Hi ! im Mo ! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have very long red super curly hair. This is why most people never forget who I am. In the entire town of doncaster, I am the only one with red hair. Yes, I live in doncaster. My bestfriend/brothers name is Lou. His girlfriends name is Hope. Hope is like my sister. My parents took Lou under their wing when his parents passed. We were close before this happened but now we're even closer. I am really tall taking after my father. I had a growth spurd in 5th grade and that's why me and lou are such good friends. Everyone made fun of me for being so tall and lou was the one that stepped in and told them to shut it. He was the tallest boy and I was the tallest girl. We would stick up for eachother and now I am 17 and am still a bit tall for my age. I don't mind it though. Short girls are cuties, tall girls are hot. I am considered the funny one among my group of friends. I love surprises and if you can make me smile on a regular basis, you've already stolen my heart ! 3

That's it, read and enjoy !