A/N: Hey guys! So, I was thinking that since the holidays are just around the corner, I would make a christmas fanfiction! Enjoy! It's a one-shot for now, but let me know if you want me to continue it!

Eve awoke on christmas morning to find David was staring at her. The twelve-year-old didn't like it. She didn't like it at all.

"David? Why are you staring at me like a pedophile?" The young hybrid asked. The girl was just a month shy of turning thirteen, but she already acted twice her age.

"Merry christmas to you too Eve!" David exclaimed.

"We're immortal, we don't celebrate the holidays...we aren't even religious!" Eve almost yelled.

David sighed, "well, we do now! Get ready, you have a lot of presents to open and a christmas party to attend later on tonight"


"JUST PUT ON SOMETHING FESTIVE DAMMIT!" David shouted and left the room before the girl could complain once more. The twelve-year-old sighed once more and put on one of the nicest dresses she owned, it was a knee length, dark red dress, and matching flats.

"Merry christmas Eve" Selene greeted the girl, kissing her daughter on the forehead.

"Thank you, mama! Where's David?" Eve asked.

"I believe he said something about getting ready for the day, you own something nicer for the party, don't you?" The vampiress asked.

"Yes mother, I have a dress that Mattie gave me for my birthday last year, it's hanging up in my closet."

Selene nodded and handed Eve her present.

"It's from your father and I, we thought you should have it." Selene explained. Eve opened the present and saw a gold pendant that had blades come out of the sides when you pressed the button in the middle.

"It was Sonja's...her father killed her for loving a lycan, then Lucian took it the winter he escaped, and when he died, I took it and gave it to your father, and now you, don't lose it."

Eve nodded, "thanks mother, I love it! I'll wear it always."

Just as Eve said that, David had come in the room with Michael and four month old Jazmyn.

"There you are! Should I give you your present now, or at the party tonight?" David asked.

"The princess thinks you should give it to her now, to avoid making her angry!" Eve answered, only half joking.

David sighed, "no, that's okay, i'll give it to you tonight."

"You're so mean, you know that?"

"There's enough time to kill David and tell him how mean he is at the party!" Michael exclaimed, handing four month old Jazmyn to Selene.

Eve sighed.

This is going to be a long day...

A/N: Like it? Hate it? Let me know! Should I continue? What do you think David got Eve that he doesn't want Selene and Michael to see? Will I ever stop writing like this? Lol, i'll post the link to Eve's dress on my profile!