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Chapter 3


Megatron stared at the sparkless husk that was once Arachnid. It lay at his feet, a mangled heap of scrap metal. He hadn't reflected much on her death, there wasn't much to think about, Arachnid wasn't worth it. She had contributed nothing to the Decepticon cause while alive, all the while sneaking behind his back in a plot to destroy him. And she hadn't even been that good at that. The little human slaves were of more use to him than she had ever been, they served him so obediently, without question, working in energon production, small maintenance tasks, whatever their tiny hands could accomplish. He could have slaughtered them all, but he was a famed gladiator of Kaon, the fiercest of them all, the fragile humans were no worthy opponents to one of his stature. The ones who had surrendered to him had begged for their lives and he found a certain charm in that, they had nothing to fear from him as long as they knew their place and respected him as their rightful master.

There was only one that had ever lived to tell the tale of betraying him, Starscream. It scared Megatron sometimes how much he cared about Starscream. Not in a romantic way, never, Megatron was a fierce fighter and all mech, it was more of an admiration for him, for his cunningness and his ruthlessness. He loved Starscream like a brother and at times, their friendship was pretty tight, Dreadwing had found that out the hard way.

Megatron could hardly blame the little femme he saw on the surveillance video sprawled out among the seekers, sighing his SIC's name. What femme wouldn't want a powerful Decepticon? The seekers often got very wound up during a kill, thirsting for the spilled energon of their enemies, and needed something to relax and unwind them after an attack. It wasn't uncommon for them to take whatever or whomever they wanted when arriving back from a heated battle. This little femme had just been in the wrong place at the wrong time, but didn't seem to be minding Megatron noticed. Still, Starscream had failed to mention this information to him and that he would need to be questioned about.

"You wanted to see me Lord Megatron," Starscream stated coolly as he entered the room. "Oh….that," he smirked as he saw the footage on the monitor.

"Yes," Megatron replied. "You let an Autobot escape?"

"She's a talented chemist, I have reason to believe she is working on a more stable formula of red energon alongside the medic Ratchet. She could be useful to us, but I want to give her a chance to learn more of Ratchet's formula before we abduct her."

"You had an opportune chance to abduct her during this incident," Megatron scowled. "What makes you so sure you will have the chance again?"

Starscream wordlessly looked at the display screen, a pleasure-enthralled Trail Sprint crying his name, then back at Megatron.

"See to it that this plan of yours is carried out," Megatron commanded. "This Autobot could provide us with a distinct advantage in eliminating the remaining Autobot resistance and finally declaring our victory over this planet."

"Of course, Lord Megatron," Starscream said smoothly, he bowed an exaggeratedly ceremonious bow before exiting the room, it was almost cocky Megatron observed.

Megatron shook his head; no he certainly couldn't blame Trail Sprint.

"Who did this to you," Arcee yelled furious, questioning Trail Sprint. She would have the head of whoever had hurt her little sister.

"This spider bot, she came out of nowhere and pinned me to the ground in her webs," Trail Sprint told her.

"Arachnid," Arcee growled, "that glitch killed Tailgate."

"I know," Trail Sprint said, "she…..joked about that while she had me pinned down."

Fury took over the expression on Arcee's faceplate, but she fought to bring her demeanor under control, remembering what Optimus had always told her, revenge only clouds the mind.

"She'll pay for this," Arcee told Trail Sprint.

"She already has," Trail Sprint replied. "These jets, the ones we ran from, they came hunting her, they shot off her legs and killed her, it was pretty bad. I escaped while they were fighting," Trail Sprint lied.

Arcee could not help but show a little smile of satisfaction as she hugged Trail Sprint. Apparently Megatron didn't share the same sentiment as Optimus when it came to revenge and he hadn't wasted any time when it came to dealing with Arachnid.

"Well, the important thing is you are safe," Arcee told her.

"You know I'm not a sparkling anymore Arcee," Trail Sprint said, "I can take care of myself."

"I know Little Sprint, but you are also the youngest among us, there is no need to put you in danger if unnecessary."

The seekers hadn't treated her like a sparkling Trail Sprint thought, not in the least.

"I'm going to go recharge, tell Ratchet I will try for the oil again tomorrow, I'm just tired right now."

"Sure, I'll tell him, get some rest."

Trail Sprint sat outside in the breezy morning sunshine. It had been a week since she had encountered the seekers and had tried to put them out of her mind, throwing herself into her work and helping Ratchet finish the formula. Now that they had it completed, she didn't know what they could really even do with it. A less volatile, faster version of red energon than before? So they could what, sneak on to the Nemesis and defeat Megatron? That thought almost made Trail Sprint laugh out loud. There were six of them and thousands of Decepticons. Sometimes she thought the Autobots just needed to get real and admit the war was over. Slag, even some of the humans had admitted that. She and the other Autobots were the ones in hiding, not the Decepticons. The Decepticons were cruising around on the grand war-ship Nemesis like they owned the planet, which they pretty much did. She sometimes wondered what Megatron was like, she didn't really know much about him, only what she had been told, which was probably biased. He wanted order, had wanted to bring the fighting amongst the city-states of Cybertron to an end, even if through his own tyranny rule. Well, that might have been better than the constant fighting Trail Sprint reflected.

"Sorry to interrupt your deliberations, little one, but you're going to have to come with us," a deep voice purred.

Trial Sprint froze. She hadn't even heard them coming this time, they must have used a ground bridge or something, she thought, knowing the one that the deep voice belonged to was Commander Starscream. His wings casting an ominous shadow on the ground as he approached her.

Trail Sprint forced her gaze up to meet Starscream's, her spark trembling, her optics showing more panic than she would have liked.

"You sure know how to beg for mercy little one," his dark voice rasped, "even when you don't say a word," he purred, closing in on her and tracing a clawed finger around her petite mouth.

"You're just going to snatch me, in broad daylight," Trail Sprint whimpered, her voice shaky.

"That's what it looks like doesn't it," Starscream smirked down at her.

"I can't…my sister…..I can't leave her," the words stumbled out of Trail Sprint's mouth.

"Look sweet spark," Thundercracker said, closing in from the side, "this can be gentle….or it can be something else, either way, you're coming with us."

"And we would prefer gentle," Starscream told her, still tracing his claw around her chin, down her neck.

"because we don't want to get rough with a little thing like you," Skywarp finished the sentence.

"No," Starscream assured her smoothly, "I'd much rather have your pretty little frame in one piece."

His touch was so gentle, Trail Sprint noticed, gliding over the surface of her faceplate like silk. He could have snapped her neck in half within seconds if he wanted to, or ripped out her spark like Cliffjumper, instead his claws traced soft caresses along her frame.

"What do you want with me," she nearly sighed.

"Maybe we just want you," Thundercracker replied, "for breakfast," he laughed sensually.

"but you're a bonded trine," Trail Sprint said between heavy breaths, "I'm not even a seeker."

"We won't hold that against you," Skywarp whispered from behind.

"Unless you want us to," Starscream grinned down at her. His red optics shined like fire danced behind them, he was thoroughly enjoying the mixture of pleasure and fear swirling around inside of Trail Sprint. It was delicious. She would make a beautiful pet for his trine.

The ground groaned beneath Trail Sprint's feet as the wind whipped around her, picking up dust and dirt, flinging it about. A powerful hum filled the air as the Nemesis approached, claiming the sky with its massive presence. Trail Sprint stared up at it, mouth open in awe at its shear size, its purple hull covering the sky for what seemed like miles, blacking out the sun above her.

Trail Sprint looked back to Starscream, speechless, questioning.

"Welcome home, Trail Sprint," was his only reply.