Aaaaaahhhhh, my first Sims Fanfic. Since I found out you could do them I've wanted to do one of my own, so here it is. It's set in a kingdom I made on The Sims Medieval. Here we go...

Chapter 1:

As a child I heard of the adventures my people could have here in my kingdom. I never thought the biggest adventure would be being a parent...

Queen Chunomi the Illustrious woke to the sound of a baby crying and wailing. It had been very stressing for her over the last few days, having to put up with this. Her husband, and Mangora's very loyal knight, Alec, was still asleep on the other side of the bed. Obviously the sound of the baby didn't wake him. Good. She wanted to keep it that way. Managing a kingdom was hard work, and with your husband keeping enemies out it was even harder. Chunomi put on a robe and wandered over to her baby daughter's cradle. Still a few days old, little Brianna was growing fast. However she couldn't seem to get to sleep. She always needed Mummy's attention. Chunomi picked up the wiggling bundle and snuggled her close.

"Shhhhh," she whispered, "It's okay. Mummy's here."

The infant calmed down a little, but she kept sobbing. Chunomi cradled her in her arms and gently shushed her. The baby stopped moving except for her soft breathing. Chunomi laid her down in her cradle and walked back to bed. Suddenly Brianna woke up and cried again. Chunomi sighed and called out to her husband, "Honey, the baby's awake again!"

Alec moaned and turned over in bed. Chunomi sighed again. She remembered when she was pregnant...

2 Months Ago...

Chunomi puked on the bathroom floor. She had been having tummy aches and foul tastes in her mouth for weeks. She had gone to the physician, who in turn told her she was pregnant. She just didn't know how to tell Alec. Was he going to be worried that raising a baby in a kingdom like Mangora was too dangerous?

That night Chunomi paced around her bedroom trying to practice explaining the situation to Alec.

"Honey, how do you feel about being a father, because you're going to be one...? No. Alec, guess what! There's going to be another living thing in this castle... No..."

Finally Alec entered the room. His armour was covered with blood. Chunomi stared in shock.

"I killed another boar today, Chunomi," he said, "The meat's going to the market. More food for the village."

Chunomi sighed with relief. At least he hadn't killed a sim.

"I wish you wouldn't go out hunting all the time," Chunomi said, "I don't want this kingdom to be guarded by killers."

Alec raised an eyebrow. "You're getting a little bit moody, Chunomi. Not to mention you've gotten fat."

It was true. Chunomi's belly was sticking out now. But she wasn't fat. It was the baby growing inside her. She had to tell him. "Hey, Alec," she said, "How about tomorrow we go for a picnic in the forest? Just the two of us?"

"Um, okay?" Alec said raising his other eyebrow. Chunomi wasn't acting like herself. "Anyway, I have to go wash this blood off." He went to the bathroom.

The next day they packed a small bag of food and a blanket. They went to the clearing in the forest and sat down. They unpacked everything. When they had finished eating Chunomi wiped her face while she watched Alec wash his at the river. When he came back he noticed his wife looking depressed.

"What's wrong? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Chunomi said, "It's just... I have something to tell you." Alec sat down. "Remember how moody I was, and how my belly is starting to stick out?"


"And do you remember when we woohooed shortly after getting married?"

"Um... yeah?" Alec wanted to forget that.

"Well, it led to something and... I'm pregnant."

Alec stared for a second before nervously putting his hand on Chunomi's belly. He felt a kick and quickly backed away. "Oh my watcher. I'm going to be a father?"

"Please don't be mad," Chunomi said, expecting that he was.

"I'm not mad," Alec said, "Just a little surprised. I just don't know how to raise a kid."

"Neither do I," Chunomi said, "but we'll pull through."

Alec nodded, and then placed his hand on Chunomi's belly again. "So, how long?"

"The physician said three weeks," Chunomi replied, "She also said it's a girl."

Alec smiled. Suddenly they heard roaring. A bear emerged from the trees, ready to kill the two sims. Alec drew his sword as Chunomi stood up and screamed. He stabbed the bear in the chest, causing it to collapse at their feet. Chunomi shivered in fear. They returned to the castle.

Three weeks later...

"Alec!" Chunomi woke her husband. As they lifted the sheets they noticed the bed was stained.

"I think my water broke," Chunomi said in pain, "Get me to the nurse, quick!"

Hours later the nurse had Chunomi lying on a bed and screaming. Alec had been forced to wait outside the room. It was too much for Chunomi. "I changed my mind! I changed my mind! The baby's not ready to come out!"

"I'm afraid it's too late, your highness," the nurse said, "It's already halfway."

After a few more pushes Chunomi's scream was so loud the whole kingdom could hear. The nurse put the baby in a blanket and carried her away. Alec went in to see Chunomi. "Chunomi! Are you okay? Where's the baby? Is she alive?"

"Calm down Alec," Chunomi told him, "She's fine. The nurses just took her off to clean and wrap up. By the watcher it hurts though."

Alec held Chunomi's hand. It was all sweaty. Obviously that scream before happened for a reason. Finally the nurse brought in a little bundle. Inside was a tan skinned face with dark brown eyes and puffy cheeks. She was so amazing to look at. She reached out and pulled on Chunomi's hair.


Alec chuckled. "I think she recognises her mummy."

"Abababa!" the baby said before reaching for Alec.

"I think she recognises her daddy too," Chunomi smiled as she held out the bundle. Alec backed away. "What?" Chunomi frowned.

"I... don't know how to hold a baby," Alec said, "What if I drop her?"

"Alec, you helped create this," Chunomi told him, "The least you could do is hold her."

"Oh, okay." Alec took the little bundle in his arms and looked at her. She blew a tiny bubble. It popped in her face, and she whimpered. Chunomi and Alec watched nervously as she started to sob.

"Oh no no no," Alec said, "Don't cry. It's okay." He snuggled her up close to him. The baby stopped crying. He handed her back to her mother.

"Hey, Alec," Chunomi said.


"I've been thinking of a name, and... what do you think of the name Brianna?"

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