It was late in the evening when there was an emergency Captian's meeting; the captians of the Seireitei lined the room of squad 1 awaiting the details.

Head captian Yamamoto sighed and gazed an aged glance over the assembled captians. His voice steady and strong, he spoke of the urgency, "There has been an alarming increase of hollows entering the soul society as of late but not as much as this. They have simultanously attacked several districts within the last ten minutes in enormous numbers, now I have called you here to group your best men and stop those hollows by any means necessary,"

The other captians listened intensely as the head captian assigned which district; Soi Fon assigned to a rural district, Zaraki the fields, Kyoraku in the more crowded districts, and so forth.

Yamamoto set his eyes on Komamura. The loyal wolf-man anxiously awaiting his assignment. "Komamura," the head captian acknowledged,"You will take your men towards the mountians; if there is need to use your bankai, that would be the ideal place,". Komamura said nothing, he only nodded.

Yamamoto banged his cane onto the floor then announced, "I call this meeting to an end. Now go, don't disappoint me,". Everyone shunpoed off to their assignments.

(in the mountians)

The wolf captian, along with his lieutenant and several other soul reapers walked along the valley adjacent from the base of the mountians. The area was quiet- not even the wind dared to make a sound. "This is a little eerie," one of the subordinates murmured, "Ignore that fear, it's most likely to get you killed," their captian warned.

The air around then suddenly became colder and the moon hid behind the clouds, casting shadows down on the advancing group. Then a pair of glowing red eyes materialized and, as the clouds moved away, the moon revealed a large hollow. It had very slender white legs, a huge thick tail that had a mouth of its own, it body was well built but not heavy, and a slender head that bore three pairs of fangs. The hollow hissed in annoyance of its unwelcomed guests.

Some of the subordinate soul reapers backed away but quickly regained their composures. "What do you want, reapers?" the creature hissed, its voice sounding otherworldly. Komamura noticed the scent of blood laced around the hollow. "Does it matter? You're a hollow causing trouble for us, thats more than enough to kill you for!" Iba spat. "Oh?" the hollow questioned, "Well then let me give you more of a reason then,"

The hollow's tail swelled grotesquely as its veins popped and twitched, the mouth on it's tail seeping out a foul smelling green liquid. The mouth shot open rolling out lower class hollows. These newly made hollows screeched and yelled as if in horrible pain. "If you're wondering," the hollow spoke," I am a special kind of hollow; the souls I eat I can immediately expell as hollows that I can controll. The stronger the person the stronger hollow I can give birth to,"

The new hollows stood ready to attack. Throughout the conversation the captian did not utter a word. The main hollow let out a bloodcurdling screech and its subordinates took action. Komamura unsheathed his sword and easily decapitated the first one to attack. One of the others leapt on top of Iba, he struggled with the hollow, "Bakudo no.63," he shouted, "Sajo Sabaku". Glowing yellow chains sprung from nowhere and bound the hollow. Iba got up and stabbed the hollow.

The others were not as lucky in their battles; when one of the hollows was defeated, two or three came along to attack the victorious reaper. The main hollow continued to produce more hollows to make up for the ones that were killed.

Finding this futile Komamura advanced on the main hollow. "Bakudo no.61 Rikujokoro," he roared. Six thin beams of light appeared and attempted to restrain it, however the hollow was faster than the bakudo skill. The hollow stopped making more hollows and ran towards the mountians, Komamura following close behind.

They climbed higher and higher during the fight, suddenly the hollow stopped running upward and moved east. Komamura was close enough to it to sever the hollows tail. It cried in pain and ran faster- down below a large number of the hollows disappeared, giving the soul reapers the advantage and lightening the burden of the fight.

The hollow on the mountian turned swiftly and bit Komamura's left shoulder. It hit him with such force to push him down and both begun to slide (or roll) down the slope. They struggled to maintain the offensive until they skidded to a stop on a cliff. The wolf captian kicked off the creature. The hollow jumped back and clawed his chest and hooked itself onto the captian to continue the assault and to keep him from reaching his sword.

Komamura was finally able to grab his sword and jab the hollow through the neck. Spurting blood the hollow took out one final attack- slaming the wolf's head onto the edge of the cliff causing it to break and slide the rest of the way down, crashing only a few seconds later.

At the base of the mountian, miles away from the original battle point, the hollow and the captian were both unconscious and dripping blood. The hollow moved slightly before taking one last breath, collasping, and disintegrating into the night. Nearby there were a few little eyes to witness the terrible fall.

(Sometime later)

Komamura awoke in a poorly kept room. He blinked, trying to remember how he got here but to no avail. He heard the door moving, he pretended to still be asleep. There was a little shuffling then he felt his haori and kimono top being removed. He peeked to find a little girl with dark skin, long white hair, beautiful purple eyes, and long elf ears- elf ears?

'What in the world?' he thought as she tended to his wounds. He made sure not to move until she was finished. The girl began to move away from him when he decided to get up. Taking a good look at her he saw the child's eyes go wide. She scooted back as far as she could from him and whimpered a little.

"Wait, don't be afraid. I know I look frieghtening but I assure you I'm not," he cooed. When he took a step towards her she pressed herself closer to the wall. "It doesn't matter to her if you're a wolf. SHe's scared 'cause you're an adult," another voice responded.

Komamura turned to find an older girl with short blonde hair leaned on the door frame. "Becuse I'm an adult?" he repeated, the girl nodded, "Her and most of them," she pointed behind her where a few more children stood behind her wearing the same scared expression as the elf child. The girl sighed, "Well its no use explaining when no one has had any breakfast yet. You," she pointed to the elf girl," Go ahead and get started on breakfast, please,". The girl clumisly skidded away.

"You too wolf," the blonde girl added.

The 'breakfast' was a small portion of rice and a piece of egg. Even Sajin Komamura had a hard time calling this a meal. The children did their best to avoid being around the giant- even going as far as eating in corners. He siged and ate his meal, "Sad, huh?" the girl said, as if speaking the man's thoughts.

"How-", the girl held up her hand, "They died a few months ago- all of them," she informed, " They all were in an orphanage where they were abused daily,". The captian let out a soft gasp, the girl nodded, "And the one who was tending to your wounds- her name's Niata Shinonome, she's one of the worst cases of abuse,". "How so?" Komamura asked.

"You didn't notice?" she asked, setting down her plate," Look closely at her. Did you notice that she has no feet?". Stunned he turned to Niata and true enough she had no feet. There were scars from her ankles up and calluses on the bottom," She can't speak either; the people that ran the orphanage cut out her tounge".

He placed a hand on the worn table in front of him, "Explain exactly what happened to them. All of them," he demanded but sounded like a plea of curiousity. "Can't. They haven't even told me the whole story so what I've told you is all I know," she admitted. She collected the plates, "You know that you could leave at any time, right? We're not holding you hostage of anything," the girl pointed. Captian Komamura chuckled, " I know, but I think I'll stay for a little while longer,"

The children went off to different areas of the district. Komamura was more interested in Niata who headed towards the mountian. "Where are you going?" he asked her, she stepped up her pace but he kept next to her, "What are you looking for?" and of course the girl gave no answer. They were up a ways from the house and Niata was searching for something. She turned over a slightly large rock and dug underneath it, finding what she was looking for she brushed it off and held it up to the sky.

"Oh, its a piece of opal," Komamura murmured, Niata nodded and continued on. He helped her move the larger objects and search for some gems. It was near sunset when they returned. Niata ran to her room- it was even more rundown than the others. She moved a floor board and pulled out a box. Upon opening it Komamura could see she kept many gemstones inside; he saw her take out a few stones they had just found.

Looking back at the wolf captian, Niata rummaged through her box, ran to the captian, and handed him something. She gave a little smile then ran inside with the remaining gems in her possession. Komamura opened his hand and saw a ruby stone in the rough shape of a heart. "Thanks Nini," a voice praised, "We can buy some food with the money from these,". The captian took this as his time to leave.


"Captian Komamura!" Lieutenant Iba shouted as he approached his boss. "Where have you been? We had a search party out all last night and couldn't find you,". Komamura apologized and asked to be informed of everything that had happened during his absence. "Well," Iba sighed, "Thats about it, oh and there will be a report that you'll need to write on the mission. "Fine, fine," the giant responded.

(Two weeks later)

Two captians, Komamura and Hitsugaya were on patrol in the 78th district. The two didn't converse much that day, while waiting for their subordinates they waited by a dango stand just as a small gang passed by.

"...and turns out one of those little brats found gemstones up the mountian in district 73," one of them sneered, his friend laughung, " Heh yeah. Knowing the Mokouto gang, they won't leave survivors!". They laughed amongst one another until the wolf captian tapped ont of them on the shoulder. Another one of the men shouted, "Who the hell do you think-" he immediately turned pale when he realized the near 10 ft. wolf man towering above him.

"Excuse me but what do you mean by 'brats by the mountian'?" he asked simply, but his voice sounded otherwise. "T-t-t-t-here was a r-rumor about these little kids sellin' jewels to jewlery makers and makin' big money. S-so this g-g-g-gang went down to make them give them the rocks a-a-a-a-a-and..". Komamura had already shunpoed away.


"Okay you little brat, I'll ask you one more time- WHERE ARE THE ROCKS!?" a battle scarred man shouted. He had Niata by the hair shouting at her. In the rest of the house rested the bodies of all the other children- dead because Niata couldn't tell them what they wanted.

Niata screamed, he man hit her and continued to do so until she quieted. When he tried to grab her by the neck, she bit the man's hand until blood was drawn. "Ah, you little bitch!" he yelled, taking out a small knife and attacking the child.

Outside he heard his men screaming and punched being landed. The door to the broken house was torn from the hinges- an angry Komamura stood in its wake. He scanned the scene, becoming more enraged to the point of wildly unleashing his reiatsu and scaring most of the men away. The one that still held Niata, however was not that cowardly.

"Oh the captian is a bleeding heart for the orphans?" he mocked holding the knife near the girl's back. Captian Komamura became hesitant, the robber saw and slowly pressed the knife tip into her back. Ice began to form around the walls and enclosed around the robber, freezing his joints and making him drop the knife.

Hitsugaya held his zanpaku-to Hyorinmaru and steadly entered the now freezing domicile, "So this is why you left in such a hurry, Captian Komamura," he informed, " You could of said something instead of foolishly going off on your own,"

Ignoring the younger captian, he walked over to the elf child, she looked up at him showing a large gash vertically across her left eye. "Is she the only one left alive?" Hitsugaya asked in almost a whisper. "It seems so," Komamura replied coldly. The child was barely awake, she hugged the gentle giant and sobbed.


Inside squad four's hospital, Niata had her wounds treated but had to stay overnight due to malnutrition. Her hero in fur stayed by her side as they examined her eye. The nurse informed the captian that the child's vision couldn't be saved. "Since she has no next of kin," the nurse continued, "She will be sent to an orphanage run in the upper part of the soul society," Niata couldn't help but cringe when the nurse spoke of where she would go.

"What if I go ahead and adopt her?" Komamura asked suprising both the nurse and the patient. "I-if thats what you want, I can send for the paperwork," she advised. Komamura turned to Niata, "Are you fine with that decision?". Niata started tearing up and nodded.


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