"Good Lord, Tony, you think this place big enough?" Clint walked to the wall of glass and slid open one of the balcony's massive doors. The glistening blue water of the pool stretched before him, appearing to fall off the end of the building and out into the Las Vegas skyline. Behind him, Tony wandered over to the fully stocked bar to pour himself a drink.

"There's a pool table!" Steve said from down the hallway. Bruce was checking out the kitchen of the two-story villa. Luxury wasn't the word for the space; from the private plunge pool to the T.V. the size of a movie screen to the game room, the suite was extravagance to a tee.

"Sir, if I may." The young man wore a simple black suit, crisp white shirt, and neat black tie. He couldn't have been over thirty, Clint thought, but he held his body stiff and spoke with a proper British accent.

"Yes, Alfred?" Tony absently asked, busy watching Steve play with the various light switches on the wall – windows darkened, mood lighting dimmed, and music began to play.

"My name is Robert, sir." The butler corrected.

"Right, Alfred." Tony grinned at the flustered man.

Robert sighed ever so slightly. "I took the liberty of putting Dr. Banner and Mr. Barton's things in the Master Suite; it has a large balcony and tall ceilings … the glass wall slides completely open for indoor/outdoor living. Your things are in Sunrise room and Mr. Rogers is in the Sunset room. I have also stocked the pantry with the requested items as well as some other local delicacies."

"Nehi?" Steve had cracked open the refrigerator and pulled a glass bottle out of the door. "I didn't know they even made this anymore."

"There's both orange and grape," Robert said. "If there's anything else you need, please don't hesitate to ask. I can arrange tickets for shows, reservations for dinner, private gaming … just dial 3 on the phone at any time." He turned and left through the main double doors.

"When are you leaving for today's meeting?" Clint entered the kitchen and rummaged, pulling out a bottle of Chinese beer and a package of Cheetos. "Cause Steve and I have things to do, don't we?" The statement seemed to surprise Steve, who shook his head at Bruce's questioning look.

"Remind me why I brought all of you again?" Tony sank into the large couch, propping his feet on the coffee table. "Bruce is here to talk science, but I'm fuzzy on how this ended up a foursome."

"The meeting starts at 1:00 p.m." Bruce offered, munching on macadamia nuts. "Clint's here because I wanted him to come, and Steve's here to keep Clint company while we're gone during the day."

"Oh, right, we needed a babysitter for the Hawk. He can't seem to stay out of trouble."

"I think that's you, Stark." Steve said as he drank his soda. "Pepper said to make sure you got to the office on time. Even if we have to carry you."

"Would you? Carry me?" Tony batted his eyes at Steve, and then laughed. "Look, it's Vegas! Some debauchery is mandatory. Since you can't get drunk, we'll have to go with gambling and a massive, wild party. Screw meetings. I'm here to have some fun."

"Tony," Steve began, but then he sat the empty bottle on the counter and sighed. "Whatever. I'm not your mother. Do what you want. But I have plans for tonight, so I … we," he nodded to Clint "… are in charge for our evening entertainment."

"That's right," Clint added as he bounded up the circular staircase two at a time. "Orgies are us. A little strip poker by the pool to start, then showgirls along with massive amounts of alcohol for me ought to do it." Opening the doors at the head of the stairs, Clint paused. "Holy shit, Bruce. You should see this. The bed is round with mirrors on the ceiling." His voice floated down as he entered the room. "It fucking rotates!"

Tony smirked at Bruce, who only shrugged in response as he started up the stairs.

"This is a good thing, Tony." Steve sat down next to him on the couch. "We need this after everything we've been through."

Tony sighed. "Seemed like a good idea at the time."


Clint stood on the balcony, studying the skyline, as Bruce stepped out of the floor-to-ceiling glass doors.

"See the good vantage points? There," Clint nodded to an outcropping higher up, "there," the building across the road, "and there," the balcony of a lower suite. "Easy targeting with all the glass. I did see a privacy screen, but we know how effect those can be."

"We'll be fine." Bruce told him. "Security swept the area. Tony brought his suit, Steve is downstairs, and I know I saw your bow case go into the luggage compartment of the plane. Relax."

Clint frowned for another moment before a smile slid across his face. "Did you see the infinity edge bathtub for two and the big screen TV? Firefly marathon, some fine sipping whiskey, and something spicy to eat. We could just never leave the room, you know." Clint wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. "Tony can handle those scientists on his own, and we could play."

"This could help find a cure for Phil and Carol, and you know that." Bruce caught Clint's belt loops with his fingers and tugged the man over. "There will be plenty of time to try out that tub and the rotating bed." Clint went easily, hips bumping as he wrapped his arms around Bruce's waist.

"We could take a spin right now," he offered, dropping a kiss on Bruce's neck. "You spin me right round, baby, right round, like a record, baby … open up your loving arms, look out here I come," he sang as Bruce gave an indulgent smile.

"Excuse me, but it was you who started the whole 'let's have sex on the plane' idea. I think it's my turn to pick the kink for the evening."

"Hey, joining the mile high club was on my bucket list! And the bathroom in Tony's jet was MUCH bigger than the ones on commercial flights. Not quite sure how the logistics would work in those tiny ones." Clint's eyes sparkled at the memory of bruised elbows and shins, hushed groans stilled by each other's mouth, and the all-to-knowing look on Tony's face afterwards despite their best efforts to be stealthy. "Admit it, you liked it."

"Never said I didn't, just that it's my turn next. Now, I need to go roust Tony and get moving. There's a luncheon with the director of R & D and the company CEO at noon, and I want to see just how far they've gotten with their genome parsing project." He started to pull away, but Clint held on, long enough for one very heated kiss, before he let Bruce go.

"Don't get so lost in your science that you forget to come back, doc. I'll be here, ready for whatever you have in mind. I'm starting to like being a kept man."

Bruce paused. "Now there's an idea. I think I remembered to pack some handcuffs. I'll just leave you here, naked and waiting, cuffed to the bed. I might even be nice and give you the remote. I certainly would remember to come home to that."

"Damn, Bruce." Clint laughed, his voice going husky at the thought. "Might be a little awkward when Steve wanted to go to lunch, though. Next time, just you and me in Vegas, okay?"


"If Pepper ordered the lunch, it might be okay, but if it's broiled chicken, I'm going to be pissed." Tony was still arguing as Bruce tried to corral him towards the exit, waving his half full glass of whiskey; the car was downstairs waiting, and Robert held the door open.

"Just take the glass and let's go," Bruce sighed, but Tony's grin made it clear he was having fun at the expense of Bruce's punctuality.

"If you desire a different lunch, Mr. Stark, please let me know. I can have any number of the finest restaurants in Vegas deliver something to you on short notice," Robert offered, helpfully.

"Send over some waygu burgers from Bachi Burger. And an order of pork belly steamed buns." Tony glanced at Bruce. "Make that for both of us. Oh, and truffle parmesan fries."

"Of course, sir. I'll have the food there in time for the start of the meeting." Robert nodded, completely unfazed by the request.

"Good. That's good." Tony finally started for the elevator. "And Alfred," he called back, "make sure those two don't get into any trouble while the adults are gone, okay?"

"That should be a fun luncheon," Steve noted as Robert let the door swing shut behind the two men. "Speaking of lunch, I could go for a good burger. How about you, Clint?"

"If I may, the Burger Bar isn't very far. The milkshakes there are also excellent. May I call ahead and have a table waiting for you?" Robert offered.

"Milkshakes are good. Let's do it," Clint nodded, and Robert left to take care of their requests. "Like a life-size breathing version of Jarvis, don't you think?"

"I don't think I'll ever get used to Tony's world," Steve said as he slid his wallet into his pants pocket. "Very different than growing up in Brooklyn."

"True, but, hey, opposites attract right?" Clint led the way to the door. "How do you feel about making Tony jealous? Round up some party guests, you can flirt like hell with someone while I get Tony drunk."

"If you haven't figured it out, I'm not good at flirting, so I think that plan's out."

"Right, okay. Then it's strip poker by the pool. How's your five card stud?"

Parabolic mikes picked up most of the conversation as the sound waves bounced off of the glass. Computers digitally recorded it all, sending sporadic notifications to an IP address, searching for key words and phrases to index. With long telephoto lens, cameras trained on the various windows clicked at established intervals, pictures filing into the hard drive, frame by frame. A program ran, worming its way into the hotel database, collecting every byte of data about the occupants of the room. As the elevator descended to the main floor, feeds from security cameras tracked their movement across the gaming floor, images of license plate of the taxi and the limo cross-referencing with traffic cameras as they made their way through the congested streets to their destinations.