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Shawn couldn't help but feel his stomach lurch forward when he saw the stopwatch lying on the tile floor of the police station. He dropped to his knees, and stared in disbelief. He picked up the clicking timer, and held it up for everyone to see.

"H-he.." He stared at stopwatch, and then looked around the room from Jules, to Vick, to Lassie. "He took her.. just like that!" He whispered, so that only those listening intently could hear. "JUST LIKE THAT?!" Lassiter took the the stopwatch from Shawn's hand.

"Calm down, Spencer. We'll get her." Lassie said, staring Shawn directly in the eye. "We will find her, and we will bring this sicko to justice." Lassie said firmly, staring into Shawn's amber-ish hazel eyes for three seconds before turning to the chief.

"It'll be alright, Shawn. You know Allie. She'll be fine," Gus said supportively.

"Stopwatch says that he left it, and took Spencer's sister, about thirty seconds before we saw she was gone." Jules observed around Lassie's arm. "That means he couldn't have gotten far. McNabb, Corridge, and Keeber, come with me!" She shouted, leading them outside the door and sprinting towards where they assumed the Yin-Yang killer could be. Lassiter turned to Vick.

"What's my job?"

Karen looked between Shawn and Lassie, and then smiled a bit. "Both of you are partners, temporarily. It will work out this problem of your's, and with both of you working together we will be able to find Ms. Spencer in no time at all..." She said, turning their attention back to the screen. "So, Mr. Spencer, I leave this to you. Tell me if you have any leads or figure it out." She said, walking quickly to her office to begin filing warrants. We're gonna need a lot of them if it's Spencer and Lassiter.

"What am I then?" Gus asked, but no one answered. Instead, he sighed and sat down in the seat where McNabb had been previously sitting.

Lassie and Shawn stared at one another, and Shawn stepped forward, staring at the clue. It was in rhymes, and each letter was cut out in a precise way. Not cut in awkward or uneven lines. That meant two things: it was planned for a while, and this person had some sort of mental problem to do with perfectionism. He focused in on the rhymes, thinking of each detail. His eyes widened with fear as he realized it was a clue for another victim.

"I'VE GOT IT!" Shawn shouted loudly, holding his fingers to the temple of his head.

"You don't have to shout, Spencer." Lassiter growled angrily.

"What is it?" Gus asked, standing up and walking towards them.

Shawn looked around, then grabbed a notepad and a pen. He quickly scribbled the notes dramatically, hoping that by writing the clues this way, it would be easier to piece together. He handed it to Lassie and paused to take a long, deep breath.

Lassiter read the badly written notes quietly, then looked up. "Your dad?" He scoffed.

"Yang has to be near my father's house, because in his note he mentions getting a fisher. If Yang is targeting me, then he's going to try to get the people close to me. Which means, he must be targeting my dad too. He's a fisher, and he's sort of close-ish to me." Shawn said, staring into Lassie's blue eyes. "We have to go, now!"

Lassie didn't argue. He ran towards Vick's office to tell her want Shawn had discovered. Karen immediately dialed Henry Spencer's home phone. "Henry? Henry! Are you alright?" She sighed audibly. "Stay inside. Get your gun, or something. The Yin-Yang killer has turned up, and he's targeting Shawn. He just took one of Shawn's family members, but we got a clue that you're next. What? No, it's not Maddie. She's actually here with me." The chief said.

Shawn ran towards the office when he heard this. He hadn't seen his mom yet, and he didn't know she was coming into town. He saw her, and smiled. His one beacon of happiness since about five minutes ago. "Mom!"

"Hey Goose," She whispered, hugging him gently. "You have to go check on your dad, okay? I'll be waiting right here with Chief Vick, alright?" She said with a tone of urgency. "Go get your sister for me.."

Shawn nodded. "Maybe when I get them, we'll all have a family swim party." Shawn tried to lighten the mood slightly.

"Spencer! Let's go!" Lassie shouted.

"We're taking the blueberry!" Gus announced.

"I'm taking my car." Lassiter said.

"Actually," Chief said, stopping the bickering. "I think you should all ride with Detective Lassiter. He's taken defensive driving, so you'll all be able to avoid a chase if it happens," She said carefully.

They all nodded and ran out to the car, hopping into the automobile. Lassiter started it quickly, and they sped of in the direction of Henry Spencer's beach house.

"DAD! DAD!" Shawn shouted, sprinting towards the porch of the house. He yanked open the front door and barged in, shouting, "DAD! ARE YOU HERE?"

"Shawn." Henry said, sitting on his couch with a gun in his hand and a phone to his ear. He smiled and ran to his son. "Karen, he's here. Don't worry." Henry hung up his phone and turned to Shawn. "Are you alright? Karen said Yang took someone, but she wouldn't tell me who."

Shawn stared at his dad's eyes. "It wasn't mom," He said. His thoughts stung him like wasps.

Henry saw it in Shawn's eyes. He knew who it was. "Not Aloe.." He stumbled backward for a minute, catching himself just barely as his words sunk in.

"I'm gonna find her." Shawn said. Gus and Lassie entered the house, Gus behind Lassie and Lassie behind his gun.

"It's clear." Lassie announced, but no one really cared, since they already knew. "We'd better take Spencer-"

"Me or-" Shawn started.

"Me." Henry clarified for his one-step-behind son.

"-Back to the station for some security." Lassiter finished, glaring at them both. That's when the back door burst open, and a person with a black face mask and a fedora walked in. He dropped a stopwatch and a note, running away; as if he had already known they would be there.

Lassie sprinted after him quickly, but the man had vanished. There was a sticker left on Henry's door with the Yin-Yang symbol on it. Lassiter picked up the note and stopwatch carefully. Reading over it slightly, he handed it to Shawn.

"He left this.." Lassie said, staring at it.

Shawn read over the note, and glared when he realized that Yang had planned for Shawn to show up when he had. Yang had known Shawn would figure out that clue. Which put him ahead one step. He read over the next few clues, but then frowned as he realized something.

"Gus? What was that thing that makes people laugh?"


"No, no, I mean the drug."

"Laughing gas? Novocaine?"

"No, no! I mean the one that can kill you if you overdose!"


"That's it!" Shawn whispered, reading over the note again. "I think he's going to kill Aloe with morphine.. or at least, try to kill her with morphine. Gus, where do they produce morphine in Santa-Barbara?"

"The biggest morphine-producing company in Santa-Barbara is the Earl-Hart Drug Store. I hear they fly their pharmaceuticals in from-"

"Gus, not now, we have to get down to the Earl-Hart Drug Store." Shawn said.

Lassiter shrugged his shoulders and they all made their way to the car, where Lassiter drove as fast as the laws physically allowed to the Earl-Hart Drug Store.

Aloe's eyes begin to flutter open. As they focused in, she saw a woman. She had dyed her naturally brown hair a dark auburn shade, which made it a mix of the two. Her eyes were a bright brown color, and she had a pointed chin. She had slender legs and arms, but an average sized torso.

"It looks like someone is awake!" The woman said in a high-pitched voice, clapping her hands and smiling. "Come on, open your eyes!" She squeaked loudly, and then she got up and began rummaging through a box.

Aloe looked around, and caught sight of some stickers in yin-yang symbols. She saw another layout board with a copy of the note they had left for Shawn. Aloe had only seen the note for a good five seconds, but she remembered things when they had some level of importance.

"You're.. Yang?" Aloe asked.

The woman turned her head to face Aloe with an-obviously-not-sane look. "Well, don't you catch on fast?" The woman giggled in an off-tone and turned back around. "Yes, I'm Yang. Surprised much?" She rummaged through the box and pulled out a small, briefcase about the size of a backgammon board folded up.

Aloe had no clue what to say. And, in this case, that was good. Her brother had a photographic memory, which meant he remembered everything he saw. Her dad had trained him to notice everything about a room, like what it had in it and if anything had changed.

Well, she was the same, but differently. She could remember most of what she heard. Not everything, just most. But it was generally what was important. Aloe's mother, Maddie, had trained her just as Henry had trained Shawn, but instead of it being what Aloe saw, it was what she had heard. Plus, Maddie wasn't as expecting of Aloe as Henry was of Shawn, and she was a lot more encouraging. Which made Aloe work all that much harder.

Aloe found herself listening for key details. She could remember a lot of what she saw, just slightly more than the average person, but she could pick up much more than she heard.

She closed her eyes and focused on what she heard. Yang was standing in front of her, her fingernails scratching at the lock that Aloe suspected to be on the front of the miniature briefcase. She could also hear.. no, was that..? She heard footsteps.

So Yang didn't work alone? Aloe kept her mouth closed, fearful of what might happen if she disclosed the fact she understood.

"So, you're Shawn's little sister then?" Yang asked, smiling at Aloe. Aloe now looked around herself. She the shackled to the floor with metal cuffs, and her feet were in shoes glued to the floor.

Aloe stared at Yang.

"Come on, don't be shy!" Yang giggled horrendously.

Aloe frowned at her, and just stared intensely.

Yang frowned. "Tell. Me."

"Yes, alright?" Aloe said, rolling her eyes. "But you already knew that, right? I mean, otherwise you wouldn't have captured me."

Yang smiled again and nodded a little bit. "You're right! Haha, so! Tell me about Shawn.." She said, a passion burning in her voice. It creeped Aloe out. She felt her lunch crawling up, but she caught herself. She blinked at Yang. "Tell. Me. Now."

"He's Shawn." Aloe said obviously. "He's a psychic," Yang nodded encouragingly. "He likes the color green," Yang smiled a little. "And, he only has one sibling: me."

Yang shook her head. "No, no you can do better than that!"

Aloe shrugged. "I don't know him very well. Our parents divorced when he was fourteen and I was four, and we split up. He lived with me for about a total of 6 years out of all the years of my life. Two of those were when he tried to find his calling as a butterfly trainer in Africa."

"He liked butterflies?"

"He liked everything." Aloe said bluntly. "Except for killers," She said, curling her voice.

Yang sighed and opened the briefcase. Out of it, she pulled a little syringe. She flicked the tube gently with her finger. "If you don't want to talk to me, maybe you will when you're groggy.."

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