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Chapter 8: Aftermath

{Jade POV}

The first thing I notice when I wake up is that there's not a hot girl of Latin decent in my bed, next to, under, or on top of me. I was really hoping that Tori really did come over, we made love, and that I only dreamt that Izzy came in my room and told me that was actually a dream. Turns out that Izzy was the real one I encountered last night, and Tori wasn't. Which pissed me off. Like more than the barista getting my Coffee order wrong.

I rise up out of my bed and rub the sleep from my eyes, and wipe the drool from my mouth. It shouldn't have drool that was on my mouth, it shoulda been Tori.

I get up and stretch, realizing that was stupid because I instantly feel pain in my side. It's not bad enough I need to pop some of my meds, but I won't be doing anything stupid like that again for a while. I get a wiff of something being cooked, and It smells really good, so I head downstairs to see my sister at the stove making eggs.

"So, what are you cooking for me?" I ask her as I sit down at the table. She turns around and raises and eyebrow at me. "Ha! I'm making this for me, if you're hungry you better grab a bowl and some cereal."

"You have to make breakfast for me, you're 7 minutes older, and I'm injured, so there."

"And where exactly are you injured, little sister?" She questioned me. I originally didn't want her to know about it, cause she'll ask questions, but if it gets me breakfast, to hell with it. I stand up from the table and raise my shirt up, showing off my bruise.

"Jesus! Who beat you up?"

"No one, I fell onto a pole."

"Oh, You mean someone tossed you at a pole?" She said to me while laughing.

"Stop asking me stuff and just make me breakfast."

"Hmmmm, what's the magic word?"

"Make me breakfast or I'll hurt you." I threaten her. She makes a loud incorrect buzzer like noise. "Nope, wrong answer."

"Make me breakfast or I'll eat you instead."

"Just because you didn't get any from you're 'girlfriend' last night, doesn't mean you can come looking my way for loving.

"I didn't mean it that way you loon!" I snap at her.

"Sureeee you didn't."

"Will you just make me some breakfast?"

"Sure, my loving sister, but what. are the. magic words?" I thought about another threating thing I could say, but by stomach speaks for me, and I no longer have it in me to resist.

"Pleasemakemesomethingtoeat." I mumble under my breath really fast, hoping she wouldn't make me repeat it. But of course…

"I'm sorry, what was that?" She asks putting her open hand to her ear. I bite my tongue to prevent an insult from releasing.

"PLEASE, make me something to eat."

"There you go sis, that's what I wanted to here." She says to me while coming over and hugging me.

"I hate you."

"I love you too, Jade." After she releases me she walks back to the stove and brings over a plate with a covering that I didn't notice before, and places it down in front of me. "Eat up."

"Wait, wait, wait. So you already made this for me!?" I was tricked.

"Yeah, I was making breakfast, I wasn't gonna just not make you any, who do you think I am, you?"

"So, you just wanted to hear me say please, and beg?"

"Yep." She said to me with a wide ass smile.

"There's a special place in hell for you, Izzy."

"Well, I hope we'll be roommates. I'm gonna need family close. If Supernatural has taught me anything, demons can't be trusted."

I pull the top off my plate and see she made me Pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Just what I love."

"Well, at least you're good for one thing, cooking me food." I say as I pour syrup on my pancakes, taking a forkful into my mouth.

"Yeah, yeah, you're welcome, Jade."

We eat in silence for a little while until she decides to ask me about something I thought we got past.

"So you gonna tell me who did that to you."

"Nope." I say, popping the 'p'

"So it was a person."

"Ye-no. It was nobody. Nobody did this, I fell."

"That sounds like something a woman being abused would say."

"No one 'abused' me, ok? It's nothing."

"Well he did something to you that caused that mark!"

"It wasn't a he, dammit! I fell." Shit! I hope she didn't catch that slip. I'm guessing she did by her reaction and pointing her finger at me.

"You said it wasn't a he, you didn't say a 'person'. A girl did that to you?!"

"Leave it alone, Izzy."

"Who? Who did that to you, tell me right now, Jadelyn!"

"I said leave it be, I'm fine!" I said getting agitated.

"You know, I could phone up mom right now and tell her someone worked you over." My sister said going over to the house phone.

"Ohhhh gooddddddd, why, why are you making this such a big deal!" I said, basically whining.

"Because you're my sister and I love you." My expression softened at this, she was always the sapper of the two of us, but she's supportive and she cares.

"Plus, I want to meet this girl, get her autograph, take a picture with her, let her meet mom, get a detailed description of the whoopin she put on you, and then worship the ground she walks on…." Of course I still have to remember she is a West. She stops as she pulls out a chair and stands on it.

"For she thou slayeth the beast!" She exclaimed loudly like she was speaking to everyone in the town square.

"I think I'll finish this in my room, thanks." I said, grabbing my plate with one hand, and giving her the middle finger with my other hand while leaving the kitchen.

"I'm gonna find out who did that to you Jade, it's just a matter of time!"

{Tori POV}

The first thing I notice when I wake up is how raw my throat feels. I try and swallow and it hurts a little. Dammit. I bet it's because of that guy last night who tried to drain the life from me. I get up out of bed and move to the mirror. I see that I have a light bruise around my neck. Just great. The gang is coming over in a few hours, as if I wasn't already self-conscious about wearing a 2 piece bathing suit with my..marks, now I got this bruise to deal with. I'm glad that it isn't so prominent, and its right where my chin meets my throat so it can't really be seen unless I'm looking up. I guess it's not so bad, but I guess this is what I get for trying to be a hero. Then again, I did save that pretty girl's life so I guess the bruise is worth it.

Still not sure how she knew my name, or why she said 'see you soon'. I'd sure like to see her soon. Come to think of it, she looked kinda familiar, but I just couldn't place the face. Maybe her hair was different from before, maybe I couldn't make out the resemblance under the car light, maybe I saw her once in passing and the face didn't stick enough to know everything, but I believe I may have seen her at least once. I know this is just gonna kill me until I do find out who she was, but that is something for later.

I make my way to the shower to clean up. Washing my hair which had gotten a little dirty while I was lying on the ground last night. I look down at my stomach, the scars there are faded, but I can still see them, and I know that they are there. I run my finger over each one, and it's like I'm back there again. In that room, struggling with everything I had to escape them, screaming with everything my vocal cords had for them to stop. I shake my head to exit that memory. It's in the past now, whether those four were caught or not.

And they weren't.

After I felt that I was sufficiently clean I get out and dry off. I'm glad that Trina and I have our own bathrooms. God knows we would have problems in the mornings before class if we didn't. I hear a knock at the door.

"You up yet?" I here Trina from the other side.

"Yea, I'm just getting dressed."

"Alright, breakfast is made, come down when you're ready."

"Cool, be there in a minute."

I finish putting on some clothes, just some socks, shorts and a tank top, and head downstairs to see mom, dad and Trina at the table eating. I walk over to the kitchen to fix me a plate of pancakes, eggs, bacon and French toast.

"Morning sweetheart."

"Good morning baby." I hear my dad and mom say to me respectively.

"Morning all" I reply back to them while sitting down with my food.

"So, you girls have any plans for today?" Dad asks looking at Trina and I. We look at each other to see which one of us will tell them about the pool party we, or I, really, intended to have today. It was my idea, so I guess it falls onto me.

"Um, yeah, I was going to have the gang over for a little pool party, if that's not a problem?" I tell them while asking them at the same time.

"Which gang Tori? Bloods? Crips? Latin Kings? SAMCRO? I'm a cop, so I need to know these types of things."

"Ha-ha, real funny dad. I mean my friends, you know, Andre, Beck, Cat, Robbie, Ja-"I catch myself before her name leaves my lips. It's a habit to always invite Jade along when inviting everyone else. That's something I'll have to stop doing.

"Sure, your mom and I have work, so we won't cramp you girl's style."

"But, We're fun baby, right? We're Hip!" My mom turns to my dad with a pout.

"Yes, I know sweetie, I know. They don't think so, though, one day we'll have to show them."

"Damn right we will." Mom says before she begins to kiss my dad. Ewwww

"Oh c'mon guys, we're eating!" Trina yells out.

After mom and dad went to work I began to set things up, checking the pool to make sure it was clean, throwing random floaties and tubes in the water, pulling out the lounge chairs, preparing snacks and drinks, all of which I did by myself with no help from Trina, who I know was only down for this party because Cat was coming.

I was in my room picking out what I wanted to wear to swim in. I wanted to wear the two pieces I bought while I was out with Trina, but, I wasn't sure if I could. I'm not sure if I have the courage to wear it around my friends, my entire stomach would show, and so would my scars. They aren't super prominent, but I'm pretty sure they would ask questions, ones I don't think I can answer yet. This one piece however is still very nice, and it also keeps me covered. I put the two piece back in the drawer and I begin to take my clothes off to put my bathing suit on when I hear a knock at my bedroom door.

"Knock Knock, coming in." Trina says while opening my door. "What time is everyone supposed to get here?"

"I told them it starts at noon." I said while making my bed. She walks over and picks up the bathing suit off from my chair. "Hey, I thought you were going to wear the one that we bought last week?"

"Ummmm, I decided I didn't feel like it. Also, I wouldn't want to steal your thunder, I want to make sure Cat's eyes are only on you." I say while pointing with the gun motion and winking at her. "I'm really doing you a favor, you can thank me later." She looks at me like she isn't believing any of my crap. She walks over and pulls up my shirt, exposing my stomach. "Really? Sure it wouldn't have anything to do with these?" She says while touching each scar.

"Noooooo, I don't care about that." I say looking elsewhere. She walks to my drawer and rummages until she finds the two piece I just put away. "Oh, then if that's the case, I think you should just wear it, don't worry about me baby sis. You could be butt naked and covered head to toe in bibble, and you still wouldn't have an edge on me with her, not while I'm wearing that bikini."

"Look at you, you sound so confidant you could get her. That's good, Treen! Trust me, if she likes girls, there's no way she'll be able to keep her eyes off of you. Hell, I'm sure Andre, Beck and Robbie will have a hard time as well."

"Aww Thanks. I mean, I hope she will like it, I mean, I don't know. I didn't want to wear anything too rev-Hey wait a minute! Don't you change the subject!"


"Listen Tori, these people are your friends, your closest friends might I add. They aren't going to point and laugh at you, they aren't going to look at you like you're disgusting or anything, and they aren't going to disown you. They are nothing like the assholes from Sherwood. In fact, I'm sure they would be very concerned. You can't keep this hidden from them forever, and since you didn't invite the Ganky Avenger, you really have nothing to worry about."

I thought about what she was saying to me, I really was self-conscious about the marks, and I felt they might not like me anymore. Though the more I think about it, I have been through far more with these people than I have ever with my 'friends' at Sherwood. I don't think they would really turn on me, and maybe I should have more faith that these are real friends.

I grab the two piece from Trina and take the one piece and place it back in the drawer. "Ok, ok you win." She smiles and pulls me in for a hug. "Thanks sis, and besides, if any of them do anything mean, I'll kick their asses."

"Even cat?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Ummmm, well, I, errrrrr, ummmmm, ahhhhhh, maybe I'll just speak to her in a very, very disappointing tone."

"Oh, I'm sure that'll be super effective."

"Damn right it will."

{Jade POV}

After I finished eating, I took a shower to wake myself up. My sister left not too long ago, going to hang out with some of her friends, before doing so she continued to hound me about my injury mark endlessly for about 20 or so minutes, until I began to undress in front of her for my shower, at that point she figured she was late for whatever she was going to do. I would have liked to do something with my friends, but I'm guessing they are all going to Tori's for the day. An invite I'm sure I won't be getting.

After I finish showering I put on some clothes to head out to get some coffee, because we were all out. I grab my keys and head for the door, as I open I almost run into Cat who has her hand raised about to ring my door bell.

"Oh! Jade, hey! I didn't know you were leaving out."

"I'm just driving to the café to get my 'pick me up'. What are you doing here, shouldn't you be watching Trina sunbathe by now?" I say with a hint of bitter in my voice.

"Not until noon. I wanted to talk to you about your call last night, and I knew if I just called you, you would just change the subject or hang up."

"Smart girl." I said walking past her to my car. I look at my watch and see it's only about 10:30. She came early so she could talk. Damn her.

"Ok, Jade. I'll follow you to the Cafe and we can talk for a bit there." I wanted to argue, but I didn't have the strength to do so, so I just hoped in my car and drove the 12 blocks to get to my destination, with my red headed friend in tow.


"So why did you ask me if Tori came to my house last night?" This is the 7th time Cat has asked me this question while we were sitting here, and always in the same normal level tone of voice. I change the subject or try and distract her, but every time like clockwork she brings it back. I decide I'm just going to answer her now, lest I throw something at her. "I had a dream last night. I thought it was real, but it wasn't. That was confirmed by by my sister waking me up and you saying you never saw Tori last night."

"What was the dream about?"


"What happened in the dream?" Cat questioned before taking another sip of her Caramel Mocha cappuccino.

"Tori came over to apologies, I asked her how she know where I lived, she said she got the address from you, that she tickled it out of you."

"Well, that would work. Go on." Cat said giggling.

"She said she was sorry for what happened, and sorry for just running out like that. She wanted to know what I was going to say to her, I told her, yada yada yada, I woke up."

"No, no, you can't just yada yada yada. Explain" I sighed heavily, she really wasn't gonna let this go easy.

"Fine, we made love." Cat gasped and giggled. "Ooooooo, look at you."

"Oh come off it, I'm sure you have had dirty dreams about Trina. Remember, it's how I found out you like her." Cat blushed.

"It's ok to have those types of dreams Jade. See, Jadey, when a man loves a woman, or when a man loves another man, or when a woman loves another wom-"

"Yeah, I get it!" I snapped at her.

"Glad you do. Momma West should have this talk with you anyway. Now, that doesn't explain why you called me, shouldn't you have instantly known that was a dream?"

"Cat, that was single handily the most realistic dream I have ever had. Which I found out was a side effect because I took one too many of my meds yesterday. I really thought everything that happened was real, then Izzy wakes me up and I found out it wasn't."

"I'm guessing you were pretty pissed when you found it wasn't real."

"More disappointed."

"I don't suppose you called Tori and asked 'Hey Vega, crazy question but did we do something last night'? Cat said in a crap imitation of my voice.

"No I did not."

"Hummm, maybe you should have."

"You know what, you aren't much help. Go on to your party before I stuff you in my trunk for 8 hours."

"Jade, why don't you just come with me?'

"Wasn't invited Cat."

"When has that stopped you before?"

"Because barging into her party is really going to help my chances right?"

"How about I just bring you, and if she says she wants you out, I'll say I will leave too."

"That's not it Cat, I wasn't invited, which means she doesn't want me there. If I come anyway and you do that, it'll be forced and everything would be awkward as hell. I'm just gonna sit this one out, Kitten."

"But Jade if you ju-"

"She cut me out of her life Cat! What don't you get about that?!" I snapped at her. A few eyes in the café fell upon our table. I stood up and shouted to them all. "WHAT! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ALL LOOKING AT!?" All the eyes averted back to their companions or the tasks they were doing. I sat back down.

"You know, I never known you to give up easily Jade. You don't let things stand in your way, and right now it sounds like you're just giving up. Ok, so you don't wanna come to this party, does that mean you're never gonna try and scoop you up some Tori come next week? Are you just gonna remain quiet and avoid her? That's not the Jade I know."

I wasn't sure of the answer. I wanted to respect Tori's request of staying out of her life, except when it was forced….but then again, I say to hell with that chiz! Cat was right, I'm not one to give up on what I want, and guess what Tori? You're what I want!

"Fine, Cat, I get what you mean, but seriously, I'm gonna let this thing breathe for the weekend. Monday though I'll try again."

"Good, glad to hear it." She said while smiling. She then checks her phone. "Oh! It's almost 11:30, I should get going." I realize that we were talking for a while. She stands up and a follow suit as we leave and head to our cars. "Enjoy yourself there Kitten, try not to drool too much, and remember, if your mouth is open too long flies can land in there."

"Ha-ha, funny. Oh, by the way, how's the side?" She said pointing at my ribs.

"Ah, it's ok, except I stupidly showed it to Izzy to get breakfast and now she's running me down to find out who did it to me."

"Are you going to tell her?"

"Hell no! She already caught me in the middle of my sex dream, if she finds out Tori was also the one who did this to me, she's gonna ride this until the end of time. Then she's gonna tell my mother, who will then find out my crush's name, and she too will go to town on me. Loving as she is, if she finds out Tori's name, she will scour Hollywood Arts until she finds her, and then invite her to dinner, and then give her a stern talking to about violence, and then show her my damn baby pictures!"

"Hehehe, that's Momma West" Cat laughs and giggles.

"Ok, Cat, see you later." I say as I open my door and get into my car.

"Bye Jade, call you later." Cat says back before climbing into her own car and driving off towards the Vega household. Somewhere I'd also like to be going. Well, guess it's back to the house to watch something and eat stuff. Maybe something scary…..yeah, that'll pick me up.

{Tori POV}

I'm watching a weird, but enjoyable cartoon with a boy and a talking yellow….dog, I believe, when I hear a knock at the door. I open it and see Andre on the other side. "Hey there muchacha, it's hot as hell out here, I'm ready to get my swim on!"

I extend my hand and we do our usual handshake to hug that we always do. "Hey Dre, you're the first here, come on in." He comes in and drops his book bag by the door. He's wearing a t shirt, his swimming shorts and some lace less madden shoes and socks. "Want something to drink?" I ask him while moving to the kitchen. "Sure watcha got?" I open the fridge and relay the beverages to him. "We got Ice tea, Snapple, Lemonade, Fruit p-"

"Lemonade!" He joyously yells out. I laugh at his excitement and pour him a glass, and one for myself, and hand it to him. He downs the contents in less than 5 seconds and then stares at the glass. "I think I drank it too fast." He then holds out the glass and pouts. "Ok, ok." I say then I pour him another glass, thankfully he takes a smaller sip this time. I put the pitcher back in the fridge.

"So" I hear him clap behind me. "Who else is coming to this thang?"

"Well, you're here, Beck, Robbie, and Cat are coming, Trina will also be here."

"Hmmm, I noticed you left a name off that list that usually follows the previous names."

"Oh, did I now?"

"I'm guessing some chiz went down yesterday." Andre says before taking another sip of lemonade.

"You would guess right." He moves away from the counter and takes a seat at my table, setting his drink down, and then folding his hands. "Join me at the table Tori, I believe it's sharing time." If there's something he wants to know, he always asks me to sit and share, depending on the area, I may have to sit on something else before speaking, like a bench, or park swing, or the roof of a building. I sit down across from him and begin.

"Well, Jade and I had a talk in the third floor bathroom yesterday, it may have gotten a bit violent."

"Who started the throw down?" I scratch my head and avoided his eyes. "I did." He just nods his head like he's not surprised. "I figured that's what would happen from what you said Thursday. What did you do exactly?"

"Ummm, well, I….well first I tackled her into a window."


"Then I hip tossed her to the floor."

"Hot damn!"

"Then there were some knees and slaps thrown as well."

"Oh my god!" He said with his hands covering his mouth.

"I also almost put her head in the toilet."

"Hahahahahahaha!" Andre bursts out laughing.

"You are not helping, Andre!" I yell at him as I reach over and start slapping his arm. "Oww, oww, Ok, ok, ok, sorry, my bad."

"I may have taken things a bit too far with her, I may have even injured her."

"Well, do you plan on telling the rest of the group when they get here?"

"Cat kinda already knows. She interrupted us before the whole toilet thing. She heard me tell off Jade, but I don't know if Jade told her about what happened before she walked in."

"Hmmmm, Ok, I think since we're all Jade's frien-"

"No, you're all Jade's friends."


"No, Andre, we're not friends, even more so now. I exiled her from my life."

"I..I understand why you might do that, but you know it's gonna create some friction. People gonna feel like they're gonna have to choose sides."

I nodded. I knew this might happen. I joined this group when it was already formed, I was the latest addition and technically, probably the most expendable. "I understand if you want to side with Jade, Andre. I mean you have known her a lot longer than you have me and i-"

"Girl, you better hush up. I like Jade, and we're friends, but if it came down to it, and we absolutely had to split up the group, like there was no other option, you better believe I'm riding out with you."

"Thank you, Andre. I really appreciate that."

"Say no more. You know you my girl."

The doorbell rings and I rise up to answer it. I open the door to see both Beck and Robbie on the other side. "Hey guys, come on in."

"Good morning, Sunshine."

"Hey Tori." Both Robbie and Beck said respectively as they walked in and dropped their bags alongside Andre's. Robbie noticed Andre in the kitchen and walked towards him. "Hey Andre!"

"Sup Shapiro."

I was about to return to the kitchen with them when I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Hey, Tori, can I speak with you for a second?" Beck asked me, pointing outside. I have a feeling I know what he wants to talk about.

"Sure." We walk outside to the porch and close the door. He sighs and then begins. "Listen, I'm really sorry about that whole thing with Cat and I betting on the outcome of your talk with Jade. We didn't mean anything by it, it was just a friendly wager, and I hope that we're ok?" He extended his hand out towards me. The bet threw me off, but I had no real anger towards either of them. Truthfully, if I was in their shoes, I would take bets on how fast Jade would insult someone when trying not to. I reached out and smacked his hand away. I then put on my mean face.

"No, we're not ok!"

His face fell and he let his hand drop back down to his side. I walked up to him and hugged him. "We're great." I hugged him for a few seconds until he returned it, then I released him to see a surprised look on his face.

"Gotcha" I said, smiling while poking him in his side. He let out a breath I don't think he knew he was holding.

"You uhhh, you had me there for a second, Tori." He said while rubbing the back of his head. I started to head back inside when Beck asked me something else. "So, umm, you said Jade wouldn't be here, what happen yesterday between you two? After she left you, her and Cat came to my RV, and boy was she mad at me."

"I guess you can say push came to shove, I basically told her I was done with her if it wasn't a forced situation, like a project or something."

"Was the situation kept at words?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Well, because when she…hmm, I guess I'll say attacked me and my guest, she seemed like she was in some sort of pain. She would touch her side, her face would squint up like something was hurting her."

"What a shame."

"Tori, did you two get into a fight?" I dint want to tell him that it was less of a fight and more of an assault. I want sure how he would react as her Ex. I'm sure he still cared for her in a way.

"Yeah…..um, let's just go with that"

"I'm not sure I believe you're telling me everything.'

"I'm not, but I won't tell you the rest, you might want to talk to Jade about it. Enough about me, why was Jade mad at you?"

"I interrupted a conversation she was having, I believe it was with you."

"Oh yeah, I have no why that made her that mad thought." Beck averted his eyes quickly when I said that. "Although, I believe that you might. Seems I'm not the only person here keeping info to themselves."

"Listen, Tori, I'm not sure what happened between you two yesterday, and I know that she hasn't treated you the best since…..well, since she first met you, but-" He sighs and looks frustrated like he wants to tell me something, but he cant. "-Ok, I can't really say, but I'm just telling you, you shouldn't erase Jade completely, I'm not sure if you can believe it, but there is an actual method to her madness."

"Really now? I'd love to know what it is."

"It's not my place to tell you, Tori. Jade will have to do so."

Before Beck can speak again, we hear a voice coming up the walkway. "Hey Guys!"

Beck and I look to see Cat skipping towards us. She stops in front of us and looks back and forth between the two of us. I think she figures we were speaking about her, or yesterday's situation because her face switches to one of fear, and she points to Beck.

"It was all Beck's idea, he thought of it, I'm innocent!" We both chuckle at her quick accusation.

"Well thank you Cat, it sure is warm and cozy under this bus you threw me under." Beck says to Cat while smiling. "I told you yesterday Cat, I'm fine with it, it's ok. I'm not mad."

"You sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure."

Cat embraces me in a hug, and I hug her back. "So, where's everybody else?"

"Andre and Robbie are in the kitchen." She kept looking at me, like she was expecting me to say more, and I wasn't sure what it was, I almost thought she expected me to say Jade was here. Then it hit me.

"Oh, and Trina is in her room, doing something, I'm not sure."

"Ah, ok. Well, we better get inside so we can start, right?" Cat says before she rushes inside.

I begin to follow her before I hear Beck speak to me again.

"Tori, I hope that you will think about what I said about Jade." I turn to him with a look of sympathy.

"I appreciate what you are trying to do, Beck, but nothing is gonna become of this. She has had over a year of chances to talk to me like an actual human being. I've come to the conclusion that Jade and I were meant to be nothing more than two souls passing by each other." As I turn around to head inside I hear Beck say something behind me in a low voice, I'm not sure what it was, but it sounded like-"

"You have no idea how wrong you are…"

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