If you're gonna ask why I end my things on odd numbers, don't. I'm like the joker and am not all there when it comes to rules anyhoo here's the final chapter for this and I'll be making a sequel to it soon. For now I need to update another fic of mine. Happy reading!

Niata ran as fast as she could to squad 6, bumping into people as she ran and offering a quick apology. Upon reaching the barracks tip toed- tip nubbed?- inside, the girl looked over a corner only to be smacked in the back of the head. "Owwww!" Niata cried, "I got here didn't I, Captain?".

"Barely," her orange-haired captain gruffed, "Damn it you need to be more focused on the tasks you have to finish," he looked at her knowingly, "Whatever," he sighed, "Go find Renji and get ready to spar with the others,".

Niata bowed deeply, "Yes sir Captain Kurosaki," and left. Her captain yelled after her, "I've told you before to just call me Ichigo! Enough will that formality crap!". Before she was out of sight, Niata added, "Well you knew what you were in for when you became captain of this squad, married Rukia, and became head of the Kuchiki family, didn't you?".

Ichigo groaned,"Don't remind me,". He followed behind her towards the training grounds where Renji and most of the squadron waited. "Captian," Renji greeted bowing, Ichigo just waved it off, "Well now that everyone's here," he began making Niata shrink in place," We will begin. Today we'll practice trusting your comrades in aiding you in combat. Trust is important in any situation in and outside of fighting- lose the trust of those around you then you could very well lose your life. Captain Mayuri has made artificial hollows for us to practice with so of course they'll be espada level or higher. Everyone split into groups of three and work together to defeat the hollow and use any means necessary to defeat them without injuring the people around you. If you fail to defeat them, I'll handle it and probably havve you work something a little less dangerous,"

As he finished Captain Kurosuchi appeared with Nemu who was towing a enormous metal box. Banging and yelling could be heard which unnerved most of the soul reapers. "Lost your focus already?" Kurosuchi sneered at them, "Hey don't make fun of my squad, Mayuri," Ichigo warned. Mayuri made a face, "How barbaric. You still refuse to call another officer by their official title,"

"Nemu!" he barked, "Open the doors!", Nemu nodded and walked to the locked doors as the other drew their swords in anticipation.


Yachiru sat in front of the candy store with a sigh. She had developed quite beautifully in the past thousand years- more mirroring a bob cut orihime where as her friend grew to have a body more like Rangiku. The two earned the title "Evil beauties of the Seireitei" over the years mostly because of Yachiru's evil plots and Niata's sinful charm.

Yachiru tapped her nails on the bench in annoyance. She got up to leave when a voice called out, "Yaya! I'm sooo sorry I was late," Niata ran up to her, "Captian Ku- I mean Ichigo's training took a bit longer than I hoped,". Yachiru grinned, "Yeah Ichi's always been a stick in the mud when it came to stuff like that. Hey, turns out Mayurin made a serium that changes a person's gender to its opposite- wanna see if it works?" Niata rolled her eyes and pulled out a thick vial of bluish-green goo from her chest, "Thought you would want to so I took a little from him earlier,".

Yachiru swung one arm over her friend grinning, "Nikkishiro, you are one smart woman. How should we do it?". Niata explained, "Well first of all we need to stage it like Kurosuchi was trying to experiment on the captains and lieutenants again without their knowing and-"

"And you will return that back to Captian Kurosuchi and find something less traumatizing to do," a deep voice interrupted. They turned around to see Captian Hitsugaya and Lieutenant Hinamori. The ice dragon captain had grown much taller and was even sporting a little beard while his childhood friend now wore her hair in a loose ponytail. The two friends stiffened up in their presence. "Aw! You always ruin our fun!" Yachiru whined, "And for good reason too," he confirmed. Momo just smiled, "You're so energetic today girls. Are you going to be at the Women's association meeting this week?"

"Of course I will," Niata confirmed, "Your lady president will not let me miss one meeting," she patted ther pink-haired mastermind on the back. "That's wonderful," Momo laughed, "Oh and we'll take this back for you," she held the vial with the most innocent smile. She tugged on Toshiro's sleeve and motioned to go leaving two astounded young soul reapers.

"How? Wha- sh- I didn't see that coming," Yachiru stammered. "I kinda did," Niata whispered revealing another vial, "For this one we need a captain and a lieutenant,". "And I know just who to make our first target," Yachiru added eyeing the Toshiro and Momo.


The captaian's meeting that day was an emergency regarding fluxuations happening in the world of the living. "We need to fix this and soon," Head captain Kyoraku instructed, "Kurosaki, you Ukitake, and Hitsugaya along with a few of the lieutenants go to the world of the living and find the source of the fluxuations," the captains nodded

"Um," a soft voice began, "Yes Captain Inoue?" Kyoraku acknowledged. "I had gotten word from Nel in Hueco Mundo that there have been some disturbing events happening there,". Ichigo turned to her, "What do you mean, Orihime?" she gave a sad smile, "There have been more and more hollow corpses surfacing there. She said that it looked like some sort of poisoning that was killing them quickly and causing them to rot faster than normal. Someone has found a way to destroy the hollows on a widespread scale,"

"Feh, if they are too weak to handle some stupid poisioning then they don't deserve to live anyway," Lieutenant Zaraki spat. "But Kenny," Yachiru noted, "If they all keep dying like this then there won't be any left to get stronger and you'll just get really bored fighting,". "Anyway," Kurosuchi interrupted, " If what Odelschwanck reported to you is correct, then what has happened then we've found the source of the fluxes,"

"True," Ukitake nodded, "Then that means we have to... h-have to," Ukitake fainted. Orihime tried to rush to his aid but fell unconscious as well with the rest of the captains and lieutenants- save for a few.

"Although I really did not need any help for this, I'll give you my thanks," Kurosuchi noted- almost with malice. Nemu sat quiet, Yachiru gave a thumbs up, and Rangiku laughed.

Whatever was to come, they all agreed it was worth the punishment.