A/N: Here's the last chapter of my Christmas story!

During that morning, Eve had received a lot of Christmas presents, including a scrap book from Ella. The young hybrid walked down the main stair case in a long, flowing black dress, her hair was in a single braid down her back.

"You look beautiful sweetheart." Michael greeted her.

Eve nodded, "thanks papa."

Eve moved to go say something to her mother, only for someone to tap her on her shoulder. Eve turned around to find David.

"Are you going to give me my present NOW?" Eve asked jokingly.

"Maybe...after a dance from this beautiful young lady standing before me." David answered, holding out his hand. If the brunette was human, she would have blushed at Davids gestures. The twelve-year-old took his hand and went out to the dance floor.

"You look great tonight." He complemented her.

"As do you David, you sure clean up nice."

David nodded and looked at the pendant draped around Eve's neck.

"That's a nice pendant, did your parents give it to you?"

"Yes they did...for safe keeping."

The older man nodded and took Eve back up stairs to his own bedroom. (A/N: No, not to do what you're thinking of...you people with dirty minds -_-)

"I wanted to give you your present in private, I didn't think your parents would approve of it." He explained, taking out a small, rectangular box. Eve opened it and saw a pure silver knife...engraved on the handle was an 'E'

"Thank you so much David, I love it!"

"You're welcome, if anyone asks you, you didn't get it from me."

She nodded and looked at him, her blue eyes boring into his brown ones, before she turned away and returned to the main foyer, not before tucking the knife safely under her pillow.

"Eve, it's getting late, you should get to bed." Michael told her, Eve nodded and reluctantly retired for the evening.

This wasn't so bad after all.

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