Ch 2

It had only been two months since he took her in and, because this was something out of the ordinary for the 7th squad captian to do, the other captians became quite curious of the littl elf girl. At first she was terrified of meeting the other captians (she is still scared of Zaraki and Kurosuchi) but eventually warmed up to them.

Captian Komamura sat in his office finishing up some paperwork, he heard his office door open and close softly. He put his pen down and sighed; ever since adopting the girl she almost never left his side. Two little eyes peeked over his massive desk watching him closely.

He was still saddened by the child's blind and scarred left eye, Niata didn't seem to mind her eye much. "Yes Niata, is there something wrong?" he asked, the little girl just shrugged. The wolf captian's keen nose could pick up the faint smell of candy on her, he chuckled, "So you were near Ukitake's squad agin?" her curly white hair bobbed up and down vigorously with a smile.

She sat in a chair next to his desk holding a thick journal and a small notepad. She plucked a spare pen from the captian's desk and began writing in her journal. Much of the time she sat there and paperwork was the only thing going in and out.

"Hi Doggy!" a voice bubbled. Out of nowhere Yachiru appeared happy and as hyper as ever. Komamura shook his head at the child's nickname for him, but he knew who she was here for. "Snowy!" she squealed running to Niata, "Come on let's play," the pink haired girl picked her up and ran out of his office laughing.

It was once again quiet in the captian's office.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x

Yachiru led Niata to the Kuchiki mansion where the Shinigami Women's Association awaited. "Good afternoon Lady President," Nemu greeted. The pink haired child beamed in triumph, "Okay so now we're gonna try the card idea again," she announced.

The members faces faulted, " If you remember the last time we tried that, President, we had multiple injuries and less than ideal results for the cards," Nanao pointed out. However their small leader didn't lose confidence, " But this time we're super prepared! And to whoever can make the best photo can hug Snowy for five minutes!"

Suddenly Matsumoto let out a squeal, "I'll do it, I've always wanted to dress this little cutie up!". "If it's you, Rangiku then I seriously fear for her saftey," Nanao retorted. The busty lieutennant pouted, "You doubt me too much,"

Yachiru looked over at Soi Fon, "Well there's also that nude pic I got of the Kitty lady. Hey why do she bathe in a stream?". Soi Fon snapped around to the waiting cameras, snatched one and dashed out of the room dragging Nemu along with her.

Captian Unohana stayed unnoticed for much of the conversation. She sighed, "I guess it wouldn't hurt to go take pictures," another member got up to protest. "It wouldn't hurt to go take pictures," she repeated. "...Yes ma'am," they relpied.

The room was empty except for the little elf and an old camera. The head of the house swung open the door to the room begrudgingly, suprised to see only one person. There was a long akward silence between the two. "How did you get here?" Byakuya asked.

"Yachiru" Niata scribbled on her notepad and showed the captian. "And the others?" he continued, "Off taking pictures" she wrote. He noticed she was also holding a camera, "You too?" the tired Kuchiki sighed. Niata looked down at the camera and shrugged, "I dunno how to use one," she wrote.

"Well its not all that hard," he said. He showed the slightly clueless girl how to use it and let her test it by taking his picture. She eventually left still looking the camera over.


Matsumoto was being fairly lazy "Cute or not I'm not gonna risk my skin for some cheap little pictures," she whined. She was walking up to the nearest bar just as Captians Ukitake and Kyoraku entered. "Hmmm" she said to her self with a devious smile.

Soi Fon and Nemu decided to try and get a picture of Kurosuchi. They headed to the Department of Research and Development and quietly entered its forboding halls. The two searched for the Captian with no success.

"Damnit where is he?" Soi Fon whispered angerly. "My my," a raspy inquisitive voice called, " Another body fit for my experiments,". Captian Kurosuchi loomed over them in a dark and daring manner.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

Niata returned to squad 7 still holding the camera. "Hm? Oh hey there Niata," Iba smiled, "The Captian's been looking everywhere for you. He's in his office,". She nodded and walked into the office. Sajin Komamura was slumped aganst his desk asleep.

She took the camera and adjusted it like Captian Kuchiki showed her and took a picture. The fuzzy captian's ear twitched upon hearing the whir of the camera. Drearily he sat up and smiled at the little girl. "Did you have fun with Yachiru?" he asked. She thought for a moment then shook her head.

He sighed, "Well come along. Its time for dinner,". She was just about to go when she remembered she still had the camera. She quickly scribbled out "Hold on. I gotta return this to the Women's Association" she dashed out.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx

"Just like before, these are horrible shots," Nanao lectured, " And where is Captian Soi Fon and Nemu? We've just squandered the last of our funds again!". She threw up the pictures in fustration. Yachiru didn't care; she was too busy enjoying a huge load of sweets.

"Snowy!" she squealed, " OOOH, you had a camera too? Hey hey can we print out the ones you got? Can we? Pleeeease?". Niata gave her the camera and left to enjoy time with her father.