Well, after weeks of writer's block I'm finally getting back to this story. Here goes...

Chapter 5:

The next day Chunomi woke to find Brianna's bed empty. She wondered if she was playing hide and seek again. She went downstairs and asked the advisor, but she hadn't seen Brianna either. Chunomi began to panic. What if Brianna had left the castle? Chunomi ran to her scribe table and began writing notes asking all the guards in the kingdom to find Brianna and notify the queen if she was located.

After a few hours Chunomi received a letter from a guard telling her Brianna had been spotted in the forest. Chunomi wasted no time running down there. Sure enough, there was Brianna, picking flowers. She saw her mother. "I was picking flowers for you Mummy."

Chunomi didn't care about the flowers. She ran to hug her daughter. She was relieved to find her safe, even if she did break the biggest rule she was given. Chunomi picked Brianna up and took her home.

Since Brianna had come home Chunomi and her daughter became close. Then one day a man in blue armour arrived from overseas. He requested to see Chunomi.

"May I help you?" Chunomi asked.

"I am lord Grande' of the Mangoran council," the man said, bowing in front of Chunomi's throne, "You have been neglecting your responsibilities of teaching your daughter to be a princess. I was sent to inform you that if you do not put more pressure on her we will be forced to take her away."

"Absolutely not!" Chunomi said angrily, "She is the only family I have left! If you take her I will have no one!"

"You must learn that the future of this kingdom is more important than a child in the family," Lord Grande' said, "You have been warned."

"I must ask you to leave at once!" Chunomi said, "Return to the council and tell them I will not force my daughter to be something she's not!"

Lord Grande' left as ordered, and Chunomi stood up from her throne. She went up to the bedroom where Brianna was playing with a teddy bear.

"Who was that Mummy?" she asked.

"No one," Chunomi answered. She didn't want to tell her daughter she had to leave if she didn't learn how to be a princess. "Hey, how do you feel about going to a performance in the town square tonight? I'm arranging a festival there."

"Really?" Brianna asked excited, "I'd love to go!"

Mother and daughter hugged. Brianna ran into the bathroom to get ready while Chunomi walked out to the balcony. She looked out over the kingdom to the sea on the horizon. If only Alec was here...