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-Break Line-

No one moved for quite some time.

For young Hiccup and Val, they were confused, didn't their father have a dad already. Grandfather Victor and Grandmother Liza but who was this guy?

Draco let go a heavy sigh.


Within a few seconds a black dragon came in front of the group. At first Toothless wanted to lick his human family and his own children but when he got a sniff of an odd familiar scent. He turned his head around and immediately went to his defensive side. He knew that smell anywhere…the smell of Berk or jerk when he thought of it.

Before Toothless could attack them Draco shouted "DON'T"

"Hiccup…these are the people who hurt you in the past, why are you-"

Toothless was cut off by Draco rare glares when his eyes change just like a Night Fury.

"I'm not defending them…just take the children back to the castle and bring Jack here" explained Draco.

Toothless didn't want to leave his human hatchling alone with these people but Draco never did explain to his hatchlings about his past yet either.

"Fine but if they hurt you I will kill them immediately"

"That's fine by me…now go" replied Draco as he set his children onto Toothless' back.

Young Hiccup was pouting "Dad, aren't you coming?"

Draco shook his head "Have to deal with these people first then I will be home"

Val looked back at the strange new people and noticed they had shocked faces and their mouths were open.

There was a female with blond hair and what looked like blue eyes. She was wearing a weird shirt, shoulder blades, a red skirt with little spikes on them and brown boots. On her back was an axe.

Then there was the male that was running towards them. He had dark brown hair and what looked like light colored eyes but she couldn't tell. He was wearing weird clothing; his vest was fur like, and the shirt looked hot to wear along with tight pants and small boots.

Lastly the biggest male she has ever seen in her life. He had red and a bit of grey hair and a beard but again couldn't tell what his eye color was…blue maybe. He was wearing a fur cape, shoulder blades, a green shirt that was fainting and an umm…can you call it a skirt or what and he was wearing small boots as well.

One thing is for sure, they don't live here. None of the villagers wear helmets…helmets…of course.

"You guys are those barbarian Vikings that mom talks about" Val said as she was pointing to them.

Draco flinched just a bit then looked at the face he remembers when he was back at Berk.

"Go Toothless"

With that the black dragon along with his children flew off to the castle.

Draco sighed '…oh thor, why Val…why did you have to say that?'

Before he could say anything, Snotlout launch forward at him like he used to when he was at Berk. Draco knows what's coming.

He side dodges the punch and then kicked him at his back side. Before Snotlout could get up, Draco had his sword pointing at him by the face, inches away from his nose.

"If I was you, I would stay where you are…this blade can cut though anything even rock" warned Draco.

Snotlout nodded slowly and in fear. Never in his life could his pointless cousin have such a demanding voiced.

Draco turned his head a bit while still pointing his sword at Snotlout towards Stoick.

"Explain why you are here, Chief Stoick before I press charges against this man" Draco said angrily.

Stoick was stunned but he phased it out "We were just getting supplies to return home safely"

Draco narrowed his eyes "That at least takes more than an hour's worth so why are you still here" demanded Draco.

Stoick gulped slowly "I-It's umm-"

Before Stoick had a chance, two females and two males were surrounding them with…dragons as well. Also the same black dragon returned.

"You highness, what's going on?"

"General McKnight, arrest this man for attacking me" stated Draco still pointing his sword at Snotlout.

Jack narrowed his eyes to the known Viking "How dare you fool? Do you know what the charges are for that Viking?"

Snotlout only could shake his head a little bit.

Jack smirked slowly "…Death"

Stoick, Astrid and Snotlout could only widen their eyes.

"Y-You can't, you have no proof if Snotlout attacked him, he could be lying" shouted Astrid as she was trying to get Snotlout off the hook.

Jack narrowed his eyes at the girl. He knows who these people are. The past of his younger brother still haunts him and remembers how all the Vikings in Berk look like when Draco explained to them how they dress.

"The King is the law here in Scotland and he never lies about these kinds of things…anyway why he would have his sword out at the man anyway?" pointed Jack.

Astrid didn't know what to say to that.

"…OH COME ON let's just take him to prison and be done with it, I'm getting hungry" snapped Olette.

"Oh alright" agreed Jack as he nodded to Scot but before they could, the female ran toward them as she was about to swing her axe at them.

Scot sighed and with his hand motion, let out a gust of wind toward her direction and fell to the ground. Olette went to her and grabbed her and immediately put chains at her waists. The same was for Snotlout.

Stoick stood there with shock once again.

Draco motioned them to send the Vikings to the prison cell, and then he turned to Stoick.

"You'll get them back tomorrow morning and leave immediately, understood Chief Stoick" explained Draco.

Stoick nodded his head slowly but when he noticed that he was about to leave. He quickly got hold of his hand.

"Please I need to know…" Stoick took the small note out of his pocket to Draco.

Draco widened his eyes "y-you kept that…why?"

Stoick didn't know what to say but the truth was the best.

"I-It reminds me how a failure as a father I was to you…I made a promise to Val that I would take care of you no matter what happened but I never did…please is it possible that we could…"

Draco narrowed his eyes to which he once called father.

"I don't know Stoick if we can…the pain I had to go through was enough to hurt me but my own father giving me the same pain and suffering just because I was not a true Viking…it took me at least 2 to 3 years to let go of the neglect the tribe did to me but it took at least 5 years for your part to fade away"

Stoick didn't know what to say. All the years of trying to find his son and to tell him how he regrets what he did were now harder than he had thought.

Draco sighed and withdrew his hand from Stoick's.

"You can go to the hotel that's near the prison, there you can rest and wait until tomorrow so you can all leave…Rose would you mind taking Chief Stoick to the hotel?" explained and asked to his elite.

"Sure thing, your highness…come mister Viking sir this way" said Rose.

-Break Line-

Few minutes earlier…

Anna was pacing back and forth. When she saw her children without her husband…something was wrong. She asked her children what happened.

Hiccup and Val took turns telling what happened. When they were done, she told Roxanna to take the children to their rooms so they can eat their dinner there.

When her children went with Roxanna, Anna stormed to the elites meeting room but she didn't have to go that far. She met Jack walking towards her with everyone behind him.

"I see that Toothless went to you" stated Anna.

Jack nodded "He did Anna now if you excuse me; my little brother is with other barbarian Vikings that hurt him"

Anna nodded her head and stepped aside "…Go, make them pay Jack"

Jack and the others smirked.

"Oh well, your majesty"

-Break Line-

Olette and Jack threw the Vikings into a holding cell.

"Let us out, you have no idea what error you've done to lock me!" shouted Snotlout angrily.

Astrid just looked down to the ground.

Suddenly there was a fire shot coming out of nowhere. When Astrid looked up, she noticed that the female had her hand out and there was smoke coming out of it.

She glared at them "…next time I will not give a warning shot"

Astrid didn't know what to say but she knows what she just did. It was rumored that some people round the island that magic was coming back again.

"Y-You can use m-magic" stuttered Astrid.

Olette smirked at the Viking "Oh but of course dear but you are in no situation to argue with me Viking"

Astrid knew when there was a threat, she needed to be quiet but Snotlout didn't get it as always.

"Like I'm scared of some weak magic thing now let me out before I hurt you with my face" snapped Snotlout.

Olette smirked and looked at her husband "Jack dear, I think you need to show these Vikings how weak we are?"

Jack smirked at his wife's idea "But of course dear…"

Before Snotlout could do anything, Jack grabbed his vest and suddenly the general's arm was sparking out of control.

Snotlout was screaming as the sparks were going to him. It only lasted for a few seconds then it stopped. Snotlout was panting and couldn't move at all.

"W-What did you do?" stuttered Snotlout.

Jack gave them a evil smile "Oh just my weak magic that's all, now excuse us we need to head out and meet the King to see if you can be released tomorrow morning, have a blessed night here"

Both Astrid and Snotlout were yelling as the gate cell was closing and left them in the dark.

-Break Line-

Young Hiccup was pouting as he stared outside from his balcony with his food next to him.

Something was wrong and he can feel it but no one is telling him anything.

Hiccup was snapped out in his thoughts when his twin sister came out.

"Hey, you ok, bro" wondered Val.

Hiccup shook his head "No…there is something going on here and no one is telling us nothing sis and I don't like that"

Val sighed "Me too but what can we do?"

Before he could answer, their door opened to reveal both their parents. Hiccup noticed that his father was tense for some reason and his mother had her mad look.

"Mommy, Daddy what's going on? Who are those people? Why did they think Daddy was Hiccup even though that's my brother's name?" Val asked without breathing.

Anna held her hands "Easy Val and don't worry we will tell you…but we never thought we had to tell you this early though"

Hiccup and Val looked at each other.

Their father went to their beds and sat down and signaled them to sit down with him.

Hiccup was on their mother's lap and Val was on their father's.

Their father let out a big sigh "What I'm going to tell you two is something…I wanted to forget for so long but it never did…I was planning to tell you children when you guys were a bit older but now I need to…"

The twins could tell there was going to be a story but not a good one.

"I didn't live here at first, I was never a true Ryder…I was born in a small island called Berk and I was the chief's son, Stoick the Vast and my mother, Valhallarama Haddock…my name back then was Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the third…my tribe were…Vikings"

Both twins widened their eyes.

-Break Line-

Stoick was looking out of his window from the hotel. He let out a heavy sigh.

"…I found him but…"

Stoick was lost in words. He didn't think his son would ever forgive him for his neglect he gave him throughout the years.

He wanted to at least let Hiccup back into his life again. He saw his grandchildren and they looked wonderful. Both had Hiccup's structure when he was small and had the green eyes he saw in his son and wife.

He looked up to see the castle where his son lives at.

He missed so much of Hiccup's life already.

His wedding, the birth of his grandchildren and the day when he became King of Scotland, Val was right, Hiccup would have been great.

He let out a heavy sigh and went inside but when he was about to lie down, the door was banging loudly.

Stoick was about to open it when a man with brown reddish and a bit of grey hair that was held up and solid blue fury eyes stormed in.

"Why are you here, you bloody barbarian Viking" snapped the man.

Stoick didn't like to be yelled at even when it is with a stranger no less.

"I mean no harm you idiot…I just want to talk to my missing son" replied Stoick.

The man glared at him "…you have no son you bastard, you lost him those 12 years ago heck I bet it was longer then that"

"Don't you dare sound like you know my son you bloody imbecile"

"Oh but I can…I was the one who made the child what he is today and of course my wife"

Stoick was looking at him with disbelief; this man was the one who took in Hiccup in his time of need when it should've been him. He is Hiccup's real father not him.

"I don't need you to tell me what I should be doing, I'm going to see my son in the morning" stated Stoick.

The man laughed "Good luck with that Viking…this place only knows that Draco is a Ryder not a Haddock"

"D-Draco…you changed his name?"

"But of course but he didn't want to let go of the name his mother gave him so my wife and I decided his name will be Draco Hiccup Ryder" explained the man.

Stoick knows that Val named Hiccup because of the two other leaders in Berk who had that name and he too liked it after a few minutes of thinking how great his son will be as a Chief in Berk.

"Don't you think that I didn't love his name that Val gave him…how dare you change his name, you have no right-"

Stoick was cut off by a sword that was in front of him and noticed the man was giving him the most eerie glare.


Stoick gulped at him but he couldn't deny what he was saying. Did he really disown his own son of his own mind all those years ago?

-Break Line-

After an hour of telling his children of his past both of them were crying on top of him. Anna was sitting at his right side helping to hold the children and him.

"Come on you guys, it's all in the past now" said Draco calmly.

"B-But d-daddy…he w-was your daddy and he-he didn't h-help you" Val said as she cried over his shoulder.

Young Hiccup was just holding his father closely with tears in his eyes.

He thought back all the times when his father was busy but still had enough time to be with him so why didn't their real grandfather have the same bond?

'When I see him again, I am giving him a piece of my mind' thought Hiccup angrily.

Val was upset by her real grandfather's action.

'Why grandpa…why were you mean to your own son, why?' thought Val sadly. Then she thought of an idea but it was crazy…but she needs to know.

'I have to talk to him…I need to know why he did that'

-Break Line-

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