Chapter 8: Bubble Baths and Breakfast

They could hear the heavy, clomping steps of the Cybermen echoing through the ship as they made their way down to check the power. They ran and ducked in and out of corridors until they all finally made it safely through. "Ok, that should give us a few minutes to formulate a plan on how to deal with the rest of this mess," River breathed as they all stopped outside the hatch. "What do you think Doctor?'

"Alright, if I can get to the central control, I can reroute the sensors to a manual overdrive. Do that and I've got complete control over all of 'em," he said catching his breath. "I'm coming with you," Macy said, squeezing his hand.

"Alright then," he replied smiling at her. "River you see your men off safely, and meet us at the TARDIS, we shouldn't be long," he said tossing her the key and her walkie.

"Call if you need me, otherwise you know where to find me," she winked causing the Doctor to blush. They parted ways and the Doctor and Macy found their way about the ship until they found the central controls. "Ok so just a few wire rearrangements and we should be on our way!" The Doctor rubbed his hands together and set to work.

"What are you going to have them do since you will be controlling them Doctor?" Macy asked curiously as she kept an eye out for any Cybermen and watched him work.

"Nothing too crazy. Just have them destroy all the suits and then shut themselves down permanently." He gave her a smile as he finished up his work.


Once everything was set Macy and the Doctor rushed back to the TARDIS, River was already inside. "Hello sweetie, I think we all did very well today," she said as she walked up and kissed the Doctor. Macy understood why the Doctor had done what he did but that didn't make it hurt any less. She politely excused herself and hurried to her room; she felt now was the time for a good cry to let it all out. She understood, but she still felt horribly betrayed.

The Doctor barely had the chance to tell Macy goodnight before she was out of sight. "I'm afraid I've done something rather terrible..." He set the controls for the vortex and glanced up at River who was following him with her eyes.

"I figured something was upsetting you, but I knew you would talk to me about it eventually, you always do," River replied as she walked up and hugged him from behind, leaning her head on his back.

"Well wife, dear, it seems as though I've led my new companion on a bit." He turned to face her. "She wasn't happy at all when I told her who you were although she wasn't nearly as bad when I explained that-" he caught himself, "never mind, spoilers."

"Oh more spoilers! Haven't heard that in a while, that's exciting," she said hugging him tight. "Darling, it may hurt her, and it may take a while for her to be ok, girls are complex creatures... but I can tell she really does care about you so she will be ok, for your sake, and as for you leading her on, shame on you," she winked devilishly. She knew the Doctor could be a flirt, but she knew it would never be anything serious with anyone but her and that was all that mattered.

"Sorry honey" He smiled at her, but his eyes were sad. This was going to be one of the last times he ever saw his lovely River Song and he wanted to make it last as long as possible. "You know River, darling, I think the Singing Towers can wait a few days don't you? Why don't you go take a bath and get comfortable," he flirted, "I'll be there soon."

River smiled brightly and winked at him. "Alright my love, I'll be waiting," she whispered as she leaned up to kiss him one last time before sauntering up the stairs and into the washroom.

Once River was gone, he walked down the corridor that led to Macy's room. He knocked softly on the door. "Macy? Macy, you alright?" He swayed from side to side, his hand on his hips.

"I'm fine," she sniffed. He could hear her voice crack, and he could tell that she was crying.

"Macy...can I- can I come in?" He knew she wasn't fine and he needed to see her. River would understand if he was a bit late.

She was silent for a moment but finally said yes. She tried as best she could to wipe off her face before he opened the door.

He cracked the door open and stepped inside. "Hey. You uh, you hurried off pretty quick after we got back." He stuffed his hands into his pockets.

"Just because I understand the reasons you did the things you did doesn't mean I want to stand and watch you two kissing all evening," she replied not looking at him.

His jawed tensed and thought it best not to move closer. "I uhhmm I- Macy..I'm- I'm sorry." He reached his hand out to touch her shoulder, but pulled it back.

She looked over at him with sadness in her eyes but still smiled at him and she sat up, wiping her tear stained face again, "Doctor, its ok, you can come over here. I won't bite. I'm not mad at you anymore. I'm a bit hurt still but I will get through it. I still care very much about you and I understand." she said as she patted the bed next to her and scooted over.

He sheepishly walked over and sat down next to her. "I understand that you need time Macy and I'm ready to give you all the time in the universe." He took her hand in his. "And not to pour salt in the wound, but River's going to be here for a few days...once she's gone though, I-I-I need you to be strong for me because it's going to be rough..really rough.."

Macy looked sadly at the Doctor, "Its coming sooner than you thought isn't it?" she asked, worried for him.

He looked down, "Yes...She's going next week, relatively speaking that is."

She squeezed the Doctor's hand. "Don't worry. I will do anything you need me to." she replied. It didn't matter that he had lied to her, this man had saved her life in so many ways... she would still do anything for him.

"Thank you," he whispered. "I better be going now..."

"Go spend time with your wife silly man," Macy said as she leaned over and kissed his forehead, not romantically, but as a sweet gesture.

He smiled at her. "See you tomorrow." He got up and walked to the door. "Sleep well," he said before closing the door behind him.

Macy laid back and a few more tears rolling down her cheeks but she was exhausted and she fell into a much deserved, deep sleep. River on the other hand was waiting patiently in the bath, covered in and surrounded by bubbles. She was perfectly content and relaxed.


The Doctor knocked on the bathroom door and walked in. "Sorry honey, traffic was hell," he winked at her and sat on the floor next to the tub.

River smirked at him, "It's alright my love, I figured you would go make sure Macy was ok before you came in. You always have to make sure everyone else is ok before you worry about yourself. It's just one of the many things I love about you."

"Oh really?" He leaned up and kissed her. "What are the other things?" he asked with a smirk.

"They would take forever to list my love," she replied as she touched his cheek, "Why don't you lay down? You look exhausted darling. I'll dry off and be out in a few minutes."

He clutched onto the side of the tub and pulled himself up. "Only cause you asked so nicely." He kissed the top of her head and then walked out of the room. He hung his jacket on a hanger and toed off his shoes before jumping onto the bed.

A few minutes later River walked out of the bathroom in a short, silky nighty, her hair still frazzled from the bath, "Now can I get a witty comment?" she asked as she laid down and winked at him.

"Yowzah.." he trailed off, his eyes racking over her body.

She smiled and took the Doctor in her arms and kissed him passionately. "Are you alright my love? You look so much sadder than normal," she commented as she broke the kiss.

He tucked a stray curl behind her ear. "Yeah..just miss you is all. Been much too long darling." He made a mental note to hide his emotions better over the next few days.

"Then don't be sad now my love, be happy that I'm here," she smiled as she laid her head on his chest and started drifting to sleep as she held him

The next morning, the Doctor woke up before River. He laid on his side and watched her sleep, taking in every inch and detail of her. Why couldn't they just stay like this...why did she have to go to the library? Time could be rewritten after all! 'No,' he thought to himself, 'She told me not to...better make the best of it then eh ol' boy?' He placed a soft kiss of River's cheek.

Her eyes fluttered open, "Good morning my love," she said sleepily as she reached out to hold him.

He nuzzled against her. "Good morning dearest. Sleep well?"

"I always do with you by my side," she smiled as she kissed him tenderly.

He kissed her back. "You always looks so lovely in the morning...must be the bedhead...come to think of it, I think I just like you with bedhead." He winked coyly and kissed her again.

"With this mess of curls bedhead is my specialty," she laughed. She kissed him passionately, pulling him as close to her as she could. God she had missed him so much.

He could feel River's nails clutching his shirt tightly. He raised an eyebrow at his wife and broke away from the kiss. "This early in the day? River you naughty thing you."

"Have you ever really known me to be good?" she asked as she winked at him.

"Touché," he kissed her again quickly.

On the other side of the TARDIS Macy had just gotten up to start her day as well. She got dressed and walked out ready to face a new day. "Hello?" she said looking around as she got to the console. With no one in sight she decided that the Doctor and River must still be in bed so she would go ahead to the kitchen and make breakfast for everyone, and hopefully they would be up by the time she got done cooking.

The Doctor stood at the mirror fixing tying his bow tie. "Oh let me sweetie," River said walking out of the bathroom wearing tight pants and a very form flattering shirt. She tied his bow tie with ease and gave him a kiss.

"Thank you," he smiled. As he opened the door to their bedroom he sniffed, "Do I smell bacon?"

She followed him and sniffed the air for herself. "That I do my love. Shall we go see what's going on in the kitchen?" She grabbed his hand and towed him down the hall way. "That was brilliant by the way- you were brilliant, always are. I think every day should like that. Don't you?" the Doctor said.

River blushed, "You are the only man on the face of the planet that can make me blush," she laughed as they walked into the kitchen. Macy stood at the counter just finishing up buttering all the toast. She didn't hear them as she had headphones in and she jumped almost dropping the plate of toast as she turned around and saw them standing there.

"Good morning Macy! Did you do all this? Course you did all this since River and I were uhm occupied and you're the only other one here.." he rambled. River placed a hand on the Doctor's mouth. "What the Doctor is trying to say is thank you Macy. This was very sweet of you."

"You're very welcome," she replied smiling, "Yesterday was so crazy, and I figured we could all have a nice breakfast and just relax today." She saw the way the Doctor was looking at River and she knew that look. There was no way they were still just sleeping. Now she was quite happy she had decided to grab the headphones.

"That sounds wonderful actually," replied River as she sat down at the table. "Need any help?" the Doctor asked Macy. He saw everything was already on the table, but thought he should ask anyway.

"No its fine," she replied, putting on her best smile. This was going to be a good day for her even if it killed her. "So River, she asked, "What can you tell me about our Doctor here that you think I need to know, that he wouldn't tell me himself?" As she asked this she could see the blush rising in the Doctor's cheeks.

"Oh ho ho, I like her, Doctor. I like her very much." River sat back in the chair and took a sip of tea. "There are SO many things I could tell you darling, but I don't the Doctor would like me to divulge too many details." River gave her husband a wink causing him to blush a bit deeper. "Has he told you about his companions yet?"

"Well," she replied, "I know their names... that's really about it."

"And I'm sure only the names of his recent ones at that. Doctor, shame on you for not telling your new companion about your previous companions. Macy ought to know what she's got herself into after all." The Doctor played with the eggs that were on his plate.

"I just figured there was a reason he wasn't telling me..." Macy said "I figured I would learn in time." She liked River, even if she was insanely jealous of her.

"Oh well rule number one Macy, the Doctor lies. Be assertive, tell him what you want. Don't let him run all over you." River took another sip of tea. "'re awfully got your tongue sweetie?" The Doctor winced slightly. "You just had to say cats didn't you? You know I hate cats..," he mumbled before taking a bite of toast.

"How on earth could you hate cats?" Macy asked in mock astonishment, "They are adorable!"

"I was terrorized and almost killed by one in a nun's Wendell once! Takes all the joy out of it after that!" the Doctor replied. River smirked to herself, "What was that, your 10th regeneration? You think you'd have gotten over that by now love."

"There are some things you never get over," he replied as he took a sip of tea, "You learn from them and know what not to do next time. If another one of those beasts comes at me, I'll be ready."

"You're mad you know that?" Macy shook her head and laughed. "Oh you get used to it," River interjected, "Now go on Doctor, tell her about your recent companions."

The Doctor looked at River for a moment, she knew it was hard for him to talk about them, but she was right. Macy should know. He told her about Rose, the valiant child, the bad wolf... he told her about Martha and her bravery, and how she walked the earth. How Donna had helped him save the world so many times and how wonderful she was. He told her lastly about Amy and Rory...River's parents, the girl who waited and the last centurion. Hey sat there for hours talking about the adventures they had and the wonderful people they all were, how brave they had all been.

"Wow...Doctor I had no idea all of your companions were so...amazing." Macy sat there awestruck, "I'm not amazing at all..." River looked at the girl and sighed, "Macy I know you feel that way, but trust me. You'll find yourself among those names, don't you worry."

"I hope so; I would hate for the next companion to be listening to his amazing stories and then it would come out... I also had Macy, she was alright too I suppose." She laughed a bit as she spoke. She looked from the Doctor to River and realized everyone's plates were empty so she stood up and cleared the table, taking the dishes to the sink.

River quickly got up and took the plates from Macy. "You cooked all of this. The least I could do is clean up." She smiled at the girl before nodding towards the Doctor, "You'll need to be helping too sweetie."

The Doctor smiled and got up and started drying the dishes as River washed them. Macy got another rag and started wiping the counters. Macy liked River better than she had the day before, but every cute little thing they did felt like someone was poking her heart with a stick.

When they had finished cleaning up, River walked up and hugged the Doctor from behind. "So what shall we do today hmmm?" "Oh well I've got a bit of maintenance to do, but then after that I've got absolutely nothing planned!" the Doctor replied. "Macy, is there anything you wanted to do today?" he asked.

"Not really, I'm just along for the ride today," she smiled. Truthfully she saw herself spending quite a bit of time in her room away from the two of them, but she would try to spend as much time as possible with them before she couldn't take it anymore.

"Have you been to the library yet? It's one of my favorite places here," River asked walking towards the girl. "Much more fun than engine work if you ask me." River shot a look at the Doctor and grinned cheekily.

"No but I'd be glad to see it," Macy said smiling. "That's fine, you girls go off and leave the old man to his work," the Doctor said jokingly.

"See you later sweetie," River kissed his cheek quickly before looping her arm through Macy's and leading her towards the library.