Miki stuttered.

"Yes, your guardian, Jordan and our King, Alteon, made the crucial decision this morning about your future and called upon me to send the message to you".

She raised a brow in both fear and extreme curiousness.

"By this day and forth," he paused, adding the unnecessary suspense to both master and apprentice," you are worthy of calling yourself a Mage".