Edited Chapter 1

AUTHOR NOTE: So guys before I began to rewrite once again this chapter! But before I want to tell you why I did it again.

First: My bad English!

Second: I Think I been improving more my English and I think is something that I need to share :) Third: I was back once again reading this story I saw so much things that does not make any sense so I will try in the future to fix does bad writing of this story. fourth: For you to understand better and to like more my story.

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I respect all the cast of the Suit Life, I just feel liked to change the names to their real ones in this Story. By that I mean; Zack Martin in this story is called Dylan Sprouse. Cody Martin- Cole Sprouse. London Tipton- Brenda Song. Bailey Pickett Debby Ryan. Maddie Fitzpatrick -Ashley Tisdale.

What is this story about: Brenda song the one who arrived to New York to see her friends Dylan and Cole Sprouse. But she just didn't arrive to New York to see her friends; She arrived too to find a boyfriend. She was dreaming to have a real boyfriend and she was so desperate, that she fell in love with a bad guy who acts like a good man. Mean while Dylan is truly in love with Brenda but he is too scared to tell her. This is a love story, of a girl realizing what is the real love. Mean while in this story will be too Debby Ryan and Ashley Tisdale with obviously Cole Sprouse. Living in two different apartment in the same building! In this story you will read funny parts, tense parts, romantic parts, hurt/comfort/fun/passion/Tears/ Jail/ anger/ weakness/ fire / sickness/ everything that as to be on a New Life in New York and a supernatural Love . Hope you enjoy and sorry for the bad plot :) Please review thanks. How much Love can you hold on? You don't have to answer till the end of the story xD


All began at the airport...

Dylan and Cole were waiting for Brenda to show up. "Men I'm so exited to see Brenda!" Dylan said very happy. "Me too" Cole said "We haven't seen our friend since two years, I mean how can't we be exited"

"And now we are man's" Cole finish saying proudly with himself. "Obviously we have 22 years now and it feels great! I want to see her face when she see the difference that I made with my body" Dylan said with a smile to his brother and Cole chuckle and said "I'm also happy to see Debby again. But shamelessly it will be not today" He said with a disappointed face.

"Aww, My baby brother miss a girl! This is so cute" Dylan said annoying his brother by pinching is checks. Cole chuckle and made his brother stop by pointing the fact that he also miss a girl. "Hey, don't judge me you miss Brenda!"

"Yeah, because she is my long time best friend, how can't I miss her? and you know she is my lover"

"Yeah you are right. But don't be too exited you haven't told her and she still isn't your lover buddy" Cole said and Dylan chuckle. After waiting for a couple of minutes in silence they saw finally Brenda walking over to them with bags in her hands.

"There is Brenda!" Dylan cried out pointing to where Brenda is. Brenda finally reach them "Hey guys!" She said happily to see them again. She put the bags on the floor to hug them but Cole was the first one to reach Brenda's hug. "I missed you" Cole said and Dylan took his brother by his arm and pull him away to hug Brenda. Brenda chuckle but hug Dylan back "I missed you so much Brenda" He said and Brenda pull away and said "I missed you guys too"

"We missed you" Cole said with a serious voice. They all look at each other with a smile, then Dylan clap one time his hands and said "Well, let's go to the apartment shall we?"

"Okay" Brenda said and Dylan offer to take the bags for Brenda "Let me take that for you"

"That's generous of you Dylan, thanks" She said with a little surprised expression "Well, what can I said 'We are man's now'" He said with smirk and she chuckle about that fact "I can see that already"

In the apartment Cole open the door of the apartment and they enter; Dylan put the bags on the floor of the living room and close the door. "So this is it, you like it?" Dylan asked with a smile. "Yeah, wow and Cole you live here too?"

"Yeah, but I will move out" Cole said and Brenda look at him confused and he finish saying "I mean I will move out but in this same edifice but in another floor"

"Oh, okay good" She smile to him. "We are in the number 15 and I will move two floors up" Cole finally finish saying and Dylan comment "But, this is where you are going to stay" he wink an eye to her and she chuckle and hit him on the arm "Oww" she smile and he smile back to her.

Dylan once again took the bags and move them to Dylan's room. While he was going back to where are Cole and Brenda. Cole asked Brenda "So, How long you will stay in New York?"

"For now like 2 months..." She said. "Great more fun for us" Dylan said while he put an arm around Brenda's shoulder. Then she keep saying "Debby will come in 4 days and Ashley in one month, I miss her so much! I will be happy to see my Best friend forever again"

"I will be happy to see her again too" Cole agreed with Brenda. "I miss her too, But hey you say that we are... We are supposedly your best friend forever, What happen to that?" Dylan said with his arms across his chest. "What I'm saying is that Ashley is my girl best friend forever and you guys are my boys best friend forever. Now you understand jealous Dylan?"

"Now, yes" Dylan just said. "What time is it?" Cole asked and Dylan answer "6:15pm why?"

"Just to... what? I can't know the time?" Cole asked. Dylan chuckle "Come with me Brenda so you can see our room" Brenda walk with Dylan over the bedroom and look at the bed "So, this is where the 3 of us will sleep?" She asked. Dylan just nod a 'yes' and she said "We're not going to fit there, I mean we are three. Do you have a sofa bed for me?"

"Yes in the living room there is one" Cole said "Okay then I will go there" she said. "Cole come here for a second" Dylan said but he didn't wait to his brother respond so he took him by the arm and push take him to the bedroom. "What ae you doing?" Cole asked confused. "Hello! is our guest and best friend and you are going to let her sleep in the couch for two months"

"Well, not necessarily I mean I move in like 3 days..." Cole said "And anyway what's wrong with that she was the one who decided"

"Just let her sleep on the bed with me. You sleep on the couch as you move in 3 days" Dylan explain. "Oh...Okay" Cole just said and they walk out the room back to where is Brenda. Brenda was on the couch when Dylan and Cole show up with the new "Brenda, we change the plans" Cole began Brenda got his attention to him and he speak out "You are going to sleep with Dylan in the bed and I will sleep on the couch"

"Like a pajama party! Like old days" Dylan nervous laugh. Brenda look at them confused and she asked "Okay...But what happen with the couch?"

"Dylan..." Cole was about to say it but Dylan cut him off saying "Cole, wanted to sleep on the couch that's all" Brenda chuckle and said "Ok, then" and she stand up from the couch.

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Dylan Sprouse = Zack Martin

Cole Sprouse = Cody Martin

Brenda Song = London Tipton

Debby Ryan = Bailey Pickett

Ashley Tisdale = Maddie Fitzpatrick