Chapter 58 Ellen Show / Rumurs / Part 1

In the show

Ellen call the guests that is Dylan and Brenda.

Ellen:and here it come Dylan and Brenda...

Dylan came to were is Ellen and Hug her, But they still waithing for Brenda to show up!

Brenda POV ( brenda is in Backstage )

Ho come on Brenda breathe is all goig to be okay... i hope... well People are calling by my Name now... so i think i going in!

Come on brenda you can!

Nobody's POV

brenda got to were is dylan and Ellen and the people was clapping at her. and she hug Ellen. And then look at Dylan standing just in front of her looking at her.

Dylan finally see her and he did not know what to do at that moment, hug her ot just give her the hand ?

Brenda just smile at dylan and Give him the hand. All audience "awww" and then she remove her hand off of the dylan's .

Ellen look at them and said "well Dylan, Brenda now that your here... you can Please sit down, the chairs are very comfortable" the audience laugh.

They sit down But then Ellen Look at her and Said

Ellen: well i see you change your a blonde

Brenda:oh Yeah i change i little my hair ( said a little nervious )

Dylan POV

When i see Brenda i could not belive that was her for a moment beacause she was blonde but It looks Great ( he smirk at that thought)

Back to the show

Ellen: so People were saying some new rumurs about you guys, and i am going to tell you guys the rumurs and you guys are going to said to me if the rumurs or half of the rumurs are thrut or false, okay?

( they said okay )

Brenda POV

I hate this parts!

Back to the show Nobody's POV

Ellen:did you guys are boyfriend and girlfriend? you First Dylan...

Dylan:No Ellen we are not i still her Friend...

Ellen:what you said about that Brenda? ( said looking at her )

Brenda:No infact i have a Boyfriend and his name is Peter brenda is a Friend nothing more!

Ellen: and what about this Pictures?...( said Pointing to the screem )

the audience said " ohooowww"

and Dylan and Brenda Look each other and then Brenda Put a angry look to Ellen and ...

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