Ed Edd 'n' Eddy : Meet the Eds

"Hey Ed pass the screw-driver" Eddy said holding out his hand obviously oblivious with everything around him.

"ED PASS THE DARN SCREWDRIVER" he yelled not realizing the 3 moving truck 9 feet away from them.

"Eddy look I think we have new neighbors" Double D said pointing to the moving trucks with a girl coming out from each of them.

All three girls got in a group and talked while going into a house

"Girls, we'll I think I agree to these new neighbors" Eddy said raising an eyebrow while having a flirtatious grin on.

"Eddy I really don't think we should bother them their probably busy" Double D said tugging on Eddy's collar.

"Yea Eddy…plus girls have cooties" Ed said shivering at the thought.

"Ed girls don't have-" Double D got cut off by Eddy grabbing their shirts and tugging them to the house the three girls went into.

Eddy pressed the door bell non-stop until a girl with red-ish brown short hair, purple loose top, shorts, and boots opened the door.

"What do you three want" she asked smirking while glaring at Eddy who was just shaking.

"Who's at the door" another girl asked walking over to the door but she was the same height was her.

She had brown long hair blue shirt with a huge monster on it black leggings and black shoes.

"Some boys who won't answer my question" she replied looking at the three boys still as statues.

Just after a girl with long black hair, as tall as Double D, cream colored beanie hat, loose dark purple shirt, loose jeans, and black and pink shoes.

"For lord-sakes I think they want us to come outside and hang-out with them" she said staring at us with a lollipop in her mouth.

"If you could that would be great" Double D finally said breaking the silence between the boys.

Just after the girls put on their shoes and walked out walking with the boys back to their "Construction site".

"So you guys building something over here" The girl with red hair asked watching Eddy grab a screwdriver and put a board together.

"Yeah, we're building a huge thing" Ed said making Eddy and Double D facepalm and the three girls laugh.

"and what would that "huge thing" be" The girl with the red hair asked trying really hard not to laugh.

"Alexus" the girl with black hair shouted out making the two girls laugh.

I think the boys got the idea because all their faces when red.

"Ignore her annoyance she's just a dirty mouth" the girl with black hair replied smirking at the boys' reaction.

"We're trying to build a lemonade stand; but Ed and Sockhead won't stop messing with the tools and help me" Eddy said making Ed and Double D glare at him.

"Really because it looks like to me your just trying to show out in front of us" the girl with black hair commented making Double D look at her.

"Sorry for asking all of a sudden but what is your name" Double D asked pointing at her making her look shocked at him with all of his politeness.

"We'll uhh…my name is Tiffany, the girl with brown hair is Kimberly, and as you know the dirty mouth is Alexus" she looked at Double D then Alexus and Kimberly.

"I like those name's they remind me of Chaos of destruction" Ed commented making the girls laugh.

"I love that movie" Kimberly shouted making the girls laugh.

"We'll anyway your guys names are Sockhead, Ed and…Eddy I'm guessing" Tiffany said making Double D stare at her.

"Sorry for my out of nowhere comment but my name is Eddward, Sock head is just a rude saying that Eddy calls me but you may call me Double D" he said making his name point out every time making Tiffany feel a-bit offended.

"Sorry but the cap on your head threw me off" she said lowly making it sound like she was upset.

"But if you need our help with the Lemonade stand we can help" she jumped up smiling watching Eddy glare at her then Ed and Double D.

"No you three will just throw us back" Eddy said looking at the girls giving him a mean glare.

"Okay Mister loud mouth we'll leave so you can finish your lemonade trash" Alexus said giving him the glare and walked off with Kimberly and Tiffany.

"Eddy do you realized what you've just done" Double D shouted at Eddy making him jump.

"Yeah, I just got rid of our new problem; Ed pass me that thing right there" Eddy said pointing at a wrench.

"No Eddy you just got rid out our new neighbors; we have to greet them not be-friend them" he shouted making Eddy glare at him.

"Who said we have to Sockhead; there just annoying girls" Eddy said seeing the girls across the street bringing out a table, paper, a jar, and a sign.

"What are they doing" Double D asked watching Ed already fly off to the girls table.

"Hey lumpy get back over here" Eddy yelled but stopped after seeing the girls sign.

"Art Drawings for 25 Cents"

"Art drawings who the heck would buy that" Eddy shouted watching Jimmy, Sarah, and Jonny walk over there and seeing Ed come back with a paper.

"Guys look I bought a cool monster drawing" Ed said showing a mirror image of a Cyclops sketch.

"Ed do you know which of them drew this" Double D asked holding the paper examining it carefully.

"I bet they traced it" Eddy yelled yanking the paper from them.

"No they didn't I watched the girl with black hair draw it" Ed said pointing at Tiffany drawing away on the table giving the picture to Jimmy.

Just after Sarah dropped 2 quarters in the jar and went 2 feet away from the stand.

"Sarah look at the picture she drew me" Jimmy said jumping around happily with the picture in his hand.

"It looks great Jimmy she sure has some talent" Sarah said leaning forward to the picture while giving the Eds a ras-berry.

"Whoa plank look she just drew you on a fence" Jonny said putting the picture close to his face.

After hearing all those comments Eddy threw the wrench on the ground and stomped over to the girls grabbing a work in progress drawing that Tiffany was drawing.

"Eddy put that paper down this instant it's not nice to snatch from girls" Double D shouted at Eddy making Tiffany jump out of her chair.

"I don't see how great these drawings are there a piece of junk" Eddy said crumbling the paper making Alexus and Kimberly run up to him but Lexi grabbed him by the collar.

"Don't EVER insult Tiffany's drawings ; she works hard as crap to make them" Lexi growled at Eddy holding him in the air like she was about to punch him.

"I can't even tell what the crap they are" Eddy shouted making the whole neighbor hood watch the Eds pick a fight with the new girls.

Just then Tiffany got up slapping Alexus's arm making Eddy fall.

"Tiffany, why did you slap me he just insulted you" Alexus looked at Tiffany which was deflected by the insult.

"So he can call it crap all he wants; I drew that from feeling and if he didn't like it then he has no love for art like I do" Tiffany looking at Alexus then a frighten Eddy on the ground gripping the grass.

Tiffany held out a hand giving Eddy a help up.

"It also doesn't mean you should grab him like that; it gives them less friendship for us" she said with a serious tone.

While watching Ed and Double D we're dumbfounded at what just happened but mostly Eddy and Double D.

Just after that everyone clapped except for the Eds and the girls.

"I say we should make friends with them not hate them; what do you guys think" Tiffany turned around holding out a hand in front of Double D.

"I like your treaty of Friendship; we accept" Double D said shaking her hand and smiling.

"Great now how about we call it a day and we can help you guys tomorrow" Kimberly said cheering and jumping up with excitement.

"Let's go guys I'm tired let's go" Ed whined making the girls laugh again.

"Do you girls always laugh when Ed says something" Eddy shouted making the girls stop laughing and automatically start smirking.

"Not our fault it's just cute to me" Kimberly shrugged making The Eds and Tiffany and Alexus stare at her.

"Uhhh…I think it's time to go don't you think girls" Alexus said looking at Kimberly then Tiffany.

"See you guys later after school" Tiffany said waving grabbing the table and the jar while giving each of the boy 50 cents.

"Don't tell Alexi that I gave you those she'd kill me" Tiffany whispered to them walking away with the stuff and putting it in the garage.

"We'll… looks like we made new friends" Double D said smiling at Eddy and Ed.

"Not only that…we've got cash baby" Eddy yelled making it echo through the Cul-de-sac.

We'll how did it go?

This is just a re-due of my old "Meet the Eds" story…

Just to tell you now things are going to be a bit interesting in the next chapter…or it could just be a one-shot.

Unless you guys think I should keep going? :P