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*Everyone, this story starts off from naruto chapter 577 but deviates a little.*

Madara vs. the Gokage

The Gokage were up against Madara Uchiha.

"You think you can beat me with the will you inherited from Hashirama? Power has nothing to do with will. It's an actual thing." Madara said.

"You're wrong. One can grow stronger by inheriting the will of the deceased. The will enabled me to create the medical Jutsu as well as the entire system of medical ninjas and make the rules!" Tsunade said as she stepped forward. Suddenly, the seal on her forehead lit up. "Rule No. 1, medical ninjas shall never give up on treating their teammates as long as they can breathe. Rule No. 2, medical ninjas are not allowed to engage in battles! Rule No. 3, medical ninjas must be the last to die in the team! Those are the rules I made for my students. Actually, there's one more!" Tsunade's seal then started forming lines all over her body, shocking the other Kage. "Rule No. 4, only those who have mastered "Byakugou", the Mitotic Regeneration Jutsu...are allowed to break the three rules!"

"Byakugou? Never heard of it." Madara replied.

"It's a forbidden Jutsu that only I know how to use...which means it's my own battle!" Tsunade then jumped at Madara.

"You have gotten rid of my pollen with your Dust Release but adding one medical ninja won't help with your chances."

"The five of us go at it together if four doesn't work. I'm not just a medical ninja!" Tsunade then tried to punch Madara but he activated his Susano'o ribcage.

'She slower than the Raikage, but she's stronger than him.' Madara thought before Tsunade punched him back. "Fire Style: Wildfire Activation!" Madara then sent a large five wave at Tsunade.

"Water Style: Waterspout!" Mei Terumi shouted as she expelled a large wave of water to douse the fire. She then jumped in the air. "And...Water Style: Dragon Flood!" She then formed a dragon made of water that knocked Madara in the air. The Raikage, A, along with Onoki on his back flew up behind Madara.

"Weighting Rocks! Lightning Horizontal Chiyo Storm!" A shouted as he delivered a weighted chop to the back of Madara's Susano'o. Tsuande then came in and kicked the front, breaking it and sending Madara flying. Madara got up.

"Right, you are not that weak." Madara said as he stood up. "If you rush without thinking and get yourself killed, the other Kage are screwed too! After all, they rely on you for treatment and recovery!"

"'If' I get killed!" Tsunade said as she landed on a tree branch.

"Hashirama...I don't know what exactly you gave them...But look at them! They're nothing compared to you...If I could know how weak they turned out to be, I would have taught you how to rise from the dead." Madara said. The other Kage then joined Tsunade. "What you left after you died was just some power that's clinging to me. After my brother died, he only left me his eyes and their power."

"You're wrong!" Tsunade shouted. Madara got up to a high point and activated Susano'o. He then looked off in the distance.

"Take note of this Gokage! The only thing that can be passed down to you...is hatred!" The Susano'o made handsigns and brought down a giant meteorite. However, unlike last time, it wasn't being dropped in Madara's vicinity.

Allied Forces' HQ

"Oh no." Ao said.

"What is it?" Shikaku asked.

"Listen closely."

"He's dropping one on us, huh?" The people in the HQ already knew that the space rock was coming down too quickly to escape. They took it.

"Everyone, listen closely." Shikaku said to the Shinobi that were going to back up Naruto, Kakashi, Killer B, and Might Guy. Shikamaru and Ino heard the final news from Shikaku. While Shikamaru was silent, Ino started crying. Madara then felt the impact of the meteorite crashing down on the Alliance HQ.

Madara vs. Gokage

"There! With that, the Allied HQ is destroyed! Strategy 101!" Madara said as he deactivated Susano'o. Without warning, a furious Tsunade punched Madara and blew away his right side.

'You're a dead man! So don't spread the hatred anymore!' Tsunade thought.

"Kazekage! Now!" A shouted. Gaara wrapped Madara up in sand and activated the Imperial Sand seal.

"Sealed!" Gaara said.

"Finally." Tsunade said. It was done. Madara Uchiha was sealed away. But, the battle was not without consequence for the Alliance HQ was destroyed.

"Everyone, I'll go back-up Naruto." Gaara said.

"You sure Kazekage?" A asked.

"I'm sure. Rest up and heal. I'll leave some of my sand which will be programmed to follow me where ever I go." Gaara left four big balls of sand for the Kage to use when they come to back-up Gaara. Gaara hopped aboard his own sand and rode towards Naruto's position. 'Hang on Naruto, B. I'm coming.'

Later, Naruto, B, Might Guy, and Kakashi vs. Tobi

Naruto, B, Might Guy, and Kakashi Hatake were really pummeling Tobi. Naruto and B, who was transformed as Gyuki the Eight-Tails, uppercut the Gedo Mazo and knocked it down to the ground.

"Heh! You don't look too happy!" Naruto said. Tobi was confused by his words.

"What do you mean?" Tobi asked.

"Well, you hide your face! So I can only guess. But if you're really calm, then why don't you prove it by taking off that stupid mask!?" Naruto shouted.

"*Sigh* I told him not to aggravate the man..." Kakashi said to himself.

"Nice going, Naruto!" Guy congratulated Naruto. Realizing that nothing would be resolved, Tobi summoned The Amber Purifying Pot and the Crimson Gourd.

"Oh well. I'm going to have to do it." Tobi said.

"What's that?" Kakashi asked.

"I would have preferred resurrecting it in a completed state, but..." Tobi said as he remembered about the Gold and Silver Brothers and the tentacle B left behind just as the statue swallowed the tools. "It is only a fragment, but it's not lacking in power." All nine eyes on the Gedo Mazo lit up. "It's taking too long! It is time!"

"Groahhhh!" The Gedo Mazo growled as rocks started being thrown all around them.

"The statue's been acting weird since it swallowed those things." Might Guy said. Naruto then sensed something.

"That's." Naruto said. Kakashi then remembered what Tobi said.

"Can't be." kakashi said.

"Look closely. Feel it with your skin." Tobi said. "The Ten-Tails has been revived. The beginning and end of this world!" Tobi declared.

"I get it. So the statue is the vessel of the Ten-Tails." Kakashi said.

"Huh? What? The Ten-Tails!?" Naruto asked, confusedly.

"Wait, what's going on!? If the Gokage were right in the meeting...then this war was all...For the sake of gathering the chakra of the Eight-Tails and Nine-Tails, which is necessary to revive the Ten-Tails!" Kakashi then looked back at Naruto and B. "The Nine-Tails and Eight-Tails still have their chakra...is this some kind of lie...?" Gyuki then remembered when B sacrificed a leg to escape from Sasuke.

"My octopus leg...one leg's worth of chakra...did he get that?" Gyuki asked.

"We always sling raps and screw up crap! yeah!" B rhymed before he addressed Kakashi. "He absorbed a bit of chakra from the octopus leg clone. I'm getting a little worried-prone!"

"The chakra from the Eight-Tails' octopus leg...Then...it only needs to be a part of the beast?" Kakashi said.

"Naruto...looks like you've noticed it too."Kurama the Nine-Tails said. "My chakra was present in that jar and bottle."

"Mmm." Naruto answered.

"Change Naruto...I'll explain. About the Ten-Tails too...you just listen from here."

"You know the Ten-Tails, Kurama?"

"Yeah, of course I do."Kurama then possessed Naruto's body, causing Naruto's whiskers to thicken and his eyes to become slitted. "Everyone, listen."

"Hmm..." Might Guy said, shocked by the voice.

"That voice." Kakashi said.

"Naruto and the Nine-Tails did a switcheroo! He's gonna explain something...they're best buddies now, foo!" B said.

"If only a piece of the beasts is necessary...then a piece of my chakra and the Eight-Tails' chakra is already inside." Kurama said.

"Yours too...!?" Kakashi asked.

"The pot and gourd he had the Mazo eat were treasures that Grandpa Six Paths brought. They have the power to strongly seal anything. Whatever goes in can never come out, no matter what...And in the pot lied Kinkaku...And in the gourd lied Ginkaku...They were probably revived with the Edo Tensei, used in this war, and sealed inside." Kurama explained.

"Six Paths and the brothers Kinkaku and Ginkaku...I've heard all of those names in legends. But, what does that have to do with your chakra?" Might Guy said.

"They once fought me and I ate them. Afterwards, however...they ed on the meat in my stomach and absorbed my chakra."

"In other words, Kinkaku and Ginkaku each held a piece of your chakra. And the masked man stole them as materials to revive the Ten-Tails...From Darui's 1st Division...That matches the information from the HQ." Kakashi said. Tobi was still silent.

"But that chakra, along with the Eight-Tails', is only a piece. I don't know what kind of form the Ten-Tails will be revived in."

"I'd like to do something before it's revived, if possible..." Kakashi said. Tobi then glared at Kakashi.

"Kakashi, you always open your mouth so easily. It's no wonder you lived a life of regret." Tobi said. Kaksshi and Guy were surprised by those words.

"Just...Who are you!?" Guy asked.

"You don't remember faces, so what point is there in telling you?" Tobi said to Guy.

"Kakashi...as you said, now is our chance before the Ten-Tails is revived. Grandpa Six Paths said that the Ten-Tails' complete revival will signal the end of this world." Kurama said.

"Is the Ten-Tails really that strong!? I can imagine that it has Ten-Tails, but what else does it have!?" Naruto asked. Kurama was silent for a bit.

"It's a collection of all the chakra from the One-Tail to me, the Nine-Tails. It is the beginning of all chakra, a god who created nations. The One-Eye God, Data, Deidarabotchi...it has many names. It swallows oceans, splits the land, carries mountains. And is the progenitor of all that exists in this world. To put it simply, it's like all 9 beasts combined. I don't stand a chance against it...to be honest."Kurama explained to Naruto as well as Kakashi and Guy who were silent from Kurama's words. "But, if only a piece of the Eight-Tails and my strong chakra is in there...Then we won't know unless we try..."

"You're misunderstanding...The Ten-Tails' revival doesn't need to be perfect for my purposes." Tobi said, confusing his opponents. "My goal is simply the Great Genjutsu...Infinite Tsukuyomi!" Tobi shouted as he outstretched his arms with the Gedo Mazo and moon behind him. "To cast a genjutsu on every human on this planet. To make this world one, and free of anyone. No war, no peace, nothing. A perfect world...There lies truth in a singular consciousness that has abandoned all individuality!" Kurama was silent. "There world no longer needs heroes like hope or the future! If the Ten-Tails is revived, even if it's incomplete, I'll be able to use Infinite Tsukuyomi and this reality will end. All that will exist is a single never-ending dream!"

"Change back Kurama!" Naruto said. Naruto then got back control of his body and returned to normal.

"I...had a father! And mother! And Pervy sage! All kids look up to heroes! That's why I was able to keep running forward without getting lost! I'm gonna become Hokage that surpasses all the previous generations! Naruto said in a speech wile Gyuki puts on a cheesy grin along with Kurama. "Thats my dream! You idiot!" Tobi was completely speechless.

"Even if you want your youth to never end, at some point, you have to stop dreaming!" Might Guy said.

"Yeah, dreams are things that come true!" Kakashi said.

"Dreams, dreams, dreams, dreams, lots o' dreams! My dream is a middle-aged woman's chest! The truth you see when lots of dreams come true i the best!" B rhymed.

"I can't believe you had the courage to reveal your sexual fetish at a time like this, B!"Gyuki said.

"Heh." Kurama said with a big smirk.

"Individuality makes people blind to the truth. My words, the words of no one, re the real words that will lead this world to the truth." Tobi started to say. Naruto then noticed Gaara come down onto Tobi from above.

Sand Hail! Gaara rained down balls of sand onto Tobi. Tobi noticed and moved out of the way quickly.

"Impressive. But, I won't let you touch the Mazo!" Tobi said.

"Gaara, you made it!" Naruto said.

"Of course. Don't worry. I'm here to help." Gaara said.

"Gwohhhhh!" The Mazo raored as its eyes started to bleed and the spikes in its back started to lengthen. Naruto entered Nine-Tails Chakra Mode and made a clone.

"Naruto, do you remember his attacks? Wait until you can get an opening." Gaara said.

"Don't worry. That's why I made a clone." Naruto said as he and the clone ran. The clone then started helping Naruto make a small Tailed Beast Ball. "I can do it."

"B! Take me up!" Kakashi said.

'Better avoid direct attacks." Guy thought as he reached in his pocket. Kakashi then closed his eyes.

"Super Mini-Tailed Beast Ball!" Naruto said as he formed the ball.

"Mangekyo Sharnigan!" Kakashi said as his Sharnigan turned into the Mangekyo Sharnigan.

'Shoshuga.' Guy thought as he pulled out some nun-chucks. Naruto's clone attacked Tobi but went through him. Tobi then swung his gunbai at the clone. Naruto extended his arm to catch Tobi but the arm went through him. Tobi then tried to capture Naruto. However, Gaara's sand and Guy were above Tobi. Guy swung his shoshuga at Tobi's head while the sand came into assist. With quick timing, Tobi used his gunbai to block the nun-chuck and the sand but the impact knocked Tobi back. Naruto retracted his arm while Guy attacked.

"I'll start with you." Tobi said as he grabbed Guy's foot. He then saw the shoshuga coming at him, forcing him to phase through. Tobi then swung his gunbai at Guy but Guy used his shoshuga to block the attack.

'That was cool, Bushy-eyebrows Sensei.' Naruto thought. Gaara then tried to grab Tobi once more but Tobi phased through the sand. Naruto then sent his mini-tailed Beast Ball at Tobi.

'Good. That amount of chakra should be enough! Sorry but...I'm going to aim for the Mazo! Kamui!' Kakashi thought as he focused his eye on the Mazo. Tobi then noticed. 'If I rip off its neck, it shouldn't be able to survive.' Tobi dodged the Tailed Beast Ball but, suddenly, Kakashi's Kamui was negated.

"Too optimistic." Tobi said.

'How can this be? Don't tell me.' Suddenly, Naruto's attack got Tobi and exploded. However, Tobi was gone.

"He disappeared?" B asked. Naruto then sensed for Tobi. Naruto sensed Tobi and jumped up the falling rocks to escape with Tobi in hot pursuit. Tobi swung his gunbai and hit Naruto.

'He's strong! Can't even hit him!' Naruto thought. Tobi then tried to grab Naruto.

"B!" Kakashi shouted as he infused his lightning blade into his kunai.

"I know!" B said. B threw Kakashi who used the kunai to cut through the rocks.

'Cutting through the rocks with Lightning Blade? Nice Kakashi.' Guy thought.

'Too late.' Kakashi thought as he threw the kunai. Tobi let the kunai phase through him before he kicked the kunai at Naruto.

"I'll deal with the kunai! Don't worry Naruto!" Kakashi thought. Kakashi teleported the kunai away while Naruto tried to attack Tobi but he phased again. Tobi moved away from Naruto while the four combatants re-grouped.

"You okay?" Gaara asked.

"Yeah? But, how are we going to beat him?" Naruto asked. Suddenly, they all see a crack on Tobi's mask.

"That crack." Kakashi said.

"Yeah, I see it!" Naruto said. Kakashi then thought about when Tobi stopped the Kamui and and when the kunai hit the mask.

"Naruto, can you grab the Biju from inside?" Kakashi asked.

"Yeah. Kurama should be ready. Gaara, B, can you help?" Naruto asked.

"Yes." Gaara said.

"Can do." B said.

"Alright. listen closely." Kakashi said as he whispered. B then threw Kakashi, Gaara, Naruto, and Guy at Tobi. Guy used his shoshuga to crush the rocks.

"Not so impressive." Tobi said as the rocks fell around him. Guy went through Tobi but attacked from behind.

"I bet you don't have time to absorb!" Guy shouted as he swung the shoshuga again. They went through Tobi who then grabbed the weapons.

"You're making light of the Sharnigan. I can read your movements. I'll take these." Tobi said before he started to teleport the shoshuga away.

'When he teleports, he materializes. Now.' Guy thought as Naruto came over his shoulder with a Rasengan ready while Gaara sent some sand bullets as well.

"Don't you realize it's useless?" Tobi asked as he finished taking away the shoshuga. Tobi phased through the attacks while Naruto came at Tobi's stomach. Kakashi used Kamui to teleport the Rasengan and sand away. Naruto went through Tobi when suddenly, something slammed against Tobi's stomach and sent him flying.

"It worked!" Naruto shouted.

'I see. Kakashi sent the attacks into the other dimension.' Tobi thought as he was sent flying.

"B, Gaara, now!" Naruto shouted as he transformed into Kurama. Naruto entered his enhanced chakra form as he had a tattered cloak with nine tail-like appendages flowing from it. He also had two long horns on his hair, slitted pupils, and his whiskers were now thick bars. Naruto then turned Kurama's tails into chakra arms and sent them into the Gedo Mazo's mouth while Gaara used his sand to latch on while B used his one of his tentacles to latch on as well.

Gedo Mazo's Mindscape

Naruto, B, and Gaara awakened to find themselves in a white room. They saw the seven Biju chained up to the wall as well as Gyuki's tentacle and the Sage of Six Paths' tools.

"There they are!" Naruto said. Naruto, B, and Gaara ran over to the Biju. "Guys, wake up!" The Biju were stirred awake before they noticed Naruto.

"Naruto, how did you find us?" Son Goku asked.

"I used the chakra you guys gave me and I reached inside the Gedo Mazo. Gaara is here so he can rescue, uh..."

"Its Shukaku." Shukaku answered.

"Uh, right." Naruto said.

"Gaara, I never thought you would have the gall to come in here and rescue me." Shukaku said.

"If it means saving the world, I'll do whatever it takes." Gaara said. Shukaku saw Gaara's new change.

"Heh. This Naruto brat here really had an effect on you, eh Gaara?"

"He's taught me to rely on my own strength, not yours." Shukaku was in deep thought.

'Naruto...so this is the one the Sage mentioned. Sage, guess you really haven't left.' Kurama then manifested inside the mindscape. "Well, well, well, if isn't the idiot fox."

"Greetings Shukaku. Its been a long time." Kurama greeted. "I take it Naruto found you all. That's great. We can bust you all out of here and go."

"Tch. You're still as rude and cynical as always Kurama." Kurama thought about something.

"Everyone, there's something I need to tell you all."

"Yes, Kurama?" Matatabi asked.

"I...I want to say sorry for how I treated you all." Kurama said.

"Don't you think this is the wrong time for this?" Saiken asked.

"I know. If I wasn't so rude and always thought I was so superior to you all, we would have never split up and we may never have ended up in the hands of the Shinobi." The Biju were surprised by his words. "Don't get me wrong, I'm still the same fox jerk that you all know. But, I figure that I might as well apologize. I should have followed Old Man Six Paths' advice when we were younger."

"Its weird hearing an apology from you Kurama. I don't know if I should accept it or throw it away." Shukaku said.

"Aw, quite being such a tsundere Shukaku. He's offering us an apology. Quit acting like such a big shot." Kokuou reprimanded his younger brother.

"Tch, whatever."

"Kurama, this child has really changed you. Until now, you would never have apologized to us in the first place." Matatabi said.

"He was the first person since the Sage to have treated me with respect." Kurama said.

"Well, that you all have made up, let's get you down." Naruto said. Using his Rasengan, Naruto destroyed the chains along with assistance from Kurama and Gaara. The tailed beasts were freed.

"Naruto, you kept to your promise and rescued us." Son Goku said. B saw his tentacle and absorbed it. Naruto then sliced down the Sage's tools.

"So, these must be the Sage's tools you told me about Kurama." Naruto said. Naruto touched both weapons. "What do I do?"

"Pour your chakra and shout release! Since you have my chakra as well as the others here, it should be enough for you." Kurama said. Naruto did as commanded and shouted 'Release'. Suddenly, the Gold and Silver Brothers, Samui, and Atsui were released.

"Yo-you're..." Naruto said as he noticed Samui.

"Samui!" B said from surprise.

"Master B! Naruto!" Samui said.

"You guys!" Atsui shouted at Kinkaku and Ginkaku. The two brothers got on guard.

"So, we're free, huh?" Kinkaku asked.

"Looks like it." Ginkaku said. The brothers then noticed Kurama. "That's the Nine-Tails Kinkaku."

"Indeed Ginkaku."

"Kinkaku, Ginkaku, you two have something that belongs to me!" Kurama shouted.

"Wait Kurama." Naruto said. "You two must be Kinkaku and Ginkaku. Kurama told me about you."

"Kurama?" The brothers asked.

"That's the Nine-Tails' real name."

"Careful kit. Those two attacked the Second Hokage and Second Raikage beforehand. They're very dangerous." Matatabi said.

"Don't worry Matatabi. I need to verify something."

"Who are you?" Kinkaku asked.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki, the Nine-Tails Jinchuriki. That's Gaara, Fifth Kazekage and former Jinchuriki of the One-Tail Shukaku and that's B, Jinchuriki of the Eight-Tails."

"B?" Ginkaku asked.


"Just wait until you meet B. Then, you'll understand what words truly mean." Darui said.

Present Time

"I just need to ask a question. Why...why did you attack the Second Hokage?" Naruto asked. The brothers were silent. "Does...does it have to do with the fact you have Kurama's chakra?" The brothers were shocked by what Naruto said.

"What makes you say that?" Ginkaku asked.

"I once knew someone who was just like you two. He had Kurama's chakra but everyone shunned him for it. Same for you?"

"Yeah, it's true. We were once respected inside the village. That is until we fought the Nine-Tails. After escaping two weeks later, we emerged in those forms." Kinkaku said.


Kurama had enough of Kinkaku and Ginkaku and spit them out. A Hidden Cloud platoon that was trying to capture Kurama noticed.

"Kinkaku, Ginkaku, you're..." A Shinobi said before he saw Kinkaku and Ginkaku in their Version 2 forms. Both had six tails with one tail vastly longer than the others.

Present Day

"After that day, we were seen as monsters. Monsters. Can you believe that? We were the strongest in our villages before our mission and now, we were seen as filthy creatures without feelings. Feeling disgraced, we felt that the village was nothing to us. How could we stay in a village that shunned us and looked down upon us as monsters? Over time, we felt that deceit and back-handed methods was were you get the job done. Then, we had enough. We decided to initiate a coup and overthrow the village. We were going to make it where no one will dare shun anyone because who they are, Jinchuriki or pseudo-jinchuriki. Sadly, it failed and we left the village." Kinkaku said.

"You're wrong. Deceit is not what a Shinobi is all about!" Naruto shouted.

"How do you know? Have you faced our pain?" Ginkaku asked.

"Of course I have. I was isolated ever since I was a child. But...over time, I gained friends. Friends I consider to be family to me."

"A Jinchuriki? With friends? Don't make me laugh. There's no way..."

"Its the truth!" Naruto shouted, stunning the brothers. "B here is considered a hero in his village while Gaara is the Kazekage! We may have been through hell but we pulled through and gained the recognition of our villages! The thing we've been trying to achieve for years!"

"Words are used to describe your feelings, you fools! Not to deceive others. If you deceive others, then you'll only drive that wedge in your hearts even more." B said.

" I was once like you two. I only cared for myself, loved only myself. However, Naruto here taught me that that was the wrong path. I pushed harder and eventually gained the skills and acknowledgment to become Kazekage." Gaara said.

"You're sure? What will you do now?" Kinkaku asked.

"I'm...I'm gonna teach the Shinobi World our feelings! The Biju! The Jinchuriki! Even psuedo-jinchuriki! We have emotions just like others! We aren't monsters that should be locked away forever! We have feelings! That is my goal!" The brothers were silent before they smiled.

"Naruto Uzumaki. You're quite the knucklehead. But, seeing as how you and these two are acknowledged as people, we believe you. As what B said, you're right. Words describe from what's in our heart. We kept trying to get away from that darkness that was choking us but we only allowed it to enter." Ginkaku said.

"Naruto, we'll watch you and see if your goal can come to fruition." Kinkaku said.

"Hold on! Are you sure you can trust them?" Atsui asked.

"These two were seen as monsters just like us Biju. But, Naruto, B, and Gaara, they helped them see that their actions only caused more strife. I don't know if these two are still trustworthy but its worth a shot." Kurama said. Suddenly, the room started to shake.

"What's going on?" Naruto asked.

"The Mazo is trying to close on us. We can't let it fully absorb us." Gyuki said. The Biju all joined hands while Gaara hopped on Shukaku.

"You guys are coming with us." Naruto said. Kinkaku, B, Ginkaku, Atsui, and Samui hopped on Kurama. Kurama grabbed the tools.

'Naruto, you really are strange.' Kinkaku thought. Everyone then vanished from the room.

Outside the Gedo Mazo

Naruto, B, and, Gaara pulled out the seven Biju just as the Gedo Mazo's mouth closed. Kinkaku, Ginkaku, Atsui, and Samui also escaped along with the tools. Naruto then left Tailed Beast Mode.

"We're free! Kurama, your Jinchuriki is nice!" Son Goku said.

"Heh." Kurama said.

"Damn you, Naruto!" Tobi shouted.

"He did it!" Kakashi said.

"Leave it to Naruto." Guy said. Naruto saw that the eyes of the Gedo Mazo were still lit up.

"What's going on? The statue should have stopped transforming!" Kokuou said.

"Some of our chakra must still be left over in there." Choumei said. Gyuki/B ran at it.

"I'll destroy it right now!" B shouted as he was about to punch the statue.

"I won't let you interfere anymore!" Tobi shouted as slammed his hand on the ground. "Uchiha Battle Flame Formation!" A flame wall surrounded the Gedo Mazo, preventing B from punching it. B then slid back.

"B, you okay?" Naruto asked.

"This is nothing!" B shouted. Suddenly, they saw pillars of light surround the reincarnated Jinchuriki B had in his tentacles. Even the Gold and Silver Brothers were affected.

"The Edo Tensei..." Kakashi said.

"Its vanishing." Saiken said. T

"I guess...its goodbye guys." Naruto said to Kinkaku and Ginkaku.

"Eh, it's fine. We're glad to have met you Naruto." Kinkaku said. The Biju went over to their Jinchuriki as they bodies start to vanish.

"Guess this is goodbye, all of you." Matatabi said. They put their tails on their foreheads to say goodbye. Naruto then fist-bumped the brothers. When they did that, something happened. The Jinchuriki, Kinkaku, and Ginkaku's bodies lit up. Instead of vanishing, their bodies started molding into flesh and blood. The Jinchuriki then opened their eyes.

"What the? We're...alive." Yagura commented.

"Flesh and blood." Han said.

'How? How did this happen?' Kinkaku thought. Kinkaku then summoned the Bashoshen and Seven Star Sword. Kinkaku then sealed them inside his body while he held onto the pot while Ginkaku held the gourd. The Jinchuriki then noticed their Biju.

"So, Naruto rescued you all, eh Son?" Roshi asked as he stood up. The rest of the Jinchuriki stood up and stood on Gyuki's tentacles.

"Yeah, the little brat kept his promise." Son Goku promised. The Jinchuriki then noticed Gaara.

"Who's this guy?" Fu asked.

"Oh, that's Gaara. He's the Fifth Kazekage and he used to be the Jinchuriki of Shukaku." Naruto answered.



"Well, I never thought I see the day. When nine Jinchuriki and their Biju join forces for the first time." Roshi said. The seven former Jinchuriki stood on top of their respective Biju.

"What about those guys?" Utakata asked.

"They're Kinkaku and Ginkaku. Don't worry. They're on our side." Naruto said.

'Kinkaku and Ginkaku?' Yugito thought as she frowned.

"If that statue is still transforming, looks like we have no other choice. We have to seal ourselves in our Jinchuriki once more." Son Goku said.

"Indeed. Plus, I kinda miss being in these guys." Choumei said.

"Shukaku, you're sure you want to be sealed inside of me again?" Gaara asked.

"I really don't want to but if Ten-Tails is revived, I don't want you getting hurt." Shukaku said before everyone looked at him with smiles. "Er, I need you at full power so you and I can work together." Shukaku said.

"Little brother really is getting soft." Choumei teased.

"Watch your attitude Choumei." Choumei only giggled.

"You all ready?" Son Goku asked.

"Yeah." Shukaku said and Gaara said.

"Yes." Matatabi and Yugito said.

"Yep." Yagura and Isobu said.

"Sure." Han and Kokuou said.

"Indeed." Saiken and Utakata said.

"Uh-huh." Fu and Choumei said. The former Jinchuriki did handsigns and touched their Biju's head. Suddenly, the Biju were absorbed into their Jinchuriki. The Jinchuriki then landed on the ground. Their seals appeared on their body. Tobi only growled as he saw his plan unraveled. Even though the Gedo Mazo was still transforming, the Biju took huge amounts of chakra out of it. He glared at the one person responsible for this obstacle...Naruto.

Flashback-Tobi's Memories

"Fourth Hokage… Minato. Back away from the jinchūriki or your son dies at the ripe old age of one minute." Tobi said to Minato as he had a kunai pointed right at the young child.

"Want to talk, Naruto Uzumaki?" Tobi asked Naruto as the latter was lying down facing the other way.

"Just like me, Sasuke has inherited the Curse of Hatred. Because you have the Will of Fire within you, the two of you will battle soon." Tobi said to Naruto after talking about the long feud between the descendants of the Sage of Six Paths's sons.

"I'm no one… I don't want to be anyone. All I care about is completing the Eye of the Moon Plan. This world is completely worthless… there is nothing left in it but misery." Tobi said to Naruto and Killer B. "The both of you have grown up as the hosts of tailed beasts so you should know what this feels like."

'Sweat...? No it's just rain. Why would I ever begin to sweat against an opponent like that? I know the limits of his power. This strange feeling isn't coming from his strength. Naruto is merely a pawn to be used to stimulate Sasuke. He's just a kid, with no further purpose than to amuse me! Then what is it? What happened?' Tobi thought as he was wondering how did Naruto obtain that amazing power. He then narrowed his eyes. 'No...it doesn't matter. It matters not one bit what Naruto really is.'

"This war will make all pasts, all futures...and all existences... completely irrevelant." said Tobi as he declared that Naruto was nothing but a pawn and a worthless child.

End Flashback

"And, look at you now." said Naruto as Tobi was holding on to his injured arm. "You killed my parents, used me as a hostage when I was a baby, had my village hate me because you controlled Kurama, and you turned my best friend against me. No more. I'll give you one last chance to surrender Tobi."

"Never, you little brat. My dream is so close. I won't give up." Naruto just looked at Tobi and smirked.

"Kurama, let's settle this once and for all." Naruto said as he entered Tailed Beast Mode again.

"Got it, kit." said Kurama.

'That same power.' thought Tobi as he sees Naruto's transformation into Tailed Beast Mode. Naruto formed three clones and they charged at the masked man. They each formed a Rasenshuriken and ran right for Tobi with determination in their eyes. "That won't work Uzumaki. Behold the real power of Kamui." said Tobi as he had a Mangekyou Sharnigan just like Kakashi. Tobi brings out huge shuriken and threw them quickly at the clones. Two clones were defeated but Naruto managed to catch them with Kurama's head. As the third clone came, Tobi started to bring out huge chakra disruption blades. Naruto dodged the blades but Gyuki and B were pinned down.

"What the...? Naruto, these blades block a Biju's power. Don't touch them!" shouted Gyuki. Naruto came right near Gyuki.

"Uncle Bee, cover me."

"Okay, come!" Naruto then formed Kurama's head to make a Tailed Beast Ball. The last clone was close to Tobi then looked back at Kakashi.

Kamui! Kakashi focused his Space-Time Ninjutsu on the Rasenshuriken.

'The same move. I won't let him go through me.' Suddenly, the clone disappeared as Tobi brought out a disruption blade. Kakashi then fell from using so much chakra and his eye started to bleed. "Heh, you were too fast with that stake Kakashi. You couldn't even make the Rasenshuriken vanish. You used your Kamui in vain." Just as Tobi thought he had an advantage, he looked down to see Naruto, with Kurama's head formed, finish charging the Tailed Beast Ball.

'I still have the Tailed Beast Ball.' Naruto fired the Biju Ball at Tobi. The sphere started to rip at the battlefield and almost caught Tobi.

"A bit slow...How useless..." said Tobi as he completely teleported to the other dimension. When he arrived there, he saw the clone from before with the Rasenshuriken in hand. "How...can...you?"

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki!" said the clone.

'Damn you Kakashi! You teleported the clone before I brought out the blade. You always knew how to beat me.' Tobi said silently.

"Your dead!" shouted the Naruto clone as he threw the Rasen-shuriken at Tobi.

Tobi's body returned to the real world to reveal it being torn apart by the wind chakra-shaped needles in the Rasenshuriken. Tobi's mask fell apart to reveal Obito Uchiha, Kakashi's teammate that was supposedly dead. His body was now on the ground cut up just like Kakuzu.

"Phew, we did it." said Naruto as he exited his chakra cloak. The Jinchuriki got up and ran up to Naruto to congratulate Naruto on his victory.

"Impressive work, Naruto." said Utakata as he approached his fellow Jinchuriki.

'Obito..." said Kakashi silently as he contemplated his decision to leave Obito behind during the Third Shinobi World War. Naruto looked at Kakashi and saw a look of sadness in his eyes.

"So, who is he Kakashi sensei?" asked Naruto.

"He...he was my former teammate, Obito Uchiha. He was suppose to have died years ago. It doesn't make sense. Why would he go against the Will of Fire? The ideals he followed back at the Academy?" Before Kakashi could think anymore about this, they suddenly hear a loud roar nearby. Due to Tobi's death, the barrier around the Gedo Mazo disappeared. The statue now had more spikes on its body and its mouth was now in a grotesque form.

"Guoooohhhhh!" growled the Gedo Mazo as it was reaching the final stage of its transformation. The Gedo Mazo was also increasing in size.

Allied Shinobi Reinforcements

The Allied Shinobi Forces were only about a mile or two away.

Naruto & Company's Position

"This is bad. Most of the Army is getting close." Gyuki said as he sensed the ASF's approach to the battlefield.

"Groarrrrrrr!" the Gedo Mazo yells into the air as it starting growing claws on its hands and feet.

"Kakashi sensei, can you launch a big enough Jutsu on the Gedo Mazo and the Biju?" asked Naruto. The Jinchuriki had a look of shock on their face.

"Naruto, you can't be serious." said Kurama.

"It's the only way, you guys. I know what you're all feeling that this is an insane plan but I don't want to watch everyone get killed. Even if this was the same world that tried to neglect my existence and see me as a demon, I will not let everyone die by this thing! Not as a Jinchuriki, not as a container of a demon, but as a Shinobi! I will not let my parents' death go in vain!" Naruto proclaimed which greatly surprised the Jinchuriki, Might Guy, and Kakashi. In fact, this was the exact same thing Minato said when he decided to put Kurama into Naruto 16 years ago. Kakashi then reminisced about Naruto growing up.

Kakashi's Memories

'My dream is to become the greatest Hokage! Then the whole village will stop disrespecting me and start treating me like I'm somebody. Somebody important!' Kakashi then remembered all the fights Naruto endured as he matured.

End Memories

"You were always the one to shout out something first Naruto but you've grown into a fabulous Shinobi. If this is what you want to do, I'm with you." said Kakashi. Might Guy nodded in agreement.

"Naruto you are truly an amazing Jinchuriki. I'm with you too." said Roshi as he started to transform into his Biju. The others proceeded to also transform. Naruto then turned into Tailed Beast Mode. All of the Jinchuriki/Biju then grabbed the Gedo Mazo to keep it from trying to move. Kinkaku and Ginkaku decided to come with them.

"Kakashi sensei." said Naruto. Kakashi then looked at Naruto/Kurama. "I'm not very good as this whole romance stuff but when Hinata comes, tell her I loved her too." said Naruto.

"Got it, Naruto." said Kakashi as he activated his Mangekyo Sharnigan.

Kakashi-Kamui! Kakashi gathers a huge amount of power and focuses his eye technique on the Gedo Mazo and the Biju.

"Groarrrr!" The Mazo roared as it kept getting bigger.

"Heh. We're not gonna leave you guys alone." Kinkaku said.

"Any final regrets?" asked Naruto/Kurama as the Kamui started to drag them in.

"Yeah. I wish we were like you, Naruto Uzumaki." said Roshi/Son Goku as the Kamui fully dragged the Gedo Mazo and the Jinchuriki/Biju into the vortex and it closed up.

"Roarrrrr!" shouted the Gedo Mazo one last time before it disappeared. Thanks to the actions of "Konoha's Orange Hokage", the world is saved from the Juubi. Kakashi and Might Guy stared at the empty battlefield that was before them. No evidence of some humanoid statue, no evidence of nine ancient demons. Just a scarred battlefield.

The Allied Forces arrived to see a massive crater in the middle of the field. There was no sign of Naruto anywhere.

"Kakashi sensei, what happened?" asked Shikamaru. Kakashi then explained what happened. How Naruto defeated Tobi who was actually Obito Uchiha and how Naruto sacrificed his life to prevent the Juubi's resurrection. But what was most shocking was when Kakashi told Naruto's final wish. After hearing that Naruto confessed that his feelings for Hinata were mutual, she fell on the ground and started crying. Kiba then put his hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, he would have wanted this Hinata." said Kiba as he tried to comfort his teammate. Samui and Atsui sat by themselves.

"Those two. I guess people can change." Samui said as she thought about the brothers.

Unknown Forest

A portal opens up and dumps the Jinchuriki out and closes back up. Suddenly, it opens back up and dumps out Kinkaku and Ginkaku.

"Uggh, that was a rush." said Naruto as he shook his head back and forth. "What the...? This isn't the dimension that Kakashi's eye goes to." Naruto said.

"Its not?" Ginkaku asked.

"No. There were blocks everywhere in there. There was no forest. Kakashi-sensei, Bushy-Eyebrows Sensei, where are you?"

"Even that statue is gone. What's going on?" Kinkaku said. When Yugito got up, she immediately brought out her cat claws.

"Yugito, what are you doing?" asked Naruto.

"Yeah fool, ya fool. They're on our side." said B.

"Naruto, B, they are the most heinous criminals in all of the Hidden Cloud. They are liars and no-good thieves and they even attacked one of our Raikage. I don't trust them one bit." Yugito said with her voice dripping with venom.

"I understand Yugito but they changed. Really." Naruto pleaded.

"How can you be so sure? They'll just stab us in the backs and leave us for dead when we least expect it." Kinkaku and Ginkaku were getting angrier but Naruto stepped in.

"Listen! I understand what they did in the past was wrong but people can change! I understand that just changing can't wipe away their deeds but they can try to fix them! Look at us! We were all treated as garbage because we have the chakra of Tailed Beasts. Some of us became insane, some of us left our villages, some of us even hated humanity. But, we all experienced the same pain together. Fighting is not the answer." Naruto said.

"Naruto is right. This isn't the time. Right now, we need to figure out where we are, where that statue is, and why we were suddenly brought back from the dead." Kinkaku said. He then held his hand out. "Truce?" Yugito reluctantly shook his hand.

"Truce." Yugito said.

"Good. From now on, we stick together as one!" Naruto said.

"Right!" The others said.

"First order, find out where we are. Let's see if we can find a town or something and get out of this forest." Naruto said. The others nodded and headed out.

1 hour later

The Jinchuriki and the two pseudo-Jinchuriki leapt from tree to tree and found the forest to be expansive. Yugito noticed the moon was rising in the sky.

"Crap, it feels like we've been traveling for hours now." said Naruto.

"Yeah, how long does this forest last?" Ginkaku asked.

"Hey, let's take a break." Han said as he fell to the forest floor and was followed by the others. "We can resume in the morning when we're all healed up." Suddenly, Fu's stomach started to growl.

"Hey, I'm hungry." Fu said in a moaning tone. "Any one got any food?"

"Well girl, in case you haven't noticed, WE... DON'T... HAVE... FOOD! Most of us just resurrected from the dead." Kinkaku said as his voice raised.

"You don't have to be so mean, cranky pants!" Fu said.

"Grr!" Kinkaku growled. Utakata then felt the ground.

"There's a river nearby. Some of us can go it." Utakata said.

"Okay, we'll settle this with rock-paper-scissors. Whoever loses has to go get fish." said Naruto. Everybody stuck out their hands. "ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS!" Everybody got scissors. "Okay, again. ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS!" The Jinchuriki got paper while the brothers got rock.

"Hah, so you two have to catch food." said Fu in a teasing voice. Kinkaku and Ginkaku both got angry and had tick marks on their heads but they both calmed down.

"Fine. We'll be back soon." Kinkaku said before he and Ginkaku went through the forest.

1 hour later

The Jinchuriki made a fire while the brothers were still looking for food.

"Uggh, they been gone forever." Fu said as her stomach really growled as if she had a wolf in her stomach. Suddenly, they hear some rustling in the nearby woods. The Jinchuriki got on guard but suddenly the Gold and Silver Brothers emerge from the woods with fish. Also, Kinkaku had a nasty cut on his head.

"Kinkaku, what happened?" asked a concerned Naruto.

10 minutes ago

As Kinkaku and Ginkaku finished their struggle to catch fish, they started their journey back to the Jinchuriki. Suddenly, they hear something in the woods.

"Grrrrr..." A preadtor growled from within the woods. The brothers got on guard after hearing the predator's growl.

"Do you hear that Ginkaku?" asked Kinkaku.

"Yeah Kinkaku." Ginkaku replied to his older brother. The brothers had their backs together.

"Be on guard."


"Grrrr..." said another predator in the forest.



"What? There's more than one?" asked Kinkaku as he sees multiple pairs of eyes are watching him and Ginkaku. Suddenly, rocks are being thrown from all directions towards the brothers. A rock hits Kinkaku upside the head. "Yikes, look out." said Kinkaku as they started dodging the big rocks. Suddenly, a large rock scraped Kinkaku on his head. "Ow. Why you..." growled Kinkaku as he gathered fire in his mouth. He then spit it out where the last rock came from.

"Groarrrrr!" yelled the creature as it suffered a bad burn from Kinkaku from the Fire Stream. Suddenly, it and the other predators felt the enormous power emanating from the brothers and decided to retreat for now. They were no longer there.

"Let's get back to the others and get that cut checked before those guys decide to come back for Round 2." said Ginkaku. Kinkaku then nodded. The brothers decided to get back to the others in case anymore would come back.

Present Time

"I see. Looks like we have to be on guard while we're resting." Naruto said. Yugito got up and walked to Kinkaku. She placed something on his wound and after she applied it, boy, it burned like fire.

"Yowch, that burns." said Kinkaku.

"Calm down. I just placed some medicine on it." said Yugito as she let out a sigh.

"Do you carry around that stuff?"

"No. I found some berries nearby that worked as a good antiseptic should any one of us are injured."

"Thank you."

"Don't mention it. Just remember I'm only doing this because we can't lug you two around if you're crippled."

"Gee, thanks." Kinkaku said sarcastically.

"Well, now that Kinkaku and Yugito are done flirting with each other, let's chow down." said Fu as she ate an entire fish after roasting it on the fire in just 10 seconds. After she finished the fish, the others looked at her in a puzzled look. "What?"

"I swear, it's like you're a child or something, Fu." Yagura said.

"Oy, I want some fish, Fu girl." Choumei said from inside.

"Sorry Choumei, but remember if we let you out, you'll be seen for miles." said Fu.

"Oh." groaned the cheery beetle.

"Hmmm." said Naruto as he was thinking until he got an idea. "Hey guys. Uh, Kurama, only the Jinchuriki will have this conversation."

"Very well." Kurama said. The Jinchuriki were talking for a few minutes and despite that there was seemingly some doubt among them, they all agreed.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Naruto shouted as he formed nine clones. "Guys, listen up. Take over our bodies and pour your chakra on the clones."

"Sure." The Biju took over their hosts and put the Jinchuriki's palms on the clones. They then poured their influence on the clones. The clones had red chakra surround their entire bodies until they were completely covered.

"Now, keep your hands on the clones while putting your free hand on your seal." Yagura said. The Biju placed their Jinchuriki's hands on the seals. "Now, provide a link." The Biju closed their eyes and did just that. Suddenly, they felt their conscience go from the seals onto the clones. The Jinchuriki regained control of their body while still keeping a link to the clones. The clones then started to morph into the Biju but the Biju gained humanoid appearances and were about 6 feet tall.

Shukaku stood more upright like a human, had a yellow T-shirt and was wearing orange shorts and had orange sandals that surprisingly fitted his large feet;

Matatabi was also upright, had slitted eyes and had hands and feet instead of paws yet her hands and feet were slightly sharp. She had a blue dress and she had a white short skirt and had two high-heeled shoes and she also had two big "melons" on her chest that were slightly exposed by the shirt;

Isobu gained feet and they have a similar look to his hands. Isobu wore a green T-shirt with a turtle insignia on the back and red pants and had green flip-flops;

Son Goku wore a flaming red shirt with an insignia of a lava rock on the back and had red pants and he had dark green sandals;

Kokuou stood upright now and had two hands and two hooves. He wore a white shirt with an insignia resembling himself on the back and he wore a black jacket;

Saiken was still the chubby slug that he was but he had longer legs and hands and they got slightly thicker than before. He wore a shirt and pants which colors matched his skin color but surprisingly had no slime on them and he had blue sandals.;

Choumei had normal human hands and her six insect legs were gone and she had two human feet but they looked insect-like and the feet were covered up by two high heels as well. She had a dark green dress and a blue short skirt and like Matatabi, Choumei had two "melons" on her chest that slightly exposed by the dress but they were slightly smaller than Matatabi's.;

Gyuki gained feet that resembled Killer B's feet when he enters Version 2 form. He had a black shirt with an insignia of two horns the back which looked similar to Killer B's tattoo on his face and wore blue jeans;

finally, Kurama had a red shirt with a fox spewing out fire on the back and he had black shorts with red flames on it and he had a red jacket. Kurama also had black sunglasses but they weren't over eyes right now, had golden brass knuckles, and he had black sandals.

"What the fuck happened? What in the hell did you do to us?" asked Kurama in an angry voice.

"Hahaha! Look at you you guys!" Naruto said while laughing uncontrollably.

"This is not funny." said Shukaku as he grabs Naruto's shirt and starts shaking him back and forth but it only caused the blonde Jinchuriki to keep laughing.

"What could have caused this? My body." said Saiken as he felt depressed.

"Well, I kinda like it." Matatabi said as she observed her new form.

"Me too." said Choumei.

"This body. It looks like we're still linked to our real ones. We can vanish and reappear any time we want." Kokuou said as he looked at his new body.

"Even if these bodies are slightly hideous, we can now have the satisfaction of being able to roam outside our Jinchuriki's bodies." Gyuki said.

"Guess there is a benefit after all." Kurama said.

30 minutes later

The Biju went back inside their seals and decided to remodel their seals. As everyone finished eating, Naruto remembered something important.

"Hey wait a minute." said Naruto. The others then looked at him. "The toads. I can summon them here. They may be able to tell me where we are."

"And you just thought about that now?" asked Han. Naruto just chuckled and had his hands behind his hand.

"Sorry guys. My mistake." Naruto focused some of his chakra and made some handsigns after drawing some blood.

"Summoning Jutsu!" shouted Naruto. Suddenly, Naruto's hand started burning. "Yowch!" Yugito rushed to Naruto and saw his palm.

"Are you okay Naruto?" asked Yugito.

"Yeah. I'm fine. It's so weird. I can still perform Jutsu but my summoning technique just backfired. Let me bring out Gerotora." Suddenly, Naruto brings out the toad that carries the key to Kurama's seal.

"Naruto, what's up?" asked Gerotora.

"Gerotora, I can't summon any toads from their village."


"Yeah, normally if I mess up on a summoning I would summon Gamakichi or Gamatatsu but my palm feels like I placed it on fire." said Naruto.

"Maybe you should find your way out of this forest. That can be a start and maybe you can summon toads again." Gerotora then stuffed himself back inside of Naruto.

"What's wrong?" Kurama asked as he was sitting with the other Biju. Shukaku was in a desert, Matatabi was in a field of fire, Isobu was floating on top of a lake, Son Goku was near a cave, Kokuou was in a giant field, Saiken was in a jungle with a big clearing, Choumei was in a forest with a majestic waterfall, Gyuki was in a mountain range, and Kurama was near a gigantic den.

"I used some of your chakra to summon Gamabunta but my palm started to burn." said Naruto as he was sitting on top of Kurama's head. The Jinchuriki then appeared on their Biju's heads.

"That's weird. Usually, you can summon toads with or without my chakra. Maybe, the forest you're in stops you from summoning." Naruto however was skeptical at Gerotora and Kurama's theory.

"I don't know about that. Maybe..." said Naruto until two unexpected guests appeared right next to him.

"Maybe what?" asked Ginkaku.

"Ahhh!" Naruto jumped up in the air a little.

"Hmmm, what are you two doing here?" asked Kurama. "And also, you're on my head."

"I guess because we have your chakra we can enter this plain." said Kinkaku.

"Makes sense." said Son Goku. The tailed beasts and the Jinchuriki start to go over the situation.

"Okay, so this is the situation. We are all in some weird and creepy forest not like the forest where we fought Obito Uchiha. There is no sign of any Shinobi anywhere. It's weird that Naruto cannot summon toads but we can still manipulate chakra. What's more, we're in a predicament as it is." Kurama said.

Naruto then yawns.

"Guys, how about we get some sleep?" asked Naruto.

"Yeah, you're right. We'll continue the next day. Hopefully, we can find civilization tomorrow." Everybody nodded and the Jinchuriki left the Biju's mindscape. The Biju then went into their respective mindscape.

10 hours later

Everybody is asleep except for Naruto who decides to take over Yugito's shift to keep watch. Suddenly, Naruto hears a low growl nearby.


Naruto hears the growl and wakes up his teammates.

"Kurama, wake up." said Naruto. Kurama then awakens.

"What is it?" asked the fox.

"There's something out there. Guys, wake up." Naruto said to him teammates.

"Not now Naruto." said Utakata as he rolled over away from Naruto.

"Grrr..." growled the creature again.

"Guys, get up." said Naruto in a deeper voice.

"Uggh, what's wrong Naruto?" Fu asked in a groggy tone. The others also start to stir from their slumber.

"You better have a good reason for waking us, Uzumaki." said Yagura as he rubbed his eyes.

"You guys hear that?" asked Naruto.

"I don't hear anything." said Killer B.

"Grrr..." the creature growled very deeply. This time, everybody heard it. They then jumped to their feet and got into a circle formation to avoid having any blind spots.

"What is that?" asked Yugito.

"Whatever it is, it doesn't sound friendly." said Roshi. Suddenly, they see multiple figures darting around them through the trees, the bushes, and they also see many pairs of eyes watching them from a distance but sometimes they disappear and then others appear in their place.

"Kinkaku, is that creature out there the same thing that attacked you and Ginkaku earlier?" asked Utakata.

"No, this growl is different." said Kinkaku.

"Why aren't they attacking?" asked Fu.

"They're trying to make sure we're surrounded. Strength in numbers." said Naruto as he used Kurama's ability to sense negative emotions. "There's a whole bunch of them. About 50 of them."

"50 against 11? I like those odds." Ginkaku joked. Suddenly, the team sees multiple eyes emerge from the bushes and the trees. They belonged to wolves but their bodies were made of twigs and wood.

"What the? Wolves...made out of wood?" said Naruto in disbelief.

These "timber wolves" lunged at the Jinchuriki.

"Here they come." said Naruto.

"I got this." said Yagura as he stepped in front and made a mirror of water that showed a reflection of the wolves. He grabbed the mirror with his cane and rotated it.

Yagura-Water Release:Water Mirror Technique! The reflections came out of the mirror and repelled the wolves' attack sending them flying. More wolves came out of the brush. Naruto grabbed a kunai and starting attacking the wolves. Another wolf almost got Naruto from behind but Han released some steam from his furnace to create enough pressure to send the wolf flying a great distance.

"Yelp!" cried out the wolf as it hit a tree being destroyed instantly.

"Thanks Han." said Naruto. Utakata jumped in the air and blew bubbles at the wolves.

Water Release: Bubble Boom Technique! Utakata activated the technique causing the bubbles to detonate killing the wolves. More wolves came and started to attack Roshi but the old man pulled out his curved kunai and cut down the wolves. Fu then used her technique.

Fu-Secret Technique: Scale Camoflauge! Fu exhaled a huge quantity of powder which blinded the wolves.

"Now guys!" shouted Fu.

Yugito-Claw Creation! Yugito created claws on her hands and feet and started slicing the wolves. Killer B got two swords from his back.

"I float… like a butterfly. And sting like a bee! 'Cause I'm the Eight-Tails!" Killer B rapped as he helped Yugito fight off the wolves.

Gaara-Shukaku's Spear! Gaara created a huge spear with his sand. He threw it at the wolves pinning them against a tree killing them.

"Let's end this! Guys run!" shouted Kinkaku as he grabbed the Bashoshen. The others ran away just as the last wolves came in and surrounded Kinkaku.

Kinkaku-Bashoshen: Assault of Lightning! Kinkaku brought down the fan and summoned multiple blasts of lightning which surrounded Kinkaku in a circle which was the same area where the timber wolves were.

"Groarrr!" shouted the wolves as they were incinerated by the lightning's intense heat. They burned and then fell apart into sticks.

The Jinchuriki finished off the wolves and rested up.

"Boy, that was intense." said Naruto.

"You're right. They thought that they could beat us if they outnumbered us but they never knew what our abilities were." said Yagura. Yagura then saw Naruto get up and channeled energy on his feet. "What's up, Naruto?"

"Maybe if I can climb up, I can see our location. If I'm lucky, I can find a town." Naruto then climbed the tree and made it to the top. After landing at the top point of the tree, our favorite hyperactive ninja saw some lights in the distance. Naruto then jumped down.

"So, did you see anything?" asked Roshi.

"Yeah, I did! I saw some lights in the distance. Must be a town."

"Nice job, Naruto." said B.

"Can you guys stay here for a bit. I'm going to check it out."

"We're coming too." said Kinkaku.

"You guys okay with that?" asked Naruto.

"Sure. Just get back here as soon as you can." said Yugito.

"Right. Come on guys, let's go." said Naruto as he and the brothers headed out.

5 minutes later, Edge of the Forest 6:00 A.M.

The three Shinobi made it to the edge of the forest and saw a town.

"Finally, we made it. Let's go see if we can find somebody." said Naruto. Kinkaku and Ginkaku followed Naruto into the town. As they neared the town, they saw no humans but ponies. Each was different from the other. Some had horns, some had wings, some had no of the features. Just like the Biju when they manifested outside of the seals, the denizens were wearing clothes. Sometimes, Naruto and the brothers would see marks on the ponies but only if their clothing didn't cover it up. The stallions had their marks on their arms while mares had it on their sides. The three Jinchuriki hid behind a dumpster.

"What are those marks?" asked Naruto. Suddenly, they see a stallion and a filly coming their way.

"Shh, hide." Ginkaku said as he pushed Naruto's head down.

"But daddy, I want my cutie mark now." said a young filly with a tiara on her head. She was wearing a tiara on her head and she had a dress on.

"You'll find your special talent soon enough, Diamond Tiara. Just be patient." said the stallion next to her.

"Hmmph." said Diamond Tiara.

"Hey cheer up. Don't forget our ruler, Princess Celestia, will be coming tonight. It will be great that the Princess of Equestria is finally going to visit." said the stallion in a cheery tone.

"Did you hear that?" asked Naruto.

"Yeah, I don't even think we're in any of the Shinobi nations. I never heard of talking ponies before. We better get out of here before they go into a panic when they see us." Ginkaku said.

"Right." said Naruto as the three Shinobi were able to leave the town without being caught.

The Dark Forest, 5 minutes later

The Jinchuriki were waiting for Naruto and the Gold and Silver Brothers to return. Suddenly, they see the three come back.

"Guys, you're back." said Han. "What did you find?"

"Talking ponies." said Naruto.

"Huh?" said the rest of the group.

"Naruto, you're not making sense." said Fu.

"Just hear him out, everyone." said Kinkaku.

"Yes." said Kurama. "I was watching also through Naruto's eyes. What he is about to tell you may shock you."

"We got to the town but there were no Shinobi or civilians. Only ponies." said Naruto. The rest of the Jinchuriki were shocked.

"Ponies?" asked Yugito.

"What me, Kinkaku, and Ginkaku saw was an entire town filled with talking ponies. Some had wings which they can possibly use for flight, those with horns on their foreheads but I have no idea what they can do, and finally the ones with none of those features. Not only that, they seem to be able to walk upward like us almost as if they are human themselves. Plus, they also wear clothes like us. They may explain why Kurama and the other Biju are dressed like they're humans when they emerged from the seals. Plus, I overheard a pony talking to his daughter. He said that she will get her "cutie mark" once she finds her talent."

"Cutie mark?" said Roshi.

"Yes." said Naruto as he used a stick to draw a random pony on the ground with a cutie mark. "I believe it was those marks that everyone of them had. Males have them on their arms while females have them on their thighs. I believe that once they find their special talent, they will get their own mark on their arms possibly to show that they have matured. Anyway, I don't know our true location but something tells me that Kakashi Sensei's Kamui technique teleported us here possibly due to the huge amount of Biju chakra being teleported from our world which cut a portal to this world. And I can bet that town isn't the only one filled with those ponies."

"Great. Now, we're trapped in a world in a world full of colorful ponies and they have no idea that 11 humans and 9 powerful Biju are among them." said Fu in a depressed tone as she sat down on a log.

"I not done talking." Fu then looked back up at Naruto. "According to what that stallion said, he said that their ruler Princess Celestia will be visiting tonight. She might be able to tell us where we are and how we can find our way home."

"Okay, but how will get close to her? If she is the ruler of this land, then she must have bodyguards with her at all times to protect her from any threats thrown her way. It's just like the daiymo of our lands and the Kage back home." Yagura said.

"He's right, Naruto. Before we attacked the Second Hokage and Second Tsuchikage, we had to go through their best bodyguards." Kinkaku said as he remembered when he and Ginkaku staged that coup in the Hidden Cloud many years ago.

"Guys, did you forget the first thing we had to learn when we became Shinobi? The Transformation Technique!" said Naruto.

"Oh, disguise ourselves as those ponies and wait until the Princess is done with the ceremony." said Yagura. "That can work. But we have to be pretty convincing to let her know."

"You're right. So this our goal: we disguise ourselves as the citizens and wait for the Princess to arrive so we can get answers. We move out after the sun's rising. Right now, focus on how you appear."

2 hours later

The Jinchuriki thought about how they would transform. They finally stopped brainstorming just as the sun starts to rise.

Jinchuriki-Transformation Technique! Everybody was surrounded in a cloud of smoke. When the smoke cleared, everybody were now ponies but they were standing upright. They still had their clothes but had faces that resembled ponies. Most of them had their cutie marks concealed due to them wearing pants but this is their description.

Gaara was a light brown Earth pony with a red mane and a red tail. He had his tattoo on his forehead and his sand gourd was around his neck. His cutie mark was the symbol of the Hidden Sand Village to represent his status as Kazekage.

Yugito was a yellow unicorn with a blonde mane in a ponytail and she also had a yellow tail. She had red lipstick and she still had beads around her left hand and her cutie mark was a flaming cat to represent her abilities that she associates with cats.

Yagura was a dark green Earth pony with a silver mane and a silver tail. He had his green poncho around his neck and his cutie mark was the symbol of the Hidden Mist to represent his status as the Mizukage.

Roshi was a red Earth pony with his mane tied off into a short ponytail and he had a red mane plus he still had his red beard. His cutie mark was a flaming rock to show his powers to control lava.

Han was a silver Earth pony with his signature hat over his head which hid any indication of a mane but he had a red tail with a silver stripe running down it. He still wore his Steam Armor and his mask over his face. His cutie mark was a steam cloud to represent his powers to control steam.

Utakata was a blue unicorn with a black mane and black tail. He still had his kimono and his cutie mark showed bubbles to show his skill at making bubbbles to attack.

Fu was a light green Pegasus with a light green mane that still had her orange clip and had a light green tail with light green wings. Her cutie mark were two insect wings.

Killer B was a brown earth pony with a white mane and a white tail. He still had his sunglasses, his horn tattoo near his face and seal on his shoulder. He had Samehada and his two swords on his back. His cutie mark showed two swords that represents his skill with blades.

Naruto was an orange unicorn with a spiky blonde mane and a blonde tail. His cutie mark was the symbol of the Hidden Whirlpool Village to represent his family roots from that village.

Kinkaku and Ginkaku were both purple unicorns that both had their manes styled like Native Americans as well as the horns but Kinkaku's mane was gold-colored as well as his tail and Ginkaku's mane and tail were silver-colored. The brothers both have their tattoos on their shoulders. The Seven Star Sword and the Banana Palm Fan were put back inside of Kinkaku and Ginkaku had the Rope of Clarity and the Crimson Gourd around his neck and Kinkaku had the Amber Purifying Pot strapped to himself. Kinkaku's cutie mark was the kanji(Japanese symbol) of gold and Ginkaku's cutie mark was the kanji of silver and this represents their titles of "The Gold and Silver Brothers".

"Get ready guys." said Naruto. "Let's go." The Jinchuriki then set out for the town not knowing about the danger that will emerge tonight.

*Naruto Shippuden Ending Theme-Gentle Rainbow*

Next time, the new team of the Jinchuriki and the Gold and Silver Brothers infiltrate Ponyville in order to find some answers from the ruler of the land Princess Celestia. As they do, they unwittingly get drawn into a tour of Ponyville with Princess Celestia's personal student Twilight Sparkle and her assistant Spike. While on the tour, the team meets five more ponies that intrigue the team. However, their meeting could be postponed as an old foe returns that threatens the land and will have the team reluctantly get involved.

Next time, Enter: The Mane Six and Spike