Justin sat on the edge of the bed, head in his hands. One word kept droning over and over in his mind: how? Maybe if they figured out how, they'd find a way to change him back.

A moment ago, Heath had bolted to the full-length mirror, taken a long, hard look at the woman he'd become, and fallen into a dead faint. He'd been so light when Justin carried him to the bed. Now Justin crawled up beside the supine body and skimmed over it, looking for familiar landmarks as he went. Was this the same skin he'd touched a thousand times? He searched for moles, special freckles, he breathed in his scent. Anything to connect him to this person, make him seem more Heath and less woman.

Heath was a few inches shorter now, his shoulders narrowed, though they still sported tribal tattoos that covered the shoulders like caps. People often teased Heath about having amazing tits, but now they were actually tits. Lush perky globes, the tops dusted with freckles, and tipped with the same full, pink nipples. His delicious hip dents were gone, replaced by a narrow waist that curved gently into wide hips. He still had a round, firm ass,- Justin had seen that as Heath had stood before the mirror - and Justin wondered if he could still feel him from last night... He didn't want to think about what was between those pale, toned thighs now, and covered him with a blanket.

Justin laid beside his boyfriend - girlfriend? - and gazed down at that sweet face. He traced fingers over the diminished brow, noting how his chin was smaller, nose more delicate, but he still had the same cheekbones, the same pink mouth. And his eyes, his eyes were still undeniably Heath. All this along with the long, thick red hair, and Heath made a stunning woman. There was just one problem.

Justin was gay.

He felt no attraction to the body laid beside him, even if it was his lover's.

"Justin?" Heath's eyes fluttered, and a soft groan passed through his lips.

"Hey, baby," Justin said, and stroked a stray hair back, caressing a smooth cheek. Heath leaned into his hand, his brows knit.

"Tell me it was a dream," he murmured.

Justin tried to swallow the lump in his throat and blinked. "I can't."

"Fuck..." Heath moaned, peeking under the blanket. He dropped it at once and covered his face with his hands. "This can't be real. Why? Why me? Whose body is this? How..?"

"It's your body," Justin said. "Same freckles, tattoos, scars. I wonder if you still have your button." He poked Heath's side just under the ribcage where a tickle spot should be. Heath twitched violently and glared at him. It heartened Justin to see both reactions; at least something was normal. Justin put on a lop-sided grin that was meant to be reassuring, but Heath sat up to pull his knees to his chest, wrapping his arms around them.

"I'm scared, Justin," he said. "When will I change back?" He leaned his cheek on one knee, looking up with lips pouted, brown eyes big and shining. Justin supposed most men would melt at that look, but it only made him want his Heath back more. He was usually putty in his boyfriend's hands at that look, but now, as a girl, Heath just looked like a brat whose daddy gave her the wrong color Porsche for her birthday. He didn't even want to think about the question Heath had asked. His redhead needed to be held and loved right now, needed to be told everything would be all right... but who would tell that to Justin?


"Honeys, I'm home!" Dakota walked into the apartment and tossed the keys on the table. No one in the living room. The lesbians were probably fucking or in the shower. Or both. He was about to turn on the game console when Justin bustled out of the bedroom, looking harried.

"You can't just barge in here whenever you want," Justin barked, and Dakota raised an eyebrow at him.

"Since when?" he asked. "We always hang out on Sunday nights."

Justin sighed and ran a hand over his face. "It's just not a good time, okay? Heath's not feeling well."

"He seemed fine last night," Dakota said with a frown. "What's wrong with him?" He and Heath had been roommates their first year in the dorms, before Heath moved in with Justin, and Dakota had always felt protective of the redhead. In truth, he didn't trust a self-absorbed snot like Justin to take care of him. Sure enough, Justin looked uncomfortable and stood there stuttering.

"Well... I don't... um..."

"You don't know what's wrong with him?" That tore it. What if Heath needed a doctor? Dakota stormed to the bedroom and pushed open the door before Justin could stop him. "Heath? Baby, how you feeli-"

Dakota's words died in his mouth when the woman rummaging through the closet squeaked and looked at him. Long, shapely legs shifted under an oversized tee, and she clutched a pair of sweats to her chest as she blinked at Dakota. "Uh... Dakota..." she said in a soft Southern drawl, licking her lips and raking a hand through her long red hair. There was only one person who pronounced his name quite that way, and Dakota peered at the woman's face.

"Heath..? Is that really you? What the fuck happened to you?" He'd recognize his friend anywhere, even when his eyes were telling him he was crazy.

"I don't... I don't know..." Heath said, lip quivering.

"Oh, no. Buddy, come here," Dakota said, and held his arms out. Heath rushed into them, sobbing against his friend's chest. Dakota did what Justin couldn't bring himself to do, just held Heath's new body close and stroked his sunset hair as Heath cried.


"So, what are you gonna do?" Dakota asked after everyone calmed down. The three of them sat around the living room, Heath tucked under Dakota's arm on the couch while Justin looked on uncomfortably from the armchair.

"I don't know," Heath said. "Just... wait to change back, I guess."

"What if you don't?" Dakota said, ignoring Justin's flinch. "You can't hide in your apartment forever."

"Wanna bet?" Heath grumped.

"Yes. I know you, bro. You'll go crazy cooped up in here." Dakota was right, and Heath sighed.

"Maybe it's hereditary," Justin said. "Like, a family curse, or you come from a line of changelings or something?"

"A supernatural family secret?" Dakota asked. "I've wandered into an episode of Buffy."

"Well, it's worth asking your mom about," Justin insisted.

"Yeah, I'll just slip that into conversation," Heath said, rolling his eyes. "Hey Mom, are there any voodoo curses on our family? Is Aunt Jo really Uncle Joe? No reason, just asking. Trying to find an explanation for the pussy I grew last night."

Dakota shrugged. "To be fair, you have been acting like you have a vag for years..." He winced and laughed when Heath punched him in the shoulder.

"Not now, Dakota. Jesus."

"Sorry. Hey, you hit hard for a girl," he said with a smirk, rubbing his shoulder.

"Did you make any wishes?" Justin asked, trying to get the conversation back on track. "That's how this shit always happens in movies."

"I have never wished I was a woman," Heath stated.

"Maybe someone else did," Justin mumbled with a pointed glare at Dakota, who looked very cozy cuddled up to the redhead.

"Hey," Dakota said, an unaccustomed frown crossing his face. "I have never been attracted to Heath like that. I wouldn't be able to get past the fact that it's my bro in there. I mean, I really wanna see what his tits look like, but I haven't asked because that would be the most awkward hard-on ever, and I've had some awkward boners." That joking gleam was back in his eyes, and Justin wanted to punch him in the mouth. Couldn't he take anything seriously?

"Can we not talk about my tits giving you boners right now?" Heath asked, and Justin sighed, scrubbing his hands over his face.

"Maybe you can start the process for a sex change," he suggested.

"And how would we afford that?"

"If you got a sex change operation," Dakota mused, "and then you suddenly changed back, would you have two dicks?"

"He barely used the one he had," Justin muttered.

"Well, fuck me, Justin!" Heath said, his accent thickening as his voice raised. "I'm so sorry you didn't get your shower sex today. Life must fucking suck for you!"

"You could always throw on a strap-on and peg him," Dakota said. A little laughter could usually defuse Heath's temper. "Oh damn, that would be hot... speaking of awkward boners..." He shifted and grabbed his crotch with an exaggerated leer.

"Dakota, get the fuck out," Justin growled.

"Jeez, Justin. I'm only teasing," he said, and turned to Heath. "You turn into a woman and he's the one on the rag."

"That's it." Justin slapped the arms of the chair and stood, stalking to the table and grabbing his keys.

"Wait, where are you going?" Heath asked, panic now rising in his chest.

"Out. I need some air."

"Justin wait... don't leave me!" Heath's plea went unheard over the slam of the door. "Dakota..."

"Shh, Red," he soothed, looking at the door. "Guess I don't blame him for being upset. I'd be pretty annoyed if my girlfriend sprouted a dick overnight. If I had a girlfriend," he added.

"You're too picky," Heath mumbled, finding comfort in the familiar argument.

"It's called having standards."

"It's called having an Xbox."

"Says the man with the brand new box of his own."

The little smile that had started to spread on Heath's lips fell away. "What if I don't change back?" He sounded like a broken record to himself, but the question just wouldn't leave him alone.

"Hey. It's got to be temporary," Dakota said. "Curse or wish or family shape-shifting abilities, those things always go back to the natural order someday, right? Just gotta wait it out. So, why not have a little fun while you got it?"

Heath's brows knitted as he looked up at his friend. "What do you mean, fun?"

"Come on, bro! You got a unique opportunity here. You know how much fun boobs are to play with? Not to mention you can find out what multiple orgasms are like. You can broaden your uptight boyfriend's horizons. Shit, he can dress you up like a Barbie and make you pose for the camera, he likes that shit, right?"

"No," Heath replied with a huff. "He likes to dress himself up and pose. Kinda why he's a model, hello."

"Oh. Well, whatever, my point is have fun with it," he said with a shake of Heath's shoulders. "If you spend the whole time moping you'll regret wasting it when it goes away."

"Maybe..." Heath wasn't so sure. He thought this unique opportunity was thrown away on someone who had no desire to know what being a woman was like. And he didn't think Justin had any interest in broadening his horizons.