A large white alicorn,Princess celestia,the princess of the country equestria, decided to go to her room, and call it a night.
Before she got into bed she put a finished scroll she wrighting into a chest for later. She got into bed,pulled up her covers and went to sleep.
"Pu ekaw...pu ekaw...PU EKAW!" A loud voice screamed in princess celestia's head. She Woke up in cold sweat, looking for the owner of the voice.
Nothing, just darkness. She wiped her hooves on her face to get rid of the sweat. She removed her hoves from her eyes, staring in fear as she looked at what was on her hooves.
"I'm sweating BLOOD!" She stated in fear. "What's happening?!" She got up and went to her bathroom and looked in the mirror.
Still...She stood as still as stone as she saw the figure standing in the mirror. It seemed to be her, but the skin on one side of her face was missing, and a evil smile was hound that seemed to be softly laughing.
And one more thing, the eyes were not normal persay but empty, almost bright white if you would say. She rubbed her eyes. And in the mirror was...her self. She sighed in relife, "Maybe I should go to bed more early."
She decided, going back to bed. She got in the bed and tried to go to sleep, but when she tried that being of her self kept poping in her mind, along with a...a...well she could'nt say.
This creature had the same whit eyes only different, he was a biped about 4 feet tall, the only hair he had was on his head, his face emotionless, his skin white, his clothing was also odd. His top piece was a bright cyan and half tucked in to his bottom piece,
and his bottom piece was a darker blue that went all the way down his back legs down what looked like gray odd pads on his hooves, or what ever he calls them, a light blue pick in hand. His shape also concerned Celestia. He looked like he was made of blocks.
The being raised his pick at her, eyes staring into her, it felt like he was staring deep into her imortal soul. He through his pick at her leaving a gash on her head. And, as she screamed in pain, lightning flashed, and he was gone.
Her eyes suddenly flashed open in shock. Sitting up in her bed. "That was terrifying dream." She said. She went to her athroom to take a shower before her breakfast.
The water spewing out of the shower head. She stood under the water. "Gahhhh!" She screamed as she the warm water hit her head. Traces of blood in the water as it was going down the drain. She got out and looked in the mirror in fear as she saw the large gash on her head right a bove the eye brow.
She could'nt breath...She quickly dried off and ran out of the bathroom. Before she had time she could open the door to her chambers she noticed something under her sheets. She removed her covers and looked at what was under covers in fear.
A light blue pick with blood on one of the edges. " no no no no." She whispered as she ran out her room fear in her eyes.

"Steve...Steve...wake up Steve." NurseRedheart said shaking him to get up. "Guhhhh. OK, ok I'm up." He said in a tired tone.
"Steve you can leave now, oh and Twilight is in the lobby waiting on you." The white nurse said.
Steve was walking down the hall with NurseRedheart. "Now be careful on that wing untill it fully heals. that should take about a week." The nurse said.
"Ok I will." Steve said as they enterd the lobby. 'Hello tme you woke up." She said with sarcasm in her voice.
"Well let's go I wanted to show you around poyville come on." She said as she walked out. A few hours later they ran into PinkiePie. Hey Steve did you remeber the party I was going to throw you the party I was going to you throw you huh do you!" She yelled.
"Yyyyyyeeeees?" Steve said tookin back by Pinkie. "OH That's awsome it's already started let's go!" Pinkie then ran down the street and into sugar cube corner.
"Well come on Steve let's go." Twilight said as she walked down the street. "Does she always act like that?" Steve asked.
"Most of the time, yes." Twilight answered back as they entered. "Steve You know Rainbowdash right!" Pinkie asked.
"I belive I do." Steve answered. "Well good because here are four of my other friends! Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity and Spike. He's a baby dragon." "Well howdy nice to see ya!" Applejack said in a sort of western accent, she was orange with a blonde mane with cowboy hat, along with three apples as what Steve learned to be cutie marks.
"Um..hi." Fluttershy a butter yellow pegauses said. She had a long light pink mane with three odd creatures that looked like odd smallpink bats as her cutie mark.
"Well hello darling happy to meet you." Rarity said. She had a white coat and her mane was purple and made up like she was going some where fancy and had three diamonds as here cutie mark.
"Hello to you all as well. I'm Steve." Steve said. "Well let's party!" Pinkie sid putting a recored on a machine and played it.
Steve walked up to Spike. Hello Spike nice to meet you." Steve said. "Hey man. Did you know you fell out of the sky?" Spike asked. "I what?" Steve said. "Well yea. Me and Twilight were walking down the road when rou fell. So we took you to the Hospitle"
"Wait so i fell 3 thousand feet and survived." Steve asked. "Well yea I suppose. Why?" Spike asked Before Steve could answer Rarity walked over to him and asked him about his cutie mark. "Steve. Might I ask you about your cutie mark?" She asked.
" well it means adventure and and mining." Steve said not really knowing if that what it really means. "Adventure and mining? Do you have any stories?" Rarity asked. "Uhhh." Steve tried to think. "Yea Steve do you?" Rainbowdashed chimed in.
" i think I can tell you the story on how I found my first diamond." "WOW realy. Hold on. HEY GIRLS!" Rainbow yelled.
Pinkie stoped the music, and the four mares and spike fixed there eyes on Rainbowdash. "Steve is going to tell us how he found his first diamond while mining.
All the mares gathered around Steve and sat down. "Well. Ok So I was in a cave, deep in the cave walking on the cobblestone bridge I made. Lava was under me making it hot as hell in there.
As I walked deeper in the cave, pick in one...hoof," Steve thought them might not know what hands are.",Torch in the other. The cave ended at a large under ground ravine. And at the botom, right across the lava lake. Diamonds! I mined my way down and started to place stone as a bridge. As I got closer I noticed that there not one, but NINE diamonds in one vain. I quickly mined them and rushed back aross the bridge ,up the ravine, and out the cave..." Steve went on with stories untill it was time to leave.
Everyone said by to Steve and started heading home. "Oh wait Twilight!" Steve yelled. "Yes." She asked "Do you know a good place to stay is tonight" Steve said.
"Wait you don't have a place to stay?" Twilight asked in disbelife. Steve shook his head. "Well how about staying with me?"
"Rally? Are you sure?" Steve asked. "No it's ok. It's ok." Twilight insisted. "Well, ok." Steve answered back. And began to go to Twilight's.