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Finally, I can make one of my Starfleet fics and change those ponies into something I can actually stomach instead of their ridiculous FIM concepts!


Centuries ago, in a multi-dimensional universe; a powerful creature known as Grand Ruler Celesto landed on a barren planet that would one day become Unicornicopia where he established a super fighting defense empire known as Starfleet, to engange in a never-ending struggled against evil and injustice.

After centuries of battling and defeating countless foes of many shapes and sizes, the noble master was reunited with his lost love, Celestia of the planet Equestria, and united their two worlds together as one to form the ultimate kingdom of friendship and justice.

With the aid of their trusted apprentices, Lightning Dawn and Twilight Sparkle, and all their pony friends and other creature allies, the planet United Equestria still stands tall and proud, but Starfleet continues to remain on constant alert for any oncoming evil that threatens their world and their universe.

Today that tradition continues…!

Starfleet Magic: The Movie

On a small and dismal planet, a band of common but dangerous thieves- minotaur, griffons, and even a few dragons not from the planet United Equestria had returned to their hideout with a heavy load of treasures and goods which they had stolen from all corners of the galaxy, and were bringing it back to their leader, a humanoid demon who called himself Snatch, and he was pleased with the hold of loot his friend shad gotten. "Way to go, you guys." he said "This makes five whole years we've been running and not once been caught."

The others agreed, and soon they were all dividing the loot between each other. The dragons especially loved the diamonds and found it hard to resist eating them instead of saving them for profit. "I tell you, I could live off this life forever." one of them said.

"You're telling me." said one of the Griffins as she tried on some the crowns and jewellery "If I wasn't on the run I could start my own kingdom with just a handful of this stuff."

One of the minotaurs was counting up the money, when one of the bags began to levitate "What the?" he snapped. The others soon saw the same thing, and then noticed one of the treasure chests was moving all on its own.

"You think it's a…GULP… Ghost!" cried one of the dragons. The other creatures all trembled, but Snatch was fooled by this. "Let me see."

He used his own magic to levitate the chest higher to reveal two small warping fairies underneath. "Ah ha!" he thundered which frightened the little fairies away, and then Snatch grabbed onto the bag with his hand and then blasted at the rocks that it was heading near revealing a ground unicorn and her baby dragon friend. "I think we're busted, Twilight."

"You think, Spike?" snapped Twilight.

Snatch stomped towards them snickering sinisterly and threateningly pounding his fist into his other palm. "Busted is exactly what you two trespassers are about to be."

"Don't even think about, Snatch!" called a voice form above, and a white winged unicorn with a golden horn leapt down by his friends. "What's this?" snapped Snatch "Who are you supposed be?"

"Well, this is Twilight Sparkle, this is Spike, and I'm Captain Lightning Dawn; Starfleet!"

Snatch had had about enough of this and ordered his gang to charge the intruders. The three friends were surrounded, but as they all dove in at once and began brawling, they stopped when they realized their enemies had gone, for Twilight quickly teleported them all to the other side of the room. "Hey, guys…! Are you looking for us…?" Spike teased.

The gang decided to get real tough. Twilight told Spike to carry out his instructions and Spike scurried off leaving his friends to face the thieves alone. "We're ready…" Lightning said.

"Hah!" scoffed Snatch "This will be over in a snap." and his thieves rushed towards the two ponies. "Tell you what." one of the dragons gloated at Lightning "Just to show we'll be gentle, I'll give you one free punch." And he lowered his big head to Lightning's level.

"Fine, but don't say you weren't warned." Lightning said and he clenched his glove into a fist and bashed the dragon's face surprising sending him sailing across the room and crashing into the rock wall hard. The thieves gasped hard at how strong Lightning seemed. "GET'EM!" shouted Snatch, and the thieves ganged up on Lightning but his masterful training proved too much for them.

Other gang members went after Twilight, but her study in magic, combined with her Starfleet training, she just couldn't be touched. The dragons tried their fiery flames, but she blasted them right back at them with her own magical blast.

Lightning and the Griffins even took to the skies, and Lightning's speed helped him out maneuver the griffins and force them to collide smack into each other.

Snatch couldn't believe how easily his gang was being trounced, and by only two measly ponies too. Twilight and Lightning both worked together and gave the minotaurs a good slamming. "Very nice…" Snatch said "Now it's my turn, and no one's ever beaten Snatch!"

"Well, I guess we'll be the first." Twilight said.

This only made Snatch laugh and he proceeded to blast at Twilight with his dark powers, only to have her counter with her own magic resulting in a perfect stalemate. Then he charged fist at her and Lightning with his fists and feet punching and kicking like crazy, Twilight and Lightning got hit and pummeled every single time, and they even got blasted but didn't seem to make any attempt to raise their defenses, and finally they collapsed. Snatch laughed at them "You'll be the first, huh? Like I said, no one ever beats Snatch." He moved closer ready for the final attack, but Twilight and Lightning just bolted upright with goofy smiles on their faces, much to Snatch's shock.

They had only been playing with him, when really they hardly felt any of his attacks at all. "I guess you never tangled with Starfleet before." Lightning said "Or Friendship is Magic." added Twilight.

Snatch could tell right off the bat there was nothing he could do except run for it and hastily grabbing whatever bits of the treasure he could, but Twilight and Lightning just stood there and playfully winked at one another knowing that he was running right into a trap.

And indeed he had, for no sooner had Snatch made his way to the front gates of the hide out did he find himself completely surrounded by more ponies- Twilight and Lightning's friends. Snatch saw no choice but to give, and so he and his entire gang were arrested and all their stolen loot and goods were collected and Lightning's friend, the fairy queen, Krysta, promised that she and her army of fairies would return the loot to their rightful owners and those that couldn't be returned would be given and donated to the poor. "Thanks, Krysta…" Lightning said.

"Of course…" Krysta said winking at her friend and then she ordered her fairies to get to work, while others helped the ponies get the criminals to prison. While Lightning, Twilight and friends cheered for joy for having rounded up the crooks. Starla Shine even leapt into Lightning's limbs flirtingly and he spun her around.

Still, they all couldn't help but reflect upon how easy the battle was, Twilight and Lightning managed to beat them by themselves without much effort and they didn't even have to donning their armor or use any finisher moves.

"Great work everyone." Lightning said "Now, back to United Equestria. Let's go!"

Everyone agreed and Krysta created the necessary warping portal. All the ponies and Spike jumped in, and Krysta followed them. All of them zoomed across the pathway through dimensional space until they emerged back on their own planet, and when they arrived, they realized that everyone in town was going off and about all heading for New Canterlot.

"What's goin' on here?" asked Applejack.

"Ooh… Ooh… is it some kind of party? Are we invited too?" Pinkie asked all giddy and excited.

The others urged her to calm down, and Twilight asked one of the passers-by what the commotion was, and to their surprise, it turned out that Queen Celestia had gone into labor and the new baby was coming.

The gang winced in shock and some of them began to panic, but Lightning calmed them all down, and reminded everyone that they were given front row-seat invitations to the palace to be the first ones to see the new child.

Krysta warped them to the palace immediately!

Author's notes:

...To be continued on my Deviantart. Go to my FF profile for further information