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Guard Was Down

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"Are you here to see the Prince? He is currently busy at the moment." Sanjay informed him.

"No. I'm here to see you, Sanjay." The young man answered before slamming the butler up against the wall, grabbing his wrists, pressing his entire body against Sanjay, and kissing him roughly on the lips. Sanjay was in shock and his eyes wide.

"Hey, Sanjay. We should go to Echo village. I have heard its peaceful an-" Amir trailed off when he noticed a young looking man roughly kissing his butler. He blinked his eyes and noticed Sanjay was trying to push the young man away, but seems as if that young man is stronger than his Butler and tightly holding his wrists.

"Hey! What are you doing to my Butler?!" Amir said loudly in a loud voice. The young man released Sanjay and he looks sulky.

"Totally thought I could go all the way with your pretty butler." The young man said in a cocky voice. Sanjay didn't say a word and trying to gather his wits.

"Get out now." Amir stated firmly and the young man walked out after all Amir is The Prince. Sanjay looks a bit shaken. "Are you okay, Sanjay?"

"I let my guard down because he wasn't here to see you, Master. It happened so quickly." Sanjay said quietly, he wiped his lips, and eyes looking down. "Sorry for you seeing such a sight."

"Don't be sorry, Sanjay. It's not your fault." Amir told him and looked at his butler's bruised lips. He gently grabbed Sanjay's wrists, noticing they are already bruising, and his blood is boiling. How dare someone sexually assualt his butler and cause him pain."He will not get away with forcing himself onto you. I'm thankful that I was able to keep him from going further with you."

"Thank you, Master. You were saying something about Echo Village." Sanjay commented softly.

"Yes, We will be going there tomorrow. However first things first that man will pay." Amir said calmly and he hands his butler some mint. "That should take the taste out of your mouth. You can go take a shower, Sanjay."

Sanjay nodded his head before walking away. Amir ran his fingers through his hair and takes a deep breath.

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