Previously on Naruto Shippuden: Ponies and Tailed Beasts:

Twilight Sparkle: Princess Celestia, we came as fast as we could.

Princess Celestia: I need you to wield the Elements of Harmony once again and stop Discord.

Twilight Sparkle: The Elements! They're gone!

Discord: [laughing] Everypony has to play, or the game is over and I win.

Applejack: Our friendship? Over?

Twilight Sparkle: What? Pinkie Pie! Are we glad to see you!

Pinkie Pie: Why? Need a good laugh?

Twilight Sparkle: What is happening to my friends?

Kokuou: Change them back, NOW!

Discord: Sorry, but you've lost.

*Naruto Shippuden Theme Song: Closer*

*Episode Title: The Return of Harmony*

The Former Castle Maze

Discord is laughing like crazy thinking that he's won but one error in his plan is that he gave the Jinchuriki and Biju their powers back. Naruto is angry that he and his teammates were toyed with and were about to subdue him but Pinkie Pie got up in Discord's face.

"And what are you laughing at?" Pinkie Pie asked Discord.

"Ho, all of you are just the most fun I've had in a while." Discord said happily as he wiped away a tear from his eyes.

"Well, quit it! You'd better think before you laugh at the Pie!"

"Oh, yeah? Well ha, ha." Said Fluttershy as she taunted Pinkie Pie.

"Quit it!" said Pinkie Pie.

"No. Ha, ha."

"Quit it!"

"No. Ha ha-ha ha ha."

Applejack then started to lie to Rarity, "Uh...Rarity? This here diamond of yours? Twilight said we should split it six ways since we, uh, found it together."

"HI-YAH!" yelled Rarity as she kicked Applejack away from the rock. "Try it, punk. He's mine. All mine! Ya! Ya! Ya!"

[laughing] "It's just too entertaining." Said Discord as he was sitting on a bench eating popcorn.

"Discord, you cheated!" Naruto shouted. "You deliberately gave her the wings so we would lose!"

"We played your game! And it appears you weren't playing fair." Kinkaku added.

"I'm not playing fair? Perhaps we haven't met. I'm Discord, spirit of chaos and disharmony. Hello?" Discord said as he was in front of Naruto and Kinkaku.

"How are we supposed to find the Elements of Harmony when you took away the labyrinth before we could get to the end?" Twilight asked.

"Oh, wait, did you...?" Discord said as he laughed. "How funny! You thought the Elements were in the labyrinth?" Discord then showed the team their mistake.

"Twists and turns are my master plan. Then find the Elements back where you began." Discord told the team when he first met them. They all realized their mistake. He then ended the flashback.

"I never said they were in the labyrinth." Discord told them.

"No, not possible." Kokuou said.

"Keep trying, Kokuou." Said Discord. He then spoke in a mocking tone. "Maybe the magic of friendship can help you and friends. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some chaos to wreak." He then teleported before Kurama could spew out a Fire Stream at him. More cotton candy clouds appeared above the group and it started to rain chocolate milk.

"Chocolate milk? I hate chocolate milk!" said Pinkie Pie. Naruto called the Jinchuriki and Biju together for a meeting.

"Guys, we have to think!" "Find the Elements back where you began." Back where you began." Said Naruto.

"Don't touch my gem!" said Rarity as she saw Applejack get on the rock.

"I'm touching your gem, Rarity. Ha, ha." Said Fluttershy.

"What 'chu laughin' at?" asked Pinkie Pie.

"Ugh. I just want to go home..." said Twilight until she and the team thought of something. "Wait a minute...home! "Back where you began!" The Elements must be in Ponyville!"


"What the…?" Shukaku said as he saw the whole town was twisted. Buildings were floating, animals running on their own, and other stuff.

"Come on, everyone. I'm certain this is what Discord's riddle really meant. If we get back to the library, I have a book that I just know could give us a clue." Suddenly, the tall-legged rabbits run over Twilight, Kokuou, Han, Kurama and Naruto. "Ah!"

"Good boy, Angel. Mama's so proud." Said Fluttershy. Suddenly, it turns to night in the blink of an eye.

"Wow, I can see so much better now." Said Applejack. Suddenly, the road gets slippery causing Applejack to bump into the others. "Whoa! I meant to do that."

"Wah! Ahh!" said Twilight as she fell on the ground.

"Why is the road so slippery?" Kokuou asked. The daylight returned and the team saw why.

"Discord's turned our dirt roads into soap." Said Twilight. Suddenly, Discord is skating on the soap.

"Beautiful, isn't it? This is the new and improved Ponyville, and these are only my first of changes." Said Discord.

"This may look like fun, but it's not." Pinkie Pie said to the Jinchuriki as she was skating on the soap.

"Ugh." Twilight and Kokuou grunted. Discord then appears to the next to them and picks up Twilight.

"Picture it: The chaos capital of the world." Said Discord. It turned to night again so the Jinchuriki couldn't see very well.

"We can't picture anything. It's too dark." Said Twilight. Discord then dropped her onto Kokuou.

"Well, wait a few minutes and you'll see it in the beautiful light of day. Or not." Discord then teleported before Naruto could punch him.

"Ponyville, the chaos capital of the world? Not if I have anything to say about it." Said Twilight.

"Don't worry, you won't." said Fluttershy as she also skated on the soap.

The Library

Everyone made it to the library. But, this is where things go from bad to worse.

[sighs] "Okay, we're here. Everyone please, please, please just go inside, please?" said Twilight.

"I absolutely refuse." Said Applejack as she went inside the library but her color became grayer implying that Discord's spell is corrupting her even further.

"With pleasure." Said Fluttershy as she stepped on some roses making her more gray before going inside.

"I hate libraries!" said Pinkie as she too became gray and entered the library. The Jinchuriki turned around to see Rarity struggling with the "diamond".

"Pleeeease, we've gotta hurry!" Twilight said.

"Forget it, Twilight. I know what you're up to. The second I go in, you'll have your little minions Spike and Naruto come and take Tom!" said Rarity.


"Well, it's not going to work." Rarity then became gray just like the others.

"You're not going in without him, are you?"

"Mm-mm." Son Goku then decided to pick up the rock.

"Fine!" Son said as he walked with "Tom" in his hands. Inside the library, Spike is asleep after he finished cleaning the whole place. Suddenly, Fluttershy had a bucket of water and dumped it all on Spike.

"Ah! Brrr! What did you do that for, Fluttershy?" Spike asked the corrupted Pegasus.

"'Cause you just looked so peaceful." Said Fluttershy.

"I...uh...huh?" Suddenly, a huge crash caused by Son Goku when he accidentally burst through the walls with the rock.

"Careful, Son! You'll ruin his beautiful finish." Said Rarity.

"Oh, for the love of..." said Twilight.

"Twilight, what's going on? Why does everybody look so...gray?" asked Spike.

"Don't ask. I need you to help me find something."

"Hey, Kokuou, what's soaking wet and clueless?" asked Fluttershy.

"Fluttershy, we've had enough of your stupid..." Kokuou said before Fluttershy dumped water on his head.

"Your face!" Fluttershy then hit his head with the bucket.

"What's happened to everypony?" said Spike.

"I guess you just bring out the worst in us, Spike." Said Applejack.

"Ugh. No time to explain. We've got to find the reference guide to the Elements of Harmony before somepony does something she'll regret." Said Twilight.

"The Elements of Harmony? Oh, I know exactly where that book is." Said Spike.

"Nice. What will we do without ya, bro." said Ginkaku. Spike chuckled a little as he found the book.

"Found it!" Suddenly, Fluttershy snatched the book from Spike.

"Hah!" said Fluttershy.

"Fluttershy, you'd better give us that book!" said Twilight as she and the Jinchuriki got ready to get the book.

[sing-song voice] "Keep away!" Fluttershy as she threw the book to Applejack.

"Hey! Applejack, give me that book!" said Twilight.

"I don't have any book." Said Applejack as she was about to throw it to Pinkie Pie but Naruto was able to grab the book.

"B, head's up." Said Naruto as he threw the book to Killer B but Fluttershy caught it and threw it to Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie then gave the book back to Fluttershy but Spike tackled her preventing Fluttershy from catching the book. Shukaku jumped up and grabbed the book and fell to the floor. As Twilight was about to get the book from Shukaku, Rarity used her magic to snatch it from Shukaku's hands.

"Mine!" said Rarity as she got the book.

"Hey, do you even know what you just stole?" said Twilight.

"No, but if you want it, I want it." Said Rarity. Twilight barely missed her and went face first into "Tom". Naruto and Kinkaku helped her up.

"Where's Rarity?" Naruto demanded.

"Beats me." Said Applejack.

"Girls, that's it!" Kokuou growled. Kokuou lunged at his four corrupted marefriends and through the ensuing chaos, he hit Rarity in the face making her drop the book. He then threw the book towards Twilight. Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy attempted to take the book back.

"Get back! All of you! This is my book. And I'm going to READ IT!" said Twilight. Isobu and Spike stood guard while the others looked in the book. "The Elements!"

"The Elements! They were here all along!" said Twilight.

"Really, he put them here? Why of all places?" said Naruto in disbelief.

"Because, he figured this would be the last place we would look." Gyuki explained.

"See girls? We did it! We found the Elements of Harmony! Together!" said Twilight. The ponies weren't even listening.

"You don't even care, do you?" asked Naruto.

"No!" said the four corrupted ponies.

[sigh] "I never thought it would happen. My friends... have turned into complete JERKS! Necklace! Necklace! Necklace! Necklace! And big crown thingy! Come on everypony, let's go!" Twilight said as she put the respective Elements on the other ponies.

"But Twilight, aren't you missing somepony?" Spike asked.

"Nope. We've got the liar, the grump, the hoarder and the brute. That just about covers it." Said Twilight.

"But what about the ditcher?" Twilight then got the last Element and put it on Spike.

"Congratulations Spike, you're the new Rainbow Dash. Now let's go!"

"Me? B-b-but what if she finds out I've been impersonating her? [moan] That won't end well."

"Too bad, you're Rainbow Dash. Now let's go defeat Discord so we don't ever have to talk to each other again!" Twilight carried Tom outside and waiting there is the cocky, overconfident spirit Discord.

"Well, well, well, I see you've found the Elements of Harmony. How terrifying!"

"Discord! We've figured out your lame riddle. You're in for it now!"

"I certainly am. You've clearly out-dueled me, and now it's time to meet my fate. I'm prepared to be defeated now, ladies and gentlemen. Fire when ready." Discord said as he put a bull-eye's on his stomach.

"Stop joking around. This is not a game." Naruto growled.

'Why would he just open himself like this?' Kokuou thought as the Elements started charging. Kokuou then remembered. "Twilight, wait!" The Elements don't charge and fire.

"What's going on?" said Twilight.

"Mine's workin'. There must be somethin' wrong with yours." Applejack said. Naruto formed a clone and attempted to attack Discord with a Rasengan but Discord grabbed the Jinchuriki's hand and threw him down to the ground with ease.

"Bwaaa!" Naruto shouted.

"Naruto!" Kurama shouted.

'He sensed my attack quickly. I couldn't even get him.' Son Goku and Saiken attempted to attack Discord but he ducked and kicked the two with his feet. After he finished, he then clapped.

"Bravo, everyone, bravo! Harmony in Equestria is officially dead. Discord rules, Celestia drools." Discord said as he skated away. Thw two Biju emerged from the rubble.

"It's your fault it didn't work." Pinkie Pie said.

"Who are you talking to?" said Twilight.

"Any of you! ALL OF YOU! I'm outta here!" said Pinkie Pie as she left her former friends.

"I better go, too. I've got new better friends waiting for me at the farm." Said Applejack.

"Yeah! I'm sick of you losers." Said Fluttershy. Twilight's friends were gone except for the Jinchuriki and the Biju who were still shocked by their defeat.

"FINE! Leave! See if I care! I don't need you guys either! With friends like you, who needs...enemies...?" Twilight said as she started to turn gray.

"No, Twilight. Fight it." Kokuou pleaded. But, the effects were done. Twilight was also corrupted and she shed a tear that formed a broken heart. She then walked away without listening to Kokuou. Kokuou was shocked. Even though Twilight's heart was broken, Kokuou's heart was even more broken.

"Nooooo!" Kokuou shouted into the air, his spirit broken. He had lost his marefriends, the very same people he swore to protect. He then fell to the ground.

"Kokuou, we promise to master your power." Twilight said to Kokuou as she and the rest of the Mane Six bump fists with Kokuou when they first met him. More flashbacks show the girls training with Kokuou, the adventures they had, and the time when the girls confessed their love for Kokuou. Kokuou saw all of that gone now.

'What kind of coltfriend am I? I just let him take them away.' He then sees a memory of the girls smiling together but it then shatters. 'I'm so weak. I can't do anything right. I couldn't protect my Jinchuriki, I attacked my own brothers, now this. Sage, I failed. Everything thing I promised to protect was hurt.' The team then sees Kokuou turning gray.

"This isn't good. C'mon Kokuou, fight it bro. You promised you wouldn't let him win. He took your marefriends away, Kokuou. They need you. Get up Kokuou. Kokuou!" Shukaku shouted.

Kokuou's Mind

Kokuou was still looking defeated. The darkness from Discord's manipulation was surrounding him.

'I failed.' Kokuou told himself as the darkness surrounds him. Suddenly, he hears a voice that took that darkness off of him.

'Kokuou, you did not fail.' A familiar voice called out. Kokuou recognized the voice.

'Sage, is that you?' Kokuou looked around and saw a bright orb in front of him. He couldn't see any discerning features on the orb but he recognized the Sage's energy from that orb.

'Yes. It is I.'

'Sage, I failed. The girls were my students and the ones I loved. I can't save them. I'm worthless.'

'You tell yourself that. Remember, it was because of you that united the girls together in the first place. You know it in your heart that they are not gone. You are the only one that can save their hearts. Remember, you are not fighting alone.'

'How? Plus, how can we fight someone who took care of Son and Saiken in a split second?'

'That is for you to figure out. Remember what I told you. You and your brothers and sisters will always fight together. You must fight with your friends.'

'Sage, thank you.'

'You're welcome. We shall talk again soon. Go save your marefriends.'

'Heh, got it!'

"Kokuou! Kokuou!" Shukaku shouted. Kokuou stopped turning gray and the lower part of his body returned back to normal. Kokuou got up and he was now serious.

"Kokuou, are you okay?" Kurama said. They didn't see Kokuou's face.

"Guys, thank you for snapping me out of that. It's not the time to be crying. We have to act now." Kokuou said as he turned around. The team then has smirks on their faces. Kokuou contacted Twilight.

'Twilight, talk to me.' Said Kokuou. He didn't hear anything at first but finally found Twilight.

'What do you want?' Twilight asked. Kokuou saw that Twilight was lying on her bed and she was crying.

'I need your help to stop Discord.'

'Sorry Kokuou, but this place isn't worth fighting for. My friends left me and I am all alone.' Kokuou then got angry.

*Naruto Shippuden-Experienced Many Battles*

'So, you're just going to cry? Crying never solves anything. A few moments ago, I was crying because I lost you and the others. But, I realized it was not over yet because I still had a chance. And you have a chance as well.' Twilight didn't respond but Kokuou then reminded her of a time when Kokuou pushed them far during training. 'Tell me Twilight, do you remember what you told me? About what stopped you and the other ponies from quitting your training?'


'Your friendship.' Twilight was shocked by that statement and remembered what she and the other Elements told him.

Flashback-1 week ago

Kokuou knocked all of the girls during their training. They couldn't get back up due to exhausting almost all of their chakra and stamina.

"Looks like that is your limit. Let's stop for now." Kokuou said as he walked away from the girls. Suddenly, Applejack spoke up.

"Where do you think you're going, Sugarcube?" Applejack asked. Kokuou was shocked and turned around to see the Mane Six getting up albeit with some difficulty.

"You told us not to stop until it's truly over." Pinkie Pie said.

"I love you girls but I don't want to push you any further. I suggest you stop." Kokuou said.

"No way. We're finishing this whether you like it or not." Rainbow Dash said to the dolphin-horse. Kokuou was surprised by their stubbornness. But he needed to verify something else.

"Tell me: what motivates you all to finish? What's making you keep going as close to the edge as possible?" Kokuou asked. The girls then quickly smiled.

"Our friendship." The six mares said together.

"Remember Kokuou, thanks to you that we got our cutie marks and connected our friendship with each other for a while. That's why we're strong." Fluttershy declared.

"That's why, we won't quit!" Twilight shouted as she and the rest of the Mane Six lunge at Kokuou. Kokuou then smiled.

'I was right all along.' Kokuou thought as he sees his marefriends/students coming close at him.

Flashback ends

'The bond with your friends is what always made you strong, nothing else. Discord knows that is your power. He's trying to distract you from that. No matter what happened, the six of you got each other out of tight situations and that is what made your bonds stronger. You even told me that you would never quit. Get up and do what you can to save your bonds or stay in that bed and cry like a baby.' Kokuou said as he finished speaking to Twilight. Twilight was silent but the message was getting through to her.

"I promised to protect my friends. I can't cry. I have to help them. Kokuou, everyone, I'm coming to help!" Twilight declared as she wiped her face and walked outside with her color returning.

*End Experienced Many Battles*

Canterlot Castle

Celestia was in her castle and noticed Twilight has returned to normal.

"Nice job, Kokuou." Celestia said as she commended Kokuou's work.


The Jinchuriki and Biju were waiting in the park when Twilight showed up.

"You're ready?" asked Kokuou.

"Yes." Said Twilight. "I have a solution that can bring out friends back."

"Then let's get a move on, people. The more time we waste, the more Discord will spread his chaos throughout Equestria." Naruto aid.

Sweet Apple Acres

On Sweet Apple Acres, the pigs were… flying, Big Macintosh was acting like a prairie dog and was digging, and Granny Smith was actually dancing despite her messed-up hip.

"And so I tried to defeat Discord, but none of my so-called "friends" would lift a hoof to help me." Applejack said.

"Applejack, we're here to fight for our friendship." Said Twilight as she and the Jinchuriki and Biju were right behind her. Big Macintosh then came out of the ground and licked Twilight. The others shook their heads.

"Oh, now you want to fight. Where were you when I was battling Discord?" said Applejack. Twilight and Kokuou then tackled Applejack.

"Snap out of it. This isn't you! You're not a liar." Said Twilight as she put her horn on Applejack's foreheads and Kokuou also put the tip of one of his tails on her head as well.

Applejack's Memories

Applejack remembered when her friends helped her with the harvest, when they first met the Jinchuriki and Biju, the training she did with Kokuou, and the Mane Six hugging Kokuou.

Present Time

Applejack opened her eyes to see everyone looking at her with smiles.

"Hey, welcome back cowgirl." Roshi said.

"Wh-what happened? Twilight, Kokuou, Naruto! [sigh] I saw a vision of us feudin' and fightin'. I couldn't face the truth, so I started tellin' lies. Can you guys ever forgive me?" said Applejack as she removed her hat.

"We already did. Come on!" said Twilight as she Applejack and Kokuou went after Fluttershy. The team then followed after the three horses.

Fluttershy's Home

In Fluttershy's home, Fluttershy was abusing her animals. Suddenly, Naruto in Nine-Tails Chakra Mode burst through the door and tackled her.

"Well, well, if it isn't the loser?" Fluttershy said. Naruto slapped her without hesistation.

"You have a rude mouth. You've been rude for too long. Guys." Twilight and Kokuou entered and did the same routine. Fluttershy's color returned to normal.

"Twilight, Kokuou, Naruto, I had the weirdest dream!" Fluttershy said.

Carousel Boutique

[Off-screen] "What do you think you're doing? Get away from my gem! Get away"-! Said Rarity before the memory spell returned her to normal. She then pushed "Tom" out the door. "Let us never speak of this again."

Sugarcube Corner

Pinkie Pie was staring down Kokuou and Twilight who had her backed up into a corner. They both got her in the spell quickly before she could strike.

3 minutes later

The team was walking towards Rainbow Dash's Home with Pinkie Pie doing a piggyback ride on Kokuou.

[laughing] "…And I-I turned gray! [giggles] Can you believe it?" Pinkie Pie said.

'That's Pinkie Pie alright.' Kokuou thought.

Rainbow Dash's Home

"Uh? She's not here." Fluttershy told the team as she didn't find any trace of Rainbow Dash in her home.

"Without Rainbow Dash, we can't use the Elements." Said Twilight.

"She could be anywhere by now! We're never gonna find her." Said Applejack.

"Yeah, we will, 'cause she's right there!" said Pinkie Pie. They looked up to see Rainbow Dash lying on a cloud.

"Nice work, Pinkie Pie." Said Kinkaku.

"Hey guys!" said Rainbow Dash.

"We've been looking everywhere for you!" said Twilight.

"That's nice."

"Discord's still on the loose! We need you to help us defeat him with your element, loyalty!"

"Pfft. Loyalty, schmoyalty! Have you guys seen Ponyville? It's a disaster! I'm staying here in Cloudsdale where everything's awesome."

"How in Equestria can she think that tiny patch of cloud is Cloudsdale?" asked Rarity.

"The same way he got you to think that cheap rock was a bona fide diamond." Shukaku said with a smirk.

"I thought we agreed never to speak of that again."

"Time for Plan B." said Twilight.

In the skies

Twilight, Naruto, Kokuou, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity were in the hot air balloon while Fluttershy was flying.

"Okay, Fluttershy, you grab Rainbow Dash and hold her down. Applejack will lower me down from this rope so I can cast the memory spell on her." Said Twilight.

"Got it!" said Fluttershy. Before she held Rainbow Dash, she actually woke her up. "Um...I'm just wondering if it's okay if I hold you down against your will for a little bit?" Naruto and Kokuou just slapped their foreheads in disbelief.

"Nice try! Ponyville's your problem, not mine." Said Rainbow Dash as she tried to fly away.

"Come on, Fluttershy, we've got to catch her. Hyah!" said Twilight. Fluttershy then pulled the balloon. "Applejack!" Applejack threw the rope around Rainbow Dash. But the rope wrapped around Rarity, Kokuou, and Pinkie Pie's feet.

"WHOA!" said the three horses as they went into the air still caught in the rope but this was enough to get Rainbow Dash off the cloud.

"PINKIE! You were supposed to secure the ROPE!" Rarity said as she and Pinkie Pie were holding onto Kokuou for dear life.

"Oops." Said Pinkie Pie.

"I think I'm going to be sick." Said Kokuou as his face turned a little green. The Jinchuriki, who were still on the ground, launched chakra arms into the air which slowed Rainbow Dash down but Fluttershy was falling behind.

"Rarity, Pinkie, Kokuou hold on! Y'all are slowing her down!" said Applejack.

"Oh, Fluttershy, would you be a dear and FLY FASTER, please?" said Rarity as her tone went from calm to annoyed.

[whimpers/cries] "I can't!" said Fluttershy.

"Fluttershy, remember what he did to you? He made your hurt others around you, especially your best friends and the animals you help. Don't let him get away with it." Kokuou shouted.

"That big...dumb...MEANIE!" Fluttershy then unleashed a huge burst of speed and caught up with Rainbow Dash.

"Now that's more like it." Said Naruto as he entered Version 1.

"Okay, Applejack, last rope! Make it count!" said Twilight. Applejack threw the final rope around Rainbow Dash. "Bring her down Naruto!" Naruto used a chakra arm and grabbed Rainbow's leg for extra strength and brought Rainbow Dash down to the ground. Before Rainbow Dash could react, Shukaku jumped on her and held her down.

"Behave, insolent worm." Shukaku told the corrupted Pegasus. Shukaku grabbed her right arm and her Son Goku had her left arm. But she was still trying to break free.

"Lemme go! I don't need you guys! Leave me alone!" Rainbow dash shouted. Kokuou and Twilight approached her and activated the memory spell which finally restored the Element of Loyalty. "Wh-what happened? [gasp] How's Ponyville? Where are the Elements? Did we stop Discord?" Everyone all got in a group hug but stopped when they saw three buffalo dancing like ballerina.

"Uh…" Yagura said as his eye twitched.

"Maybe it's a little early for a group hug." Said Twilight.

"Yeah, we got one more problem to deal with: Discord. Let's go." Said Naruto.

"Not without these." Yugito said as she and Matatabi had all six Elements.


Some of the ponies in Canterlot wanted to know what was happening in Ponyville and Princess Celestia used her magic to show them. Even the Royal Guards as well as Twilight's parents were watching.

Corrupted Ponyville

In Ponyville, the animals were still corrupted and Discord was sitting on a throne.

[laughing] "Chaos is a wonderful, wonderful thing." Said Discord as he got a cup of chocolate milk.

"Not as wonderful as friendship." Said Twilight as she and the rest of the ponies had their respective Elements while the Jinchuriki and Biju were behind them as back-up. You could see the silent rage in their eyes.

"Oh, this again?" Discord actually drank the cup and threw the chocolate milk which blew up.

"That's right. You couldn't break apart our friendship for long." Said Applejack.

"Oh, Applejack, don't lie to me." Discord then used a spell that attracted Applejack and her necklace. "I'm the one who made you a liar." Discord then used the same spell to bring the other ponies except Twilight towards him. "Will you ever learn?" Twilight then teleported near her friends and erected a spell that surrounded them to get away from Discord's spell. When they landed, the barrier restored part of the landscape. Discord was still not impressed but the others were.

"I'll tell you what we've learned Discord. We've learned that friendship isn't always easy. But there's no doubt it's worth fighting for." Twilight said while the team smirked. Discord just felt disgusted. When he looked at the girls, you could see a vision of six different girls. Even though these girls had different colors of their hair and tails, they closely resembled the Mane Six.

"You know something? You ponies remind me of six girls that were just as bothersome as the Princesses and that bothersome Sage of Six Paths."

"What?" Applejack said.

"Oh nothing. But because you have the Elements of Harmony again, I can't let you live." Discord said. Discord then formed a very big boulder above the Elements of Harmony. "I will crush you six like little bugs." Discord then dropped the boulder right on top of the Elements but failed to notice before the boulder fell, that the Mane Six surrounded themselves with black spheres.

"Applejack!" shouted Apple Bloom.

"Rarity!" Sweetie Belle shouted. The Gold and Silver Brothers stopped them from getting closer.

"Don't worry about them." Kinkaku assured.

The Demon's Hideout

The unknown demon was repairing the Gedo Mazo to begin the resurrection of Ten-Tails. He was watching Discord's chaos spree and was amused.

"So, Discord is beginning? I should help out a little." The demon said as he activated a Jutsu.


"Why aren't they doing anything?" A pony asked. Celestia knew that the Jinchuriki and the Biju had a plan.


Discord patted the boulder, making it look like he won the fight.

"Hahahahaha. Yes, I always win." said Discord. However, the Jinchuriki and Biju had smug looks on their faces. "What's so funny?" Suddenly, the boulder started to crack.

"You think you're all powerful, don't you?" said Naruto.

"I do. However, how will you stop now? The girls are crushed and the Elements with them. They underestimated my power to the very end."

"Yeah, you may know about our strengths and weaknesses Discord but did you know that I turned the ponies into pseudo-Jinchuriki long before you started watching us?" Said Kokuou. Discord was dumbfounded by this statement.

"What! Wait a minute, I get it, you're bluffing. There is no way they would agree to that. You're just trying to shake me up but it won't work." Meanwhile the black spheres that encased the girls were emitting chakra. The smoke was coming from the boulders and Kokuou could see it but Discord was oblivious.

"The reason you didn't know that is because they seclude themselves inside a barrier only we can see through. They trained without your knowledge of the fact." Naruto said.

"You're lying, Naruto." said Discord. Naruto then smirked.

*Naruto Shippuden-Kakuzu/Itachi's Amaterasu Theme *

"Then, look at the boulder you put on top of them." Discord looked at the rock and saw 30 red tails break out of the rock. "Their Jinchuriki powers may not be as strong as Han's but we prepared them for situations just like this."

"Impossible. They should have been dead."

"Guess not." Ginkaku said.


"What is that?" A Royal Guard asked. Celestia recognized the look of the tails.


"You're the one who underestimated us. We were hoping not to use this form where everypony could see us but it looks like we have no other choice." said Applejack.

"You're going to pay." Pinkie Pie growled. Suddenly, the boulder started to be lifted into the air. Applejack and Pinkie Pie lifted the rock off of them and the others but smoke covered them. They then threw the rock. When the smoke cleared, it revealed that the Mane Six were in Version 2 state. Everyone in Ponyville, who was now freed by the others, and Canterlot was shocked.

Each of the girls' eyes were now white orbs and had the usual sharp mouth just like other Jinchuriki in Version 2, they each had three large horns and two small horns on top of their head plus their manes were still visible, their cutie marks or the Elements of Harmony necklaces and tiara were not visible, Rarity and Twilight's horn disappeared from their forehead however Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash's wings were still visible but were also surrounded by the cloak. Applejack's hat was still visible but it appeared that the horns go through her hat just like it did with Han's. Finally, they also had five tails and none of the tails resembled their original tails and instead looked like Kokuou's.

"Wh-what is this?" Discord said. Applejack then turned to the Cutie Mark Crusaders who were frightened by this transformation.

"Girls, get as far away from us as possible. We haven't even perfected this form yet and we don't want you to get hurt." Applejack said as she turned her head back to Discord. The girls couldn't move. "Girls, I won't tell you again! Go!" The girls then ran to safety.

'Get him, Applejack.' Apple Bloom thought as she turned back for a second.

"Looks, like I might have some fun playing with you." Discord said with a crooked smile. The Mane Six roared into the air to prepare for the epic showdown.

*End Kakuzu/Itachi's Amaterasu Theme *

*Bleach Ending Theme Song: Life*

Yep, Discord's screwed. But do the girls have a chance even in this transformation? What is that evil demon repairing the Gedo Mazo planning to do and who are those six girls Discord seems to be agitated about?