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When I Was Two
I Poured Super Glue Into My Fathers Hair
As He Sat Unaware In His Arm Chair
Much To His Dismay
Had To Cut It All Away
Oh, But It Felt Great

As the morning news babbled on about stolen kittens and the possible thunder storms, a 2-year-old boy with black hair and a deviant look in his eyes, snuck up behind his father who sat watching the boring program in his chair, unaware of his oncoming fate. In the boy's hand, was a bottle of super glue, which he had stolen from the store down the street. His parents never did pay much attention to him, so he was able to do that without being caught, just as he was able to do this. The boy, known as Johnny, silently opened the bottle and poured it all over his father's hair. He then ran away quickly to his room and hid the empty bottle under his bed. Johnny sat on his bed awaiting his father's reaction. Then, suddenly…


Said boy burst out laughing and buried his face in his pillow so his father wouldn't hear.
After a while, Johnny came out of his room and looked across the hall to see his mother cutting his father's hair off. He almost laughed himself to tears at the sight. His father turned around, startling his mother, and yelled some very unpleasant things at his son. That only made the soon-to-be homicidal maniac laugh even harder.

Yes it's short, but I promise, if you review, you'll get a very deviant new chapter in return. Go look up "Such Horrible Things" by creature feature if you don't believe me. After all, that's what the story's based on.