Characters: Emma and Snow

Emma couldn't look at Aurora she couldn't think she just walked off into the woods. Snow quickly followed her daughter.

"Emma!" Snow called out Emma turned looking at Emma.

"How can she being in like contact with Henry through dreams!" Emma shouted upset.

"I don't know but this happened a long time ago when i fell asleep I would see your father even when we couldn't we communicated by dreams." Snow said

"He's my son she doesn't know him!" Emma said frustrated. She wouldn't cry but what else could she do, She finally had her son back and now she is stuck in the goddamn very tale place.

"Emma relax sweetheart."

"How can I relax Henry could be having these awful dreams and i am not there for him."

"Your father is there for him though Emma."

"But it's my job I am his mother." Emma said upset she sat down on the ground. Snow bent down too look at her daughter.

"You know everything will be okay Emma, We are going to get back there and you will see Henry."

"Yes but i just want it too see him and hold him."

"I know you do." Emma looked up at her mother.

"I am sorry" Snow looked at her daughter a bit confused.


"Because you most likely feel the exact same way as I do."

"Yes and back when we were at the castle and you told me that it would have been better that we were together while curse I agree."

"I guess that is something we will always have in common." Emma said.

"What would that be?"

"We both gave our children up for the better and they found there way back to us." Emma said giving a small smile. Snow pulled her daughter into a hug.

"It will be okay Emma, I love you" Snow said

"I know I love you too mom" Emma said it was the first time she said it and she knew it wasn't going to be the last it felt good and it felt right. Now she just had to get back the rest of her family.

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