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Chapter 1

I woke up in a cold sweat. It was the night of my 14th birthday, and I was still stuck at the Dursley's. I've always wondered why I had to stay here with people who hated me so much that I was their maid and favorite punching bag rolled into one. I glanced at the clock and saw it turn from 11:59 to 12:00.

Suddenly, I was engulfed in pain beyond my imagination. It felt as if all of my bones were shifting and changing. I found myself wishing for anything that could end this pain. It felt as if it was going on for days, but when it ended, i saw that it was only going on for a few hours.

I experimentally moved on my bed and only felt a slight stiffness in my limbs. I got out of bed and looked into the mirror. What i saw shocked me. I had gone from being a 5'2" girl with untamable black hair to looking like a supermodel. I was now around 5'8" with long, blonde ringlets that reached my waist. All of the years of malnourishment from the Dursleys had been erased, and I now had an hourglass body that any girl would die for. Any scar that I had was erased except for the lightning bolt scar on my forehead. The only thing that remained the same was brilliant emerald eyes that I inherited from my mother.

As I was looking at the new me in the mirror, an owl with a letter from Gringotts appeared. I quickly took the letter from the owl and looked at what it said.

Dear Miss Azalea L. Potter,

We at Gringotts would like to congulate you for gaining your magical creature inheritance. At your earliest conveniance we would like to set up a meeting with you about the rest of the inheritance left by the late Lord James C. Potter and Lady Lily R. Potter. Please send a letter with the appointment time.



Potter Account Manager

This only shocked me more. I wrote a reply stating that I could be at a meeting at 1:00 PM today. I looked at the clock and saw it was 5:00 and decided to go ahead and get ready. I hoped that the meeting would be as shocking as my transformation, but somehow I sincerely doubted that.

Hello readers! This is my new story involving a FemHarry. It will most likely end up either being a Draco/femHarry or Charlie/femHarry. I will put up a poll though to see what you think is a good idea.