Chapter 3

There Is No Silence In The Library- Chapter 3

Let me just say, this is after Rory became a companion but at the point where he's not part of the trio...A little bit before The Pandorica Opens, probably.

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Amy's eyes slowly widened as she attempted to peer through the blue-tinted glass. "Is that Dr. Song?" The Doctor ran over to where she was and peered through, seeming to have better luck than Amy at looking through the glass.

The Doctor frowned slightly and whispered, mostly to himself, "Honey, I'm home…" He stood up straighter, straightening his bowtie. "Ah, yes. Yes it is."

Amy watched him. "And who are they? All of the people out there? You said that this place was empty."

"It was. Then the archaeologists came," He pauses, turning to look at her. "Amy, I told you that I've been here before. Do you know who that man is, the one talking to River?"

She squinted her eyes now, trying to get a better look at the man, who from all she could tell was very skinny, wearing a pinstriped suit. He had pretty good hair, too, she thought. "Who is it?"

"He's me."

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"Get out," The Doctor said, looking at blonde-haired woman seriously.

She ignored him. Another woman stepped forward, opening up her helmet. "And how do we know they're not androids?" She asked.

The blonde haired woman smirked, turning to the other woman. "I've dated androids, Anita. They're absolute rubbish." She stepped forward another step towards the Doctor. "Professor River Song."

A man standing toward the middle of the group took off his helmet as well, glaring at Professor River Song. "This is not the time to be giving out personal information. These others shouldn't even be here. I funded this expedition. I lead it."

River frowned, looking back at the man disapprovingly. "Mr. Lux, you may say you lead us, but if you were really in charge we would already be very, very lost."

The Doctor frowned, groaning slightly, "Wait...oh, please tell me you aren't archaeologists?"

River turned back to look at him, her features forming a smile. "What? Do you have some sort of problem with archaeologists?"

The Doctor looked at her in disbelief. "I'm a time traveler. I point and laugh at archaeologists."

"Now, you entered through the north wing, correct?" River asked, "How did it look? Damaged?"

"It looked fine, just fine, and we sealed it off," The Doctor answered, "Now, it was very nice to meet you all, but I trust that you will be leaving. Set up quarantine level one on your way out. No one can ever come back here again, do you hear me? No one can ever come- Stop right there!" The Doctor ended his sentence in a shout, watching as Anita began to turn and walk to over to her bag, which was sitting near the door they entered through.

"What is it?" Anita asked, pausing where she stood, her body just short of stepping into a dark shadow.

The Doctor looked at her Anita for a moment, and then turned his gaze to everyone else. "Not a foot in the shadows. Just find a bright spot and stand. If you understand me, look very, very scared," he paused, taking in all of the expressions throughout the room. "A little bit more scared than that," he said quietly, then shook his head, "Ah, okay. This is good for now." He pointed to a dark-skinned man with slightly puffed up hair. "And who are you?"

The man looked up quickly, his expression was shocked, looking as if he was surprised that the Doctor would even acknowledge his existence. "I'm Dave, well, the other Dave. The proper Dave is our pilot and-"

The Doctor interrupted him, "Other Dave, the way you came in through, does it still look the same?"

"Yes, it is. Well no, actually. It's still the same in that I can see it, but it's darker," Dave replied.

Frowning slightly, the Doctors voice came out emotionless, "Find another way out."

River sighed slightly, looking as if she was annoyed that the Doctor wasn't getting the point. "We aren't looking for a way out."

Just then, a lean girl with a thin face and straight black hair walked forward with a few papers in her hands. "I'm Miss Evangelista, Mr. Lux's personal… everything. We'll need you to sign these contracts guaranteeing," she paused, as if looking for the right words to say, "confidentiality to the works of the Lux Corporation."

The Doctor nodded. "Hand them over," his voice was light. She handed him the paper, and he passed one to Donna. Simultaneously, both of them ripped their papers down the middle, letting the document halves fall to the floor.

Mr. Lux stepped forward, his voice challenging, "This is my corporation. I have rights!"

River gave Lux a look that silenced him. She didn't bother to hide the scolding tone in her voice, "You also have a mouth that won't stop," she glanced over to the Doctor, "You think there's danger here. The Library has been sealed off for over a hundred years. Whatever it is could be gone now."

The Doctor's expression was even as he spoke back to her, "You said that you lie."

"Always," she answered, not confirming what part of her sentence she might have been lying about.

The Doctor moved to the side, speaking to other Dave for a moment before walking back over to River and Lux. Donna stood to the side watching quietly, which seemed to surprise the Doctor a little.

Lux's gaze snapped over to other Dave, his voice sharp, "What are you doing?"

Other Dave turned slightly from where he was holding a drill to one of the wooden doors. "I'm drilling."

Lux frowned, "And you're taking orders from him?" He spoke again, his sentence now to the Doctor only, "Who did you say you were again?"

The Doctor glanced at Lux, "Spooky, isn't it? Ah, I'm the Doctor, just the Doctor." He crossed the room, grabbing a flashlight off of one of the desks before proceeding into the dark, Donna just behind him.

They began to make their way through the endless rows of bookshelves, the light from the flashlights shining forward. Above them, the lights dimmed slightly. The Doctor's voice was low, "Almost every species in the universe has an irrational fear of the dark. Only, it's not irrational. It's the vashta nerada."

Donna looked confused. "What's vashta…nerada?"

"It's what lives in the dark- what is always in the dark." Turning around suddenly, the Doctor made his way back to the group. "Lights. We need lights! Gather as many of them as you can find, and form a circle pointing out!"

River nodded, looking around at everyone in the group, all of them standing still. "Do it, guys."

Lux watched her, "You're not listening to this man..."

River stared at him, "I most certainly am. Now Anita, find lights," She paused, watching as Dave continued drilling into the door, securing it. "Dave, when you're done, help Anita." Her gaze moved to Evangelista. "Miss Evangelista, just stay put."

Lux sighed as everyone got to work, and River looked over at him. "Mr. Lux, please put on your helmet and lock it."

Proper Dave walked over to River. "And what should I do, professor?"

"Proper Dave, get into The Library's data-base. Find out what you can about what happened one-hundred years ago." Her gaze then moved to the Doctor. "Pretty boy, step into my office."

Stepping forward, Mr. Lux regarded River. "Why am I the only one with my helmet on?"

River smiled a little, "Because I don't particularly fancy you." She sighed slightly, her gaze shifting to the Doctor one more time. "Pretty boy, with me, I said."

Donna rolled her eyes as she sat on the edge of a desk, watching the Doctor a few feet away.

His eyes widened slightly as he came to a realization. "Oh, I'm pretty boy."

Donna dragged her voice out. "Yes," she paused briefly, "Wow. That came out a bit fast."

"Really? Pretty?"

She shrugged. Crossing the room, the Doctor raised his voice, "Don't touch the shadows. Don't even let your shadows cross! Any one of them could be infected." He moved to stand next to River who was taking a few things from a bag in another part of the room.

River turned her head to look at him, "Thanks." She sat down on the edge of the desk where her bag sat.

He looked slightly confused for a moment, "For what?"

"For coming when I call."

"Oh, so that was you," he confirmed, his voice rising towards the end of his sentence.

"You are doing a very good job of acting as if you don't know me. I suppose you have a decent explanation for that."

"A fairly good one, actually…"

"Ah, should we compare diaries, then?" River asked him as she picked a dark blue leather book from the table. She began flipping through the pages. "Where are we this time…? Judging by your face, I'd say we're in the early days for you, yeah? So should we say crash of the Byzantium? Have we done that yet?" She watched his expression for a few seconds, waiting for any sort of reaction. "Obviously not..." She flipped back a few pages. "Right, oh! How about the picnic at Asgard? Have we done Asgard yet?" She looked up at him, again waiting for him to say something. "Blimey, very early days, then; traveling an entire time-line, and I never knew it could be such hard work."

Once again, she gazed up at him, looking into his eyes with surprise. "Oh... you're young."

He shook his head slightly. "I'm really not, you know."

She observed him, her voice wondrous, "But you are." She put a hand on the side of his face, staring up at him. "You're younger than I've ever seen you. "

His face was expressionless, if anything, only a bit confused. "You've seen me before, then."

"Doctor," she searched his eyes for any hint of recognition, her mouth forming into a slight frown. "Please tell me you know who I am…"

"Who are you?" He watched her, wondering himself who she was to him.

They both jumped slightly as an alarm went off around them, red lights flashing on and off on Dave's monitor screen.

"Sorry!" Proper Dave looked over to them. "I must've set that off." The Doctor walked the computer monitor where Dave was working. River stood back where she was, only half paying attention to the alarm sounding, noticing the door to the shop was open near the desk where she was standing. She could swear that she heard faint voices coming from the inside…

"Doctor," Donna said, walking over to the monitor as well, "That sounds like-"

He nodded. "It's a phone."

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Amy strained to hear what was going on outside of the room. A few feet away, the Doctor paced.

"Doctor, how could you be here and there, it's not possible."

"He's me and I'm him. This doesn't happen, Amy. This is exactly why I don't go to where I've already been before. The Library is a fixed point in time." He stopped walking, looking over at her. "That is me. He is as real as I am- which is why it's very important that he doesn't see us."

Amy frowned slightly, "All right. And we're pretty well hidden already. So, now what?"

"We stay here," he answered. "We can hardly exit through that room,
he pointed to the room where the archaeologist group, including the Doctor and Donna stood. "For now, we wait to see what plays out in there, and leave when we have the opportunity to."

Amy leaned against the wall, "And what about River? Why is she here?"

River walked into the room, watching the both of them, and even if she was surprised, her expression gave away nothing. "Why don't you ask her for yourself, dear?" Her gaze moved to the Doctor, her mouth curving upward into a smile. "Why, hello Sweetie."

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