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"Shawn?" Aloe, a young girl with the most intriguing amber eyes and red hair called to her much-older brother. "Why are Mom and Dad splitting up?" She seemed to be on the verge of tears.

Shawn was all-of-fourteen, and he practically knew everything. He had been packing Aloe's things for her, because she refused to do so. She hated the idea of leaving her father and Shawn, since Henry got Shawn in the divorce, and Maddie got Aloe. "Because they don't want to be married anymore, Allie."

Aloe's true name was Allie, but only Gus called her this personally, and Shawn called her it to be serious. When Shawn called her Allie, she was either in trouble, or he needed help.

"But why?" She cried.

He stared into her tear-filled eyes, and gave her a big-brother hug. "I don't know.. I really don't.." He whispered, holding her close.

"Aloe, it's time to leave!" Maddie called loudly as she collected the last of the girl's belongings.

Aloe clung to Shawn tightly, refusing to let go.

"Allie," Shawn whispered in her ear. "You have to go.. but.." He reached into his jeans pocket. "But take this.." He said, tying a necklace around her neck. He had made it himself, braided it and tried to make it look perfect. Sadly for him, he was very artistically challenged.

She smiled at the sight of the necklace. And for a 4 year old, that gift meant the world to her. "Thank you Shawn.." Aloe whispered, hugging him once more. "I have something for you!" She said running to her closet and pulling out a moderately-sized box, and handing it to him. A badly tied ribbon kept it bound closed. "Promise not to open it until I leave?" She asked.


They hugged once more, and she left. Leaving Shawn in an empty bedroom that previously belonged to Aloe. As soon as the car doors had shut, the car started and drove away, Shawn opened the box.

Inside rested a book of photos, with Aloe's scribbled writing over each one. He went through them all, and found the last page. It said in badly written letters:

Please don't forget me! Love, Aloe.

Present - 12 years later. (A/N: This takes place during Yin/Yang's first episode)

Lassie had been working on an amazingly simple case, solved within seconds, when someone new walked in. She had thick, bright red hair pulled back into a high ponytail. Her eyes were bright amber, that was often mistaken for brown, and brighter than fireflies. She wore plain jeans and a long white t-shirt with a blue sports warm-up jacket tied around her waist.

In front of her was an older woman, probably in her late 40's, or early 50's. She looked like an old china doll with a plain blue skirt. The woman spoke to the red-head momentarily, and then walked into chief Vick's office.

The red-head approached the desk and began filling out an application for a visitor's badge. Lassie saw an opportunity and seized it.

"Visitor?" He asked her, placing a hand on his hip and leaned against the wall, trying to act friendly.

She looked up at him. He assumed she would say something mean, like, 'Duh!' or 'My application says visitor'. But she didn't. Instead, she smiled nervously. "Is it that obvious I don't belong?"

He smiled. "Well, no one in the department has.. you know, red hair."

She smiled back, and filled in the last blank on the application, handing over the desk to the person behind the computer. "I'm Aloe," She told Lassie, putting the name-tag on the collar of her shirt.

"I'm Carlton," He said. "Head detective of the Santa Barbara Police Department." He said proudly, with a smile.

Her eyes became huge. "Whoa, that's quite a mouthful, isn't it?"

He nodded, amused slightly. "Do you work here, or-"

"Oh, no.. My father used to, and my brother does, and my mother is working here for about a month." Aloe told him, blushing slightly. "I'm not brave enough to go into police work."

"Then what are you going into?" Lassie asked, invoking a conversation.

She smiled proudly. "Pediatric anesthetist."

It took Lassie a second to break down the words, since he really didn't deal with medical things all that much. He nodded, still not completely sure of what that was. "So, who's your brother? Maybe I know him, if he works here."

"Well, he's-"

"Lassiter?" Chief Vick said. "I want to talk to you in five minutes." She said, noting that Lassie was in a conversation. She was in a good-enough mood to allow him just a little longer time.

Aloe was in mid-thought. "Lassiter... Lassit- does anyone hear call you Lassie, by chance?" She asked, lowering her eyebrows fearfully.

He stopped smiling. "Yes, actually, but it's not a nickname I personally like."

She smiled. "I wasn't planning on calling you Lassie."

Lassie smiled back. "So your brother?" He said, remembering their past conversation.

Aloe bit her lip and rocked back and forth on her skate shoes. "I don't think you'd really, you know, talk to me if I told you.."

Lassie groaned and threw his head back. "It's not McNabb, is it?"

Aloe laughed loudly. "No! And what's wrong with McNabb? I've heard he's nice!" Lassie looked back at her as if she were insane. "Okay, I have heard he's a little weird, but that's always what makes someone interesting, isn't it?"

"Lassiter!" Vick called again.

"I'll be back soon," Lassiter said, walking into the office. "Don't leave!"

Aloe smiled and shook her head. Walking back towards the front desk, she began a conversation with an African-American woman who believed intensely in psychics.

"Shawn!" Gus shouted after his friend, the sudo-psychic. "Shawn, don't you ever leave a smoothie in my car! C'mon son!" Gus said, throwing the smoothie into the trashcan outside of the SBPD.

Shawn pouted as he ran up the stairs. "But Gus, that was my snack after we get our check!"

"Here's a thought, why not buy a snack with the check?" Gus asked logically, walking along with his friend into the police department.

"Because, that doesn't seem very much like a good Stuart."

"You mean steward, Shawn!"

"Then who is Stuart?"

"The mouse with his own plane and car and boat. Remember? Stuart Little?" Gus said as they approached Karen Vick's office.

Shawn felt around his pockets and pulled out a brand new pen. "This time, she'll have to sign-" He said with a smile, until he broke off. There was a girl standing at the reception area, with bright red hair that she'd just let down from a ponytail. All he could see was the back of her, but from his view, she was cute.

She was small. Like, 5'5'. She looked like she could still be a teenager, possibly. She wasn't stick thin, or fat. She was more of a chubby mix between the two. But, so was he. As was his dad, and his mom. She was clad in jeans and a white t-shirt, with a blue jacket wrapped around her small waist.

"Don't even think about it, Spencer." Lassie said from behind Shawn. "She and I spoke already."

Darn it. What a waste of red hair. Shawn thought angrily. "Whatever Lassie, I've got someone else.." He said, staring off at Juliet, who was hauling a criminal down to the interrogation room.

Shawn looked back at the red-head longingly, until he realized with a deep jolt of guilt that he knew this person. She turned around, and he saw it. The necklace he had made so long ago. And about a foot above the necklace were two bright, amber eyes that often had been mistook for brown.

It was his sister, Aloe.

"ALOE!" Shawn shouted at her, running to her and hugging her. He crushed her in a bear hug, hoping she wouldn't let go. And in return, she crushed him back.

"Spencer, didn't I say-" That's when the rock made it's blow. Lassie realized sadly when he saw both amber eyes look up at him (Shawn's were more of a hazel than an amber) that they were siblings.

"Allie, it's been forever! I didn't even recognize you!" Gus said, greeting Aloe with a friendly hug.

"I know! It's been forever, Burton!" She said. Both Shawn and Gus stared at her as if she were weird. "What?"

"They don't call me that."

"He does!" Shawn pointed at Lassie. "And speaking of him, what the heck do you think you're wearing? That is the most revealing shirt I have ever seen! Here," Shawn untied her much-to-large and obviously hand-me-down jacket and put it on her quickly, then zipped it up to her chin. "Much better."

"AND YOU!" Shawn glared at Lassie, pointing a very accusatory finger at Lassie. "Do not ever in any way, shape, or form, even think about talking to my little sister, GOT IT?"

Lassie's face lost a little bit of color, but then he smiled a bit meanly. "Aloe, it was wonderful meeting you. I hope I have the pleasure of doing it again." He said, kissing her right hand politely.

Shawn, overwhelmed with big-brother instincts, punched Lassie right in the side of the face, crushing his jawbone. Lassie shouted, and fell onto the floor.

"MR. SPENCER!" Chief shouted at Shawn. "Did you just punch my head detective?"

"He was harassing this young lady sexually," Shawn said, pointing at Aloe, who stood uncomfortably in the middle of all this trouble.

"Was not!"

"Was too!"





"THAT IS ENOUGH!" The chief shouted, and then she shook her head. "I don't have time to deal with this! This just arrived to the SPBD, and I want someone working on it! I want everyone working on it!" She said louder.

They began examining the things that came in the mail, and pulled up a note with cut-out letters, challenging Shawn to a game. Shawn stood in disbelief, as the note said, "Oh, and Bring your psychic along."

"Come on, that could be anybody!" Shawn protested as all eyes fell on him. "Just yesterday, McNabb guessed my favorite chip flavor!"

A photo of Shawn was then shown, and all eyes then fell on him once more. Sadly, he couldn't protest to that. But as everyone began to leave-

"Wait! It also came with this.." Karen said, sighing and switching photos.

A photo of Aloe, clearly one she didn't know had been taken, showed now. A red circle was around her and her body, the writing said: "Come and Get her."

Shawn turned his head to where his younger sister used to stand, and now, a stopwatch sat.

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