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Chapter 1: Enough







"Your kicks have gotten much stronger and faster Vicky"

"Why thank you Marx Sensei" I replied bowing my head. Hitting that punching bag is such a release for me.

"Ha-ha, I told you to stop calling me that already!" She yelled at me while laughing. She's helped teach me all that I know, so I feel like she is my master of sorts, like I'm the karate kid and she's Mr. Miyagi. I'm a stronger, faster, and braver girl than I ever was before I met her, she's helped make me into a better person then I ever thought I could be, I'm in amazing shape and I'm loving it sooo much. With my dad being a cop, and my sister being a black belt in karate, even my mom knowing advance self-defense techniques, id figure I should learn a little something something, and that skill came in the form of MMA training from CFC Champ Shelby Marx.

When the MMA beast came back to her home town of Hollywood, I met her while she was working out at her favorite gym, taking some time off for a few months until her next bout. I was so lost and out of place there, like an Amish person at a pear store. I have always been told that we look alike, but when we first met, the resemblance was mind blowing. After speaking to each other, and freaking everyone else in the gym out with Shelby basically talking to "herself" in a way, I told her about my situation, that I was here looking get better at fighting….ok maybe not so much as get better, more like actually learn how to. Completely fascinated with our twin factor, she agreed to train me in the style of MMA fighting, and it was the most horrible, yet rewarding 8 months of my life.

I started that training a month before I started going to Hollywood arts, before I met all my friends there. There's Cat, the cute, quirky lovable, but not quite there (at least to other people) red head. Then Beck, the Sauvé, cool headed Aladdin look alike. Next is Robbie, the weird, but amazingly smart and friendly puppet master, who has since kept Rex always from school, which is great. Last but not least, Andre, the sometimes wonky, but undeniably loyal and gifted musician, and best friend.

Oh, yeah, and Jade, complete and utter bitch. Of course, I say bitch because what else can you say about a person who basically spits in your face every time you try to lend them a hand, or ask for one in return. Since the very first day I met her, I have tried to become friends with her, but she just wasn't having that shit. I try to be nice to her, I invite her on trips that I go with the rest of the gang, I got her play funded, I offer advice and support when she goes through a breakup with her (now ex) boyfriend beck, I make sure big men ladies don't pound on her, I take the fall in her black eye stunt, and a million other things. What do I get in return from her, shoved off of two story sets, kicked out of chairs, sabotaged, constantly deceived, ridiculed and humiliated, and put down. She even has the nerve to rub her feet on the meat that I eat.

All this stems from, what I can only assume is her anger over what she thinks is me making a move on her then boyfriend the first day we met, which was completely false, I like beck, a lot, but not in that way, more like a brother. Jade's stubborn ass doesn't believe me though, and I can't very well tell her that the reason I don't like Beck like that is because I'm a lesbian. I learned my lesson about trusting "friends" with that type of info, and jade doesn't even remotely view me as a friend, so that would be pure ammo for her, ammo for her to fuck my life. The only person who knows is Andre, and that's because he's proven time and time again that he isn't fair-weather, and that he is a true friend. He was so understanding and accepting of it that I cried and he held me for a while, because I didn't really know how he would take it, and it was all the more special to know he was there for me. He even said we could patrol the mall together trying picking up chicks, I love that guy.

What Andre doesn't know is the reason I was reluctant to tell him about me liking girls, and also the biggest reason I wanted some form of fight training, because the last school I went to wasn't so accepting of me. A "friend" of mine, Rebecca, ended up spreading word of the "cunt munching deviant" in order to get in with the cool crowd of people in Sherwood, and in return gave me the most horrible few months of school that anyone could experience. I ended up getting pushed, poked, slapped, food thrown at me, and slurs spat at me. That's how it started, then it escalated, every time I looked at a girl, people would assume I wanted them. I made the mistake of lingering a look at a cheer leader's legs one time, and was corned and beaten by the cheer squad. They took turns holding me so I couldn't move, so others could punch me, kick me, flaunt their bodies in front of me, in a teasing fashion saying "I bet you want this don't you bitch, well you can't have it". The girl's legs I looked at, yeah well when her boyfriend found out, he got a few hits in as well, yelling that scum like me shouldn't be looking in his girlfriend's direction, fucking coward.

The marks that I still have on my body, the ones that remind me every day to pick carefully who I trust, came from homophobic extremist who felt the need to use weapons to get their point across, they held me down and cut me across my torso under my breasts, and back and thighs. My cries and pleas for them to stop hurting me were falling on deaf ears, telling me to stay away from the youths of the school as not to corrupt them with my disease. Needless to say after that, I left Sherwood, though not before my dad made me tell him of all the people who hurt me, the students that beat me up were arrested, though not the ones that scarred me with blades, they were wearing mask so I had no idea who they were. We moved, dad transferred to another precinct, and not long after that I joined Trina at Hollywood Arts, she no longer had to suffer a 45 minute drive to get to school as we now lived much closer.

"Alright girl, good workout, why don't you head on home and we will pick this up Friday" Shelby spoke to me.

"Thanks, Shell" I gathered my things, ready to leave the gym, I'll shower at home I figure. As I'm about to reach the door, Shelby catches up to me.

"Listen Vic, I know that….you know, but if this Jade girl keeps giving you crap, it's not wrong if you have to bop her once or twice, you know, to get her off your case a bit"

It's something that's always in the back of my mind, give West a piece of her own medicine, and every day, I feel like I'm getting closer and closer to doing so. "I feel you Shelby, trust me, it's something that I'm not totally against, I just don't want to hurt the others by doing so"

"I know, but if they're really your friends, and they see the treatment you take from her on a daily basis, they should understand" She then embraces me in a hug "Later twin" she whispers to me.

We then bump fist and twist, because we have this thing where we say goodbye by bumping fist like the superhero DC twins' Jayna and Zan. "Later twin" I reply back, then leave the gym and make my way home. When I get home, I hop in the shower to wash the sweat and day off of me, running my hands slowly over the scars, they remind me of an unfinished part of my life, the bruises have faded away, and the students who did that to me paid for what they did. I made sure of that, but the scars, the bastards who gave me those, I have yet to cross their paths again, and boy have I tried to. After I'm done I get out and prepare for bed, mom and dad working late, means no parents tonight. I head to Trins room to say good night, and find her playing 'Furious Hawks' on her pear phone.

"Hey Trin, just got in, headed to bed, wanted to say goodnight"

"Hey, hey now, how ways your day sista sista" she says getting up to hug me and kiss me on the cheek.

"Oh you know, crazy Sikowitz assignment, school work, Jade says something about me in a voice that's sounds remotely noting like my own voice, Cat says a wild story about her bro..."

"Cat! How was cat doing today?!" she interrupts me with a smile

A sly smile comes to my own face and she catches on as to why. "I mean, you know, what was Cat…you know, up to today" she tries to reply back in a lay back uncaring manner, but I know better. "Cat was fine today, her usual giddy self, although…"

"Although what?" Trina asks me wanting me to continue

"She did ask where you were when I arrived this morning, and when I told her you had a dentist appointment, she seemed rather disappointed at you not being there, though she tried to bounce back, she was Cat, but let's say Cat at 70% percent, give or take" I reply back.

This brings a smile to her face, thou she tries to hide it "Oh, ok, that's cool, thanks for the update sis"

I make my way out her room "Night Trina" I say closing her door "Night Tori" I hear back from her.

I then poke my head back in her room" Oh, by the way she wanted me to tell you Hi and that she missed you today" I tell her, then giggle and quickly close the door.

"You could have told me that sooner!" I hear as I make my way back to my room. Tired, I decide to hop in bed and I fall asleep within minutes.

Jade's POV (Next Day)

I see the Vega girls enter the building and already I'm thing of something that I need to do to Tori, although she has been resistant to most of my "Creative torture Tori" activities, almost as though she's getting bored. Maybe I should just stop that altogether, maybe I should just tell her how I feel about her, I don't want to keep pissing her off like that, but old habits die hard I guess. Look at her over there, so beautiful, so sexy, amazing smile, amazing voice, amazing friend, but I'm too much of a gank to let her in, she's tried so much to get to me, and stupid Jade, I keep pushing her back. Maybe it's because I'm afraid to let her in, and I don't want her as just a friend, I want her as so much more. I wanna be the one she goes to when she has a problem, or she needs someone to hold her when she's sad. I wanna be the one who knows what makes her tick, what her dreams are, what she likes, what she dislikes. Dammit, I wanna be the only one who knows how her mouth tastes, how soft her tongue is, or the sounds she would make as a put my head between her le-

"Try being nice today Jade" I'm interrupted from my thoughts as I hear Cat behind me.

"What?" I reply back to her. "I said try being nice today, to Tori at least, your ganky antics are not going to get you where you want to be with her, when will you realize that" she says back to me in what I have dubbed her "Caterina" tone, where she's not bouncing and her voice is steady and doesn't carry across the asphalt café like a megaphone. Her voice is normal, and sometimes just seductive, and if we weren't like sisters and I didn't have my heart set on Tori, that tone might have driven me to bed her.

"Pfft, what do you know, you're no better, you're scared to confess to a Vega just like I am, so come off it" I say back in annoyance, but I know she's right.

"Very true Jadelyn, but at least I have never been a bitch to Trina, I have never driven her away, I'm always friendly and helpful, I don't berate her or make her feel like she's shit, cause guess what? She's not, and neither is Tori" She speaks back to me in that even tone "Put it like this Jade, I'm in the positive zone, and working my way up, you still need to come out of the negative zone before you can get anywhere with Tori, and that starts with you stopping your bullshit" She says to me as she walks off to her class

Sage mode Cat is correct in her theory, and it's something I need to consider, but Rome wasn't built in a day right? So I figure tomorrow, I'll make an attempt to be nice to Tori, a large attempt, but as for today…..

"Hey tori, is that a new top? "I ask her as I'm walking past to head to my class

"Yea, it is Jade" she replies back with a slightly shocked face, but also with a smile.

"Yikes!" I yell back in response. If I'm gonna try and kill this "Repel Vega" Jade mode, then I'm gonna go out swinging, but don't worry Tori, tomorrow will be different.

Later on in the day, at lunch time, I'm approaching the usual table with the gang and I notice Tori and Beck sitting next to each other talking and laughing. Is Beck really trying to move in on what's mine, or what may become mine soon? Frustrated and angry, I head over to them and interrupt their conversation.

"Hey Beckett, how's it going over here?" I say in an accusing like tone

"Hey Jade, just talking to Tori here, sup?" He replies back in that Beck tone, rarely a care on his mind.

"Oh sweet brown eyed Beck, it would make my fluffy heart every so joyous if you were to take me to the ball" I say in my infamous Tori voice, which I know sounds nothing like here, but it gets her every time.

"Yada yada, Jade mocks my voice in some over exaggerated 1950's way yada yada, you should really get some new moves jade, your stuff is getting stale" She replies back to me bored manner. Tori Vega just back sassed me! I can count on one hand how many times Vega has done that, now being one. She wants new moves, I'll give her one.

I take Becks chocolate cake and push it into Tori's face, and then I take Tori's Cheesy fries and dumped them on her head. "How's that for a new move Vega?" I hear a chorus of gasps behind me; I didn't notice that Andre, Robbie, and Cat had arrived with their lunches. Cat makes eye contact with me for a moment before she looks down and shakes her head in a 'You just can't stop fucking up can you' way.

"What the hell Jade, why would you do that?!" Beck yells at me, to which I only smirk at him. The surprising thing thought is that Tori hasn't said a single word, no shocked gasp, no scream, no whining, nothing. She just begins to stand, plucking cake from her face and fries from her hair, she then turns to Beck and hands him money from her purse. "Sorry about your cake Beck" she says in a sad tone. She then looks to me, and I expect her to yell, she moves closer and then licks the cake on her face that surrounded her lips, fuck that was hot. 'Oh sweetie, you should have let me lick that off for you'. My mind thinks after I see that. She just stares down at me, since she's a little taller, and nods her head, in an almost acceptant way like she's come to terms with something, no yelling or screaming, and then she walks into the building, most likely the bathroom to get cleaned up. "Yo that was real Janked, Tori didn't deserve that and you know it Jade" I hear the musician tell me before he goes after his best friend. Robbie follows. "You really need to grow the hell up Jade, what in the hell makes you think you deserve her when you keep pulling shit like this" Beck tells me angrily. I told Cat how I feel about Tori, but Beck found out on his own. I felt shitty for what I just did, I know Beck wasn't trying anything, and I don't think she was making moves on him either, but the green eyed monster crept up and I just acted. I walked backed into the building, no longer hungry and sat in the Black Box until lunch ended, it was my time there that I decided I wasn't just going to try and be nice to Tori, I was going to come out and tell her how I feel about her, and apologies for all the crap I have given her, for being such a horrible friend to her. I don't know how she will respond, but it's now or never.

Tori's Pov

"Don't worry guys, I'm fine" I say to Andre and Robbie who speak to me through the window of the girl's first floor bathroom.

"Are you sure Tori? You seemed to take that a lot differently that we thought you would" Robbie spoke to me.

"Yea he's right, you didn't get frustrated like you usually do, you have every right to, but, you know" Andre added.

I finished cleaning the food off of me, as best as I could and approached the window looking them both in the eyes and smiled. "Guys, I'm fine, it's cool, but the days of Tori flipping out over what Jade West does are over, trust me, and see you guys in class."

I left the bathroom leaving confused expressions on their faces. I head to the locker to get some things, the hallway is cleared out, I lean my head on my locker thinking of today's events so far, I'm pretty sure any doubt that I had before is now gone, I mean, she's pretty, beautiful even, but that doesn't mean I have to put up with her shit. I headed to Sikowitz class, it being the last class I have that day and I sit in the back instead of mu usual spot near the gang, to which everyone notices since I'm a minute or two late. Andre gestures to the seat next to him but I nod in the negative, he frowns but leaves it alone. Sikowitz calls me out on it though.

"Tori darling, why are you sitting in the back with the mutes?" He gestures to the group of students who don't really ever speak, which I always wonder why.

"No reason, just wanted a change of pace today" I mutter back to him.

"What's that mouse? We couldn't hear you over there in the peanut gallery" I hear Jade yell out, I don't reply, I don't even look at her, I just smile to myself, she just keeps making this easier.

"OH MY GOD JADE JUST STOP!" I hear Cat yell back at jade with a frustrated look on her face, Jade in return has a shocked expression, and she then looks down as though she was ashamed. I don't think she was expecting that, I know I wasn't.

"Cat! What's wrong? We all know Jade is a gank, but what drove you to that?" Sikowitz asks cat.

Cat then sighs heavily "Nothing sir, sorry"

"Oh, well, ok then. Ok class, today we….."

After class ended, I gathered my things and started to get up and head out to my locker, only to be stopped. "Hey Vega, hold up a sec" I hear Jade speak to me.

I'm not hearing anything she has to say now. "I'd rather not Jade" I say back to her, I then move past her and head to my locker to gather the rest of my things.

"What's going on in that head Tori?" I hear Andre's smooth voice behind me; he would be the only one here who would know.

I close the locker and look him in the eye, cocking my head to the side. "Whatever do you mean Andre?"

"C'mon now girl, you know you can't play me. Something is different, you didn't spaz out on Jade earlier, you didn't sit with us, and don't think I didn't catch those glares you sent her way when she wasn't looking, what are you planning, I could see the wheels turning in your head" Andre said with suspicion in his voice.

I smiled back at him. "Something I should have done long ago Andre, see you later"

As I'm walking away I feel someone grab me by the wrist, I know its Andre but I don't look back, and I feel him come up behind me and put his hand on my shoulder "You sure about this Tor?" he says to me, and I could ask him what he means by that, but I already know, and I need not play dumb.

"Yes I am Dre, very sure" I say back to him. I hear him sigh lightly and he then lets me go and I continue walking to the parking lot and get into my car dad bought me after finally getting my license, the hand eye coordination I learned in my fight training not only helped with that, but it made it far easier to spot old ladies so I do not hit them. I head home and busy myself with school work and a few Video games until it's about my bedtime. I then head into the shower and wash the day away, in the shower I begin to think about what I'm going to do tomorrow, it could possibly affect my standing with the rest of the group, Beck, Cat and Robbie may not like it very well, although I know Andre will be on my side. I get out and head to bed, but not before I send a text message to Shelby.

"Tomorrow, I'm going to have that talk with Jade"

About a minute later I feel my phone vibrate with Shelby's reply.

"Yes! Atta girl, Show her who Tori Vega really is, tell me about it at Spar time tomorrow, good luck and be careful, I hear Goth girls are crazy"

I smile at the message and put my phone on the nightstand next to my bed and drift off to sleep.

Jade's Pov

Today the classes go by so slow, and I'm thankful for that, because today I plan to talk to Tori about everything and I'm pretty fucking nervous. Yesterday I was at least going to say sorry for the cake incident but she just blew me off, I must have really pissed her off, and I'm not happy about that. It's the end of Sikowitz class on Friday and everyone is heading out of the door. Tori sat on the other side again and didn't speak in class, actually she didn't speak much today as a whole, at least in the other class I had with her and at lunch. Beck and Cat stay behind to speak to me.

"Jade, you better fix all of this, Tori hasn't been Tori today, which made me sad, and I won't tolerate you hurting my future sister in law anymore" Cat yelled whispered to me, not wanting other leaving students, or Tori to hear her.

Beck laughs at this revelation. "Hahaha, What? Sister in law? How would Tori be your si….Wait, you Like Trina? Wowwwww, that's something"

"Yes I like Trina, don't laugh!" Cat replies in that same tone. Beck then raises his hands up in surrender like motion "My bad"

"I'm going over there right now to talk to her, so I'll see you guys later" I say to them both, but as I lift my head up to head over to her spot I don't see her. "Shit, where she go!" I run out of the class room to and down the halls thinking she was going to her car, as I round the last corner to the exit I see her leaning up against her locker looking down, but focused, like she's waiting for something. I approach her slowly.

"Hey, Ve-Tori, earth to Tori" I say in an amused tone, keeping all venom and annoyance out of my voice, I'm glad I caught that slip up. I have to start using her first name, at least a little. I'm gonna make this shit work. She slowly looks up at me and stares me right in the eyes, I figured she would say something, but she didn't, this went on for at least 10 seconds so I just continued.

"Don't walk away ok, I just want to talk to you, I'm not going to insult or yell at you ok, do you mind if we talk…please?" I ask her nicely. Her steely glare breaks for a moment, probably surprised I said please, her and me both. She looks so beautiful, and I hate when I'm the cause of such anger in her, yet I just keep doing shit to cause it. At least I did shit to cause it, because I'm done with all of that.

"Fine" I hear her say back to me. I decide to have this talk away from who may still be lurking the school, in the 3rd floor bathroom where rarely anyone goes, it should be a ghost town since it's the end of the day. I offer my hand to her to lead her to it, she looks at it suspiciously.

"I'm not gonna hurt you Tori, trust me" I say to her with a slight smile to try and ease her doubt. She makes a 'Pfft' like noise but takes my hand anyway. Her hand is soft and I grasp it firmly, I lead her up the stairs until we come to the girl's bathroom. As I open the door I feel her hand jerk from my grasp.

"What the hell is in there?" Tori said to me like it's a trap.

"Nothing, that's why we are here, so I can talk to you without interruptions, no trap or anything" I say to her. I don't blame her for her questions, I have never really given her reason to trust me but she follows me in. I walk in and hear the door close behind her; I walk towards the window and look out of it. I start thinking about everything I'm going to say to her, first an apology for yesterday, then for all the other shit. I figure then I'll try and explain why I have always acted this way to her, why I have been a bitch to her, and maybe she'll forgive me. I originally thought of taking her into her and having my way with her, nothing says sorry better than having me work my magic on you, shed be putty in my hands, even if she was straight, maybe pin her to wall, kiss her luscious Latina lips, then her neck, have my hands roam her flat stomach then squeeze her tight ass. That's just part of what I wanted to do to her in here, but I thought that might be a bit too much, at least for now. Now, I have to make her believe me, make her feel how absolutely sorry I am for the shit treatment I have shown her, through all her kindness. I take a deep breath and release, my eyes are close as I collect myself and begin to turn around and walk away from the window towards Tori to begin.

"Tori, I just want to start off by sayi-"

I'm not able to finish my first sentence because I suddenly feel a force collide with me and lift me up, sending my body back towards the window until I feel the glass hit my back and the back of my head. It felt as though I was being tackled and carried at the same time. I could feel a shoulder driven into my stomach hard that, combined with the impact, knocks the wind out of me.

A painful "Ahhhhh!" Is all I'm able to get out when all that hits me. I'm hanging on the force, which I now feel is a body holding me up, feet off the ground and they have me pinned to the window until they move away fast and my body collapses with nothing to hold it up. I find some strength to stick out my arms to keep me from face planting as my body drops, leaving me on all fours trying to catch my breath. The pain in my stomach, back and the back of my head hurts like hell, but I only have two hands so I use my right hand to clutch my stomach and my left to touch the back of my head to check for blood. I don't see any, but it still fucking hurts. I'm taking shallow breaths cause that's all I can handle, I try to speak but it's hard.

"What…the….Fuck!" I groan out at whoever just did that to me. ME! Jade Fucking West! Whoever did that must have wanted to fucking die today, because the cocksucker is dead! I then get to thinking, as much as I can with a head injury, I chose this bathroom because it's basically deserted on a normal day, so it's Mars on a Friday after 3:00, no life in sight. The only other person besides me here is Tori, and Tori damn sure wouldn't attack me….right? My vision has been to the floor this whole time after the hit, and my eyes were closed right before it, so I decide to look forward and I see a pair of chucks walk towards me and a body crouch down, and then a delicate hand move towards my chin to lift my head up and I lock eyes with Tori. Tori attacked me? She has this smile on her face, not a happy 'Oh is this gift for me?' smile, more like an 'it's payback time bitch smile'. I should know, I have given out my fair share of them.

"You're right Jade, let's Talk"

This is your last chance to get out. If you go no further, then you can save yourself from being scared.

For those of you who choose to continue, thank you :)

ITS THUNDERDOME! *George Costanza Voice*