Sam sat on the bed, waiting.

When Dean came out of the bathroom, he didn't look at Sam. He dressed quickly, pulled on his jacket and left.

Sam didn't ask where he was going. Dean didn't volunteer the information.

When Dean came home just before dawn, smelling of smoke, beer and perfume, Sam was lying in bed, wide awake.

Dean ignored him. He went into the bathroom and relieved himself, then came back out and fell into bed, instantly asleep.

Watching his brother sleep, Sam accepted that it wouldn't happen tonight.

He sighed and settled in to wait for morning.


Sam managed a couple of hours sleep.

He woke well before Dean, showered, then went out to pick up breakfast.

Dean was waiting when he got back. When Sam set a cup of coffee and a single take-out container on the table, he snapped, "Didn't get me anything?"

"This is for you," Sam said quietly. "I already ate."

"Next time wake me. I might've wanted to go out."

Nodding silently, Sam sat at the table and opened his laptop.

Grumbling, Dean dropped into the seat opposite and opened his breakfast. Pancakes, sausage, eggs. Even hash browns. "Thanks," he said grudgingly.


Dean flicked a couple of assessing glances at his brother as he ate. Sam felt the weight of those glances. He kept his eyes on the laptop.

"Bobby called last night," Dean said after breakfast. "Got a hunt in Titusville. Looks like the ghosts of a couple murdered vagrants are taking it out on the local townspeople."

Nodding, Sam went to Mapquest and got directions to Titusville. "It's a three-hour drive. You want to leave right away?"

"No reason to stick around here."

Sam closed the laptop and started packing up the room, hyper-aware of Dean's narrowed eyes following him.