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The next day, I awoke to the sunlight poring into my room. I sat up in my bed and looked around for Draco. I didn't see him anywhere so he must have already gotten up. I get into the shower and then dress in the outfit that I'm going to wear today. I'm wearing jean shorts with a flowy navy top. I slip some wedge heels on and put my hair into a braided bun. I check my reflection before heading downstairs.

As I head downstairs, I can hear people arguing. I follow the noise and see Draco and Lucius arguing in the dining room. When they see me enter, the argument stops, but I can tell that Draco is still upset about something.

"Is something wrong? What were you arguing about?" I ask curiously.

Draco answers. "Is something wrong?! Yes there is something wrong! Your mate is a bloody Weasley! I thought you understood that there was something fishy about the Weasleys!"

"That is enough Draco! Azalea can't help who her mate is. And the only fishy thing about the Weasleys is in the youngest two and Molly. I don't want to hear another word about this until after breakfast," Lucius demands. His voice is authoritative that Draco and I immediately sit at the table. I just now noticed that Narcissa is already seated. Mipsy pops in and places a plate in front of each of us. We all start eating in silence. Thoughts keep swirling through my head. What if something isn't right with Charlie? I won't be able to do anything because he is my mate. Awful scenarios keep flashing through my head and I'm only able to eat half of my breakfast.

Once everyone has finished eating, we make our way to the living room to have our meeting. I'm anxious to see what the people I view as family have to say about the situation.

I decided to be a Gryffindor and start the conversation. "Lucius, you said that we would discuss Charlie Weasley being my mate more today. Is there anything that I should know about?"

"You already know the majority of the facts from the book that one of your ancestors wrote. The next thing to do is inform Mr. Weasley that you are his mate and allow you to date him. This might be tricky because he is around 7 years older than you."

I couldn't help but smirk. "Charlie already knows that I am his mate. He figured it out last night after the Death Eaters attacked. He also said that he would owl me. He looked shocked when I told him my name."

Lucius blinked at me for a second. "Well that solves some problems. I think that the next step will be for you to meet with Mr. Weasley. He will most likely have some questions and will want to get to know the person that he will be mated to. If there isn't anything else than Draco and Azalea, you are free from lessons today. Go do whatever you want."

Draco looked like he was deep in thought. I grabbed his hand and steered him to the gardens so that we could talk in private. The gardens were probably my favorite part of the manor's grounds. In the center was a large fountain with lilies surrounding it. They were many different pathways in the garden and each path was separated by flowerbeds with flower imaginable inside them. The borders of the garden were made with towering hedges that allowed for some privacy.

I led Draco to a bench that was across from the fountain that had my namesake surrounding it. When I sat down next to Draco, he looked at me with an intense expression on his face and a determined glint in his blue-grey eyes. He grabbed my hand and then began to speak. "Azalea, does the idea of being with Weasley make you happy?" I nodded to him. "Then I won't say anything against this. As long as Weasley treats you right then I will be okay with him being your mate. I just want my little sister to be happy. But he better know to never hurt you of he'll have an angry veela on him." I had tears in my eyes by the time that Draco had finished talking. We had gotten close over the summer, but we never had a talk with each other that was this serious before. It made me feel all warm inside to know that I had someone who was looking out for me.

"Draco, you don't have to worry about me. I can take care of myself. But, if it would make you feel better, you can have the 1st go at Charlie if he makes me cry," I say with a small smile on my face. Draco grins back and pulls me into a hug. After a moment, he releases me.

"Okay, enough of this serious stuff. Let's relax on our day off from training." Draco looked thoughtful for a second before a smirk fell on his face. He stood up and looked at me before sprinting off and calling over his shoulder," Last one to the manor is a rotten egg!" Laughing, I pull of my heels and run after him.

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