Chapter 1

Author's Note: Hey guys! So, this is my first Covert Affairs fanfiction! I hope this turns out as good as I am imagining it in my head. This takes place right after the last episode and then I will probably continue from there regardless of what happens on the actual show, but I don't know yet. So guys, please review and give me any ideas that you have and I will try to incorporate them into this story.

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"Joan!" Arthur yelled upstairs to Joan who was still getting ready. He waited a few seconds and when Joan didn't respond he went up to check on her.

As he walked upstairs, he thought back to the previous day…

Joan had just told Arthur about her relapse and they were talking about it in his office before Annie came in. Joan was so humiliated that Annie saw her cry, that as soon as Annie left, she stormed out of Arthur's office. Arthur ran after her and followed her into her office. As he ran in, he saw her pick up the pill bottle and empty a few into her hand. Arthur ran in and stopped her right before she put them into her mouth.

"Joan, what are you doing?"

"Shut up Arthur, as if you care."

Arthur closed Joan's door and shut all of the blinds, he went over and sat on her desk and stared into her eyes, "Joan, I care about you more than you will ever understand. I love you more than I have ever loved anybody in my whole life. I knew this from the second that I met you."

"Then why did you say that you were going to sleep at a hotel for a few days? You think that this shows that you care about me?" She practically yelled at Arthur, but remained sitting in her chair only inches from him.

"Baby," he said calmly as he stroked her hair, "I thought that it would make you happy. That is all that I want." He quickly changed his attitude from loving husband to 'the one who wears the pants in the family.' "This is not okay. You have to stop taking these pills. I will help you however you need it, but it needs to stop." He said in his stern voice.

This cause Joan to start crying again, but Arthur didn't try to comfort her. He needed her to understand how bad this really was. Inside, they were both scared and disappointed. They were both disappointed in themselves, but Arthur was really disappointed in Joan, more than he has ever been before. She is a strong, beautiful woman who is now starting to show her weaknesses. He wasn't upset that she was weak; he was upset at how she comforted herself. It was dangerous what she was doing and he loved her too much to let her go.

"I-I'm so sorry," Joan said to Arthur through sobs.

"I'm afraid that you are going to have to do better than be sorry. I am going to ground you and I don't know what else we are going to do. I know that I am being tough on you, and your punishment may be a bit juvenile, however what you were doing to your body was a juvenile, stupid thing to do, so you will be treated like a child until you learn how to behave like an adult."

"Okay," Joan said between tears.

"Alright, lets get you home."

Back to present.

Arthur ran upstairs looking for Joan. Even though they had talked yesterday, he still didn't know if she was going to do something stupid. His heart was racing as he ran into their room. He sighed as she sat on the bed putting on her black stellates.

"Joan!" He said abruptly, startling her.

"What!" She said as a reflex.

"You are on thin ice young lady, come on, we have to leave for work. Didn't you hear me calling you?"

"I'm coming, and no, Arthur, I didn't hear you call for me, do you know why, I was in the bathroom blow-drying my hair. I'm sorry if that is not okay with you."

"Come on now." Arthur said in a very stern, father-like voice as he grabbed Joan's arm firmly and walked her down the stairs.

"Arthur, you are hurting me, stop it."

He stopped and turned, so that they were facing each other, "I explicitly told you yesterday that I am going to treat you like a child because you were acting like a child, and frankly, you still are. I understand that you are not happy about this; do you think that I am? I hate what is going on, but I cannot allow you to do this to yourself, the agency, or me for that matter."

"Okay, but how long are you go on with this little charade? How is it going to affect us at work?"

"Don't worry about work. If you do everything that I say when I say it at home and at work, we won't have a problem."

Joan huffed as she picked up her bag and walked out to the car.

"You're still acting like a child with all that huffing." Arthur walked after her.

She knew better than to sit in the driver's seat, so she went over to the passenger side door. He thought for a moment about making her sit in the back but decided that he was pushing it.

He got in and started the car. They sat silently for a few minutes before Joan broke the silence, "Arthur, I want to apologize for the way I acted, with the pills, yesterday, and today. I know that you are just trying to help me but I don't like this. I don't want to be treated like a child and I think that it is cruel of you to do so. I want your help, but not in this way. So, what can I do to convince you to think of me as your wife, your partner again?" She remained calm throughout her speech but she could feel her eyes burning with tears.

Arthur did not know what to say, so he didn't respond for a few minutes, and stared straight ahead at the road, refusing to look at Joan. By then, she had tears silently streaming down her face. "What is going on, this isn't me," she thought.

They sat silently for another few minutes before Arthur said, "Sweetie, it isn't about time, I don't know how long it will take, you need to prove to me that you are capable of thinking like an adult because what you did wasn't what an adult should think to do. You should have come to me and I am killing myself inside because I should have noticed, but I am also angry that you would do something like that to your body and I know I keep saying this, but you need to learn and I am afraid that you will not stop, or God forbid, do something worse. It isn't that I don't trust you, it's that, and you know that, once you get addicted to something, even with the strongest person, it is hard to stop and it pulls you in and I am afraid of losing you. I know that you don't believe me but I am only doing what I think is best for you, you may not agree, but as your husband, it is my job to protect you."

Joan turned to Arthur and smiled. "I know, and I am going to try to act like an adult but can you please treat me like one?"

"I love you but I still want you to prove to me that you deserve it."

Joan frowned. She was pissed. She went all out, yelling at Arthur in the car. They were almost at Langley, but she wouldn't stop about all of the irresponsible things that he had done and asking if she should start treating him like a child. He just ignored her and kept driving. When they got there, they parked and walked in, Joan was still going off, but in a more hushed tone, so she wouldn't attract any stares.

Arthur walked her to her office and said, "You will remain in this office all day unless you call me and tell me where you are going and I say ok, or if I ask you to come out."

"I can't even go down those steps right there to my employees' desks?"

"No, you are to call them on their desk phone and ask them to come up, I want to know where to find you. And if I find out that you left, you will be in more trouble than you are now. Do you understand me?"

Joan just stood there and didn't respond. She was madder at Arthur than she had ever been.

"I said, do you understand me?" He said louder. She gave him a curt nod and walked to her desk. He walked out giving her that "You better listen" eye.

Joan was at her desk, almost crying, trying to hold back tears. She was thinking, "How could I be so stupid, I am pushing away the only person that I really want in my life, he only wanted to help me and I am being so mean to him." Suddenly, there was a knock on her door, "Come in," she said, wiping her tears away hoping that her face didn't look like she had been crying.

"Hey Joan," Annie said as she walked in, "Wo-whats wrong?" she shut the door and sat down.

"Nothing Annie, what's up?"

"Arthur just called a meeting and asked me to get you,"

"Umm, let me just call him to be sure that he wants me there," Joan said as she picked up the phone.

Annie's confused face made me burst out crying, dropping the phone.

"Joan, w-what's wrong?" Annie said as she ran over to her side.

Annie opened up her arms up and Joan let her embrace her into a hug. Annie had never seen Joan like that.

Finally, Joan said while wiping her eyes, quickly changing back into her 'normal' self, "I better call Arthur and see if he wants me there."

"Okay?" Annie said, "Are you going to tell me what's wrong?"

"I will later. But thank you." Joan said as she dialed Arthur's number.

When she confirmed that Arthur really did want her there, Annie and Joan walked into the conference room together.

Arthur said, "Okay, now that Joan and Annie are here, we can get started," as he handed each of them a file.

"Annie will be taking lead on this one because she has already worked on this case." Arthur explained.

Annie looked confused as she read through the file, finally realizing what case this was.

Arthur continued, "This case was supervised by Lena Smith before we realized that she was a double agent. Annie, because you know the most about this case, would you like to explain what it was?"

Annie stood up, "Sure," she said as she went to the front of the room. "Lena had sent me to China to get Intel on a potential leak in the agency. A family, both the husband and wife worked in the CIA, and their daughter suddenly moved to China without giving any notice to us, the daughter's school or anybody else for that matter. We believed that they were selling information to the Chinese government in return for a luxury lifestyle. Long story short, I brought both of them back here who were charged with treason and are still in jail. We could not find the daughter and so we had to come home without her." She motioned to Arthur to signal that she was done.

Arthur stood up and Annie sat back down in her chair. "Thank you Annie. Our mission now, is to find this child and bring her home. Her name is Brooke Langston and she is fourteen."

Annie jumped in, "Obviously it is important to find her, but why is this our concern. I don't mean that in an insensitive kind of way, but…"

"We believe that she is being used by the Chinese government to get Intel from the CIA. She has her parents' computers and passcodes, along with their fake identities and a lot of other important things that we cannot afford to let them get. According to our Intel, she is being forced and is being told that they will kill her if she doesn't comply."

Annie nodded her head.

"Let's get started. Annie, your flight leaves in about five hours, so go home and pack. Everybody else, lets start gathering any useful information and Auggie, can you please get together some 'eyes and ears' that Annie can take with her."

Everybody started to leave the room and Joan went up to Arthur, "Can I please talk to you?" she asks him.

"Yes, come with me to my office."

They both walk in and Joan shuts the door, "I am sorry for the way that I acted this morning and I want to prove to you that I can be an adult, so I want to go with Annie to China."

Arthur just stood there stunned. "Umm, I accept your apology and I want you to prove to me that you can be an adult, but I don't think that going into the field is a good idea."

"Arthur, why? Do you not trust me because I know that you trust Annie and we would be together and- "

"Joan. Do not think that I don't trust you. I trust you more than you will ever know, I just want to keep you safe and the field is really dangerous, especially this mission. We are dodging the whole Chinese Government and I don't want you there in that kind of danger."

Joan smiled and stepped into Arthur's arms. This was the first time in a few days that she was happy with him. She did want to go back into the field; she had been craving it ever since she went in undercover to save Megan. "I know, but you have to trust me and as my husband, you have to know when to let me be an adult. I cannot prove it to you unless you allow me to. And, I will be with Annie, who is amazing at what she does."

"Alright, I guess that is okay." Arthur said as he kissed Joan passionately.

AN: That was much longer than I thought it would be, I just wanted to get all of the background stuff away. I don't know if all of the stuff about Joan being treated as a child is something that you guys like, but it's the only suitable punishment that I could think of for what she did. The main point of this story is what happens in the field and when she meets Brooke. I hope you guys liked it and please review.