"Stop being such a baby," Charlotte tells her husband, holding the door open so he can hop inside.

"It hurts," Cooper whines as he collapses on the couch. "I told you running was a bad idea."

"No," Charlotte corrects, sitting down next to Cooper. "You told me I was getting too fat to run."

"That is not at all what I said. I said that you're twenty-one weeks with triplets. That's past the time that a lot of women are on bed rest. It might be time to start slowing down a little."

"We talked to Addison about this, Coop. And I promised you that I would slow down when Addison tells me that I need to. But for right now, these babies know that their momma will go crazy if she has to lie in bed all day. Isn't that right?" Charlotte places her hand on the top her her belly.

Cooper relents. Charlotte's been good about taking a break when she needs it, cutting back at work, getting a full night's sleep. He doesn't need to give her a hard time. Cooper leans his head on Charlotte's shoulder and she wraps her arm around him. "My ankle really does hurt," he tells his wife.

Charlotte rolls her eyes. Cooper had insisted on running with her to make sure that she and the babies were ok. As usually, Charlotte is caught between finding the overprotective behavior annoying and sweet. "Want me to get you some ice?"

"Nah," Cooper says, snuggling in deeper against Charlotte's chest.

Charlotte feels one of the babies moving, and her heart flutters. Each time they move, each time she sees them on the ultrasound monitor, each time her husband kisses her belly goodnight (though she's expressly forbidden him from doing so), Charlotte feels herself falling more and more in love with these babies. She can't help herself. Charlotte grabs Cooper's hand and presses it against the side of her stomach where the baby is kicking. Cooper concentrates hard for a minute, and Charlotte watches the smile overtake his face as he feels the movement.

"Hi baby girl," Cooper whispers against Charlotte's belly. Charlotte winds her hand in her husband's hair. He's going to be such a good dad to these kids.

"We're going to have to come up with names soon. Baby girl one and baby girl two are going to start getting confused." Charlotte rubs her other hand over the spot where her other baby girl is busy growing, and then moves to rest her hand over where her son is.

Cooper sits back up and looks at his wife. "Should I go get the book?" he asks.

Charlotte shakes her head. "You rest your ankle. We still have plenty of time." Charlotte is hanging onto these babies as long as she possibly can. She doesn't want to entertain the idea of anything besides delivering healthy babies who can leave the hospital with her the next day.

"Can you believe that we're moving in a week?" Cooper asks. They've made so many memories in this apartment. Sure there had been fights, and before that there had been hookers and one night stands here, but ultimately what Cooper will always remember about this place is that it is where he fell in love with Charlotte, where they built a life together, where he watched her become a mother to their son, where Cooper knocked Charlotte up with their triplets.

"I'm just hoping that by that time I won't be too pregnant to christen every room properly," Charlotte says, swiping her tongue over her lip suggestively.

Cooper grins at his wife. "I have faith in our creativity," he assures Charlotte, before reaching over and kissing her.

"We should probably start giving this place a proper send off," Charlotte says, eyes twinkling.

"You read my mind," Cooper replies, pressing his mouth to his wife's again. The couch is as good a place as any to start the goodbye tour.