The air was getting cooler and the wind started picking up as the golden yellow, orange, and red leaves floated to the ground in the strong gusts of air that came with Mid-November. Soul pulled the hood of his sweatshirt up over his head to block out the wind. His favorite time of year was that time in the Post-Halloween autumn/winter period of confusion between the two seasons. The coolness against his face was always refreshing, and usually he loved to be outside on days like this. However, the blasts of air were giving him windburn. He hunched over in an effort to block some of the nippy wind from his poor defenseless ears.

Soul was currently walking through Death City Park. It was the only place in Death City that seemed a bit livelier than all the other spots in town (if you know what I mean). It was his favorite route to take home because few people came that way. He liked to be alone.

Today, though, he was not. Soul glanced over at Maka. She was smiling happily as she spun around in the crisp, cool air. He couldn't believe it had been five whole years, and they had just completed first semester of their senior year at DWMA. She had grown up. Not to mention, she had filled out a lot. He could barely call her Tiny Tits anymore. He shook the thought out of his head. Maka noticed he was watching her and beamed; her cheeks and nose a rosy pink. He couldn't help but smile back. It was a calm, sweet and genuine smile that hardly anyone but Maka ever got to see, and even for her it was a rare sight.

"What's gotten you in such a great mood, short stack?" He asked her teasingly.

"I just love the weather today. It's marvelous. It's my favorite time of year," Maka said as she closed her eyes and grinned, looking up at the sky. Soul nodded as he caught himself staring at her full lips and her exposed cream colored neck. He shook his head at the thought, not mentioning that he had been sharing her same opinion on the weather just a moment ago.

He turned to his right and looked at where the tree line met the sky by the woods. The sky was morphing from its grey blue to hues of purple, pink, and orange as the sun began to set. It would be getting colder after dark, and it would be totally uncool if either of them caught a cold on the first day of winter break.

"Yo, Maka?" he asked as she turned to him with her eyebrows raised.

"Yes, Soul?"

"Do you want to take a short cut to the apartment? We could stop by the café on the corner and I'll buy you your favorite holiday drink: Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino," he stated with a grin, knowing she would not be able to resist his offer.

She gave him a sly grin, "You drive a hard bargain, Soul. Fine, I'll go with you. It's getting late anyways."

He offered her his arm which she gladly accepted as the two good friends marched across the street to the small café. The person whom ran it was a sweet, middle-aged woman named Marie. She was a well-known DeathScythe. She had been working as a partner to Stein, and, lately, the two had been seen together on dates and such. They were polar opposites, but Soul just thought that must balance them out. Marie always knew how to make someone feel better and was a great listener. She also knew how to make the yummiest coffee and sweet drinks to warm your heart and nose on a cold night. She glanced up and smiled brightly as the pair of her favorite customers waltzed in.

"Soul, Maka. It's nice to see you again. How are you?" Marie asked in her usual sweet voice.

"We're great, Marie. What about you?" Maka chimed in as she and Soul sat down at their usual table and Marie brought their drinks. You could say they came here often.

"I'm fine," she replied with a sigh, "I just wish it was as easy for Stein and I as it is for you two. You have to be the cutest couple ever aside from Kidd and Crona."

Maka and Soul both felt their cheeks getting a bit warm as Soul cleared his throat, "Um…we aren't…"

It was now Marie's turn to blush, "Oh, sorry, I just thought… Seeing you on his arm…"

Marie glanced back and forth from Maka and Soul. Maka caught Marie's eye, and Soul thought he saw Maka give her a slight shake of her head to say 'no', but he couldn't be sure. Suddenly, Maka became interested in her cappuccino and how dark it was getting.

"Oh, no," she said hurriedly as she glanced at Soul and grabbed her bag, "It's my turn to make dinner tonight, and I really need to get started. Is pasta okay tonight, Soul?" she asked him, still kind of flustered.

Soul just nodded as he smirked and thanked Marie as he paid for the drinks, and he and Maka started on the walk home with cappuccinos in hand.

"Well, that was awkward," Soul said, attempting conversation.

"Yeah, it was," Maka agreed.

"I mean, us? Impossible!" he stated jokingly, trying to lighten the mood.

"Yeah…" Maka scoffed, then she added quietly, "Impossible…"

Soul didn't know for sure, but he had the idea that he had just made things worse. Not cool, Soul, he thought to himself, not cool at all.

As they reached the apartment, Maka let them in and immediately began working on the spaghetti. While she waited for the water to begin boiling and the sauce to simmer with the cooked meat, she sat at the table and read.

Soul stood by the table uncomfortably. He hesitated for a moment before he said, "Maka… I didn't mean it like that, I—"

Maka held up her hand, "Soul, stop. I get it. You don't think of me that way. You think of me as a close friend and nothing more. Don't worry, that is ay-okay with me. I don't need you to lie or sugar-coat it. Really, it is no problem."

Maka looked up and smiled, but Soul could tell it was fake.

"Whatever," he said as he slumped off towards his room. Soul was fuming. How would she know how he felt about her? Sure, it was true, but she didn't have to be acting so hurt about it. Why was she acting hurt? She didn't act like she liked him like that, so there would be no reason for her to get all defensive about it? Gosh, she was infuriating. Maka yelled at him all the time, and she definitely didn't have any romantic thoughts about him. That much was obvious. As he thought the words in his mind he knew he was right. Right?

Soul shook his head to stop thinking about it and calm down. He stripped of his shirt and jeans and grabbed his towel to head for the bathroom.

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