Rants: This story takes place after Filia receives Val(gaav)'s egg. Basically, it's the rear near ending of Try. This also got Xellos/Filia on it. Damn, wish I had a birthday celebration like how Amelia celebrated hers in this Fic, nya~

When Mister Sirius took Mister Gourry's Sword Of Light with him, along with the other four Dark Star weapons, he teleported away to his own world. The birds chirped in the distance, the wind blew in the breeze soothingly and the snow started to melt away. Miss Lina was facing the direction of where Mister Sirius was. "Filia, "she said, "you can pay me what you owe me next time we meet!" she then faced Miss Filia from behind and winked. "Well, it's time to go!"

Miss Filia smiled gracefully, showing a slight somber look in her expression. Mister Jillas stood next to her. "Then I guess... this is goodbye..." she said. I was standing next to mMster Zelgadis and we boh smiled at them.

Mister Gourry and Miss Lina were standing next to each other near Mister Xellos. He was happy, but something was bugging me, so I ran up to him to tug his cloak. He looked at me in complete a bemused look. "Mister Xellos... It's now or never..." I whispered to him.

He scratched the back of his head, looking confused. "What do you mean, Miss Amelia?"

"I know what's going on between you and Miss Filia..." I saw him making a what-the-heck-is-this face. "I know you like her, Mister Xellos... You can't hide anything from me." I then pokeed his arm hat made him flinch a little.

He sighed, giving in. He looked at me with his purple slit-pupil eyes. "Looks like the little Princess done some homework, I see," he said, waving his forefinger at me. "Ah, well... you win - this time!" the trikster priest made his way to Miss Filia, making his usual happy face, "Hell-o, dragon!" At that moment, Filia lifted her skirt up, grabbed her mace and pointed it directly at Xellos. Uh-oh, trouble! But instead, Xellos swiftly grabbed her mace and threw it aside. "I'm tired of you pointing that thing at me!" Xellos snapped at Filia.

Us for gasped.

"Get lost, Namagomi," Miss Filia ordered, but Mister Xellos just stayed there and wrapped one of his free hand around her.

"I don't know why these sudden feelings appeared when you, a golden dragon, came!" Miss Filia looked at him in shocked, not bothering to struggle her way out of his embrace this time. At that moment, Mister Xellos let his staff fall on the snow to use his arm to pull Filia close to him.

Then their lips met.

The others and I gasped in shock on the sight we just saw. I squealed in delight, "Finally!" I bounced on the spot and waved my arms about.

"That's what I call a happy ending," Mister Gourry said, with his arms across his chest. He was happy for the two.

Mister Jillas was slight jealous at what he just saw because he was attracted to Miss Filia a few days ago, but he got over it quickly and began to clap. "Good job, Boss!" he happily exclaimed.

"We should leave them be. Looks like they're having fun," Mister Zelgadis said with a slight giggle, then he looked at us.

"Alright then, let's go home, guys!" Miss Lina said. She, Mister Zelgadis, Mister Gourry and I left Mister Xellos, Mister Jillas and Miss Filia. They just waved goodbye. We all giggled and made our way home.

Mister Jillas was crying and held onto Miss Filia. Tears left his eyes and a snot-bubble made its way out of his nose. "Waaahh..." he cried.

Miss Lina and Mister Gourry waved goodbye to continue their own journey when I arrived home at Seyruun, but Mister Zelgadis stayed for a little while longer. I told him to have one of my bracelets before he goes on his own journey to remind him of me. When he left, I had a lot of paper work I had to do... Ooof! A lot of work piled up while I was gone! Oh, man! Being a Princess isn't easy as it looks! The day quickly faded. The sun went down below the horizon and I saw people outside my room window were going inside and the others turned on the street lights, some were using Lighting spells. I just stood there and smiled.

t was good to be home!

During the evening, I was eating dinner with Daddy. We were quietly eating. The only noises that can be heard were just the knives and forks clanging and grinding against the plates. There was a lot of things in my mind that I wanted to tell Daddy about my adventures and my friends, but I kept my mouth shut.

He then broke the silence after he wiped his mouth with a serviette, "Amelia, I was the same age as you right now when I met your mother," he said.

I looked at him after I chewed on a juicy steak. I wondered where this'll lead to. I then swallowed my food. "Really?" I asked. "That's... You were so young..."

"I know," he continued, "and don't you think you should be thinking of... you know..." he let his hands out while talking.

I wasn't sure what he was trying to say. "What is it, Daddy?"

"You know... You and the swordsman that left earlier...?" He looked pretty embarrassed on what he just said. He placed his hand on the back on his head to scratch it and tried to look away. "Any thoughts about it yet?"

I gasped and I blushed slightly. "Daddy!" I exclaimed. I think he meant Mister Zelgadis. No. I don't have feelings for him. Sure, I blush and go ga-ga for him at times, but my feelings for him were over in a heartbeat. I... I like someone else. "Mister Zelgadis and I are just good friends..." I tried not to lose my temper at him by having another small slice of the steak and dipped it in the potato and gravy before I shoved it in my mouth.

"Oh! I understand..." Then there was a sudden silence. I didn't want to respond, I just want to finish my dinner. He then broke the silence again, "Is there someone else then?"I looked at him again. He wasn't feeling embarrassed anymore. He sure was curious about my love life...

Seconds passed and I still have to answer him. I took a deep breath, not wanting to tell him just yet. I want it to give more time, "Maybe..."

He placed his big, warm hand on my shoulder and smiled at me. "You don't have to rush, Amelia. You choose whom you want to spend your life with. I don't mind who," he said and pursed his lips. "As long as you both love each other, I can approve."

I just smiled at him and placed my hand over his. "Thank you, Daddy."

"Now, you finish your dinner and go straight to bed, all right?" He stood up from his chair and smiled at me again before leaving.

"Okay, I will." A maid came to clean his side of the table. I just continued eating.

Years have passed and all I've done is the usual written work, fight of evil sorcerers and bandits away from my kingdom. Also tried to improve my justice skills about my running from roof to roof at times. Today seemed the same like any other days. The only difference I've done was not get out of my palace because Daddy told me to take a rest for the day. I grew bored. I just stayed in my room, looking at myself in my mirror. The only times I went out of my bedroom is when I was hungry. Then I locked myself back in my room.

The day flew by slowly and in a couple of hours, I'll be twenty years old. Gods! I'm getting old so fast! Felt like this morning I was just fifteen and went out with the gang for the first time. I laid on my bed, with my arms behind my head. I looked up at my ceiling to daydream. What if I invite Miss Lina, Mister Gourry and Mister Zelgadis over here for my birthday tomorrow for a reunion? Will they come? Will they say yes? But then again... I don't know where they could be for a start. I missed them so much. Especially Miss Lina. Just thinking about her made me hot and tingly inside. Since the day I first met her, I followed her everywhere. I always looked up to her. She was my hero. I wanted to be just like her. I always thought we'd be together and live in Seyruun. I was such a kid for thinking that... But I don't know. She became really beautiful after years of traveling with her and I've fallen in love with her.

I suddenly yawned. I should be really asleep by now. I had an effort to turn to my side to look at my clock to see what time it was. Half past ten in the evening. I should sleep now... It's a big day tomorrow! I grabbed my blanket over my neck and held it close to my chin. Then I closed my eyes to sleep.

People cheering outside my bedroom window made me wake up. I shrugged it off and ignored the noises. But then nearby parade made louder noises from the drums and cymbals. I groaned and sat up on my bed. I wiped my eyes with my hands and made my way at the window like some zombie to open it wider. My eyes fully opened suddenly, along with my mouth. A lot of people were right outside my palace. A banner was standing upright, had big written words on it says, Happy Birthday, Princess Amelia! I smiled happily.

Way to start a new day! Now I knew I couldn't sleep anymore, I was too damn excited! I blushed and said, "Uuuuwaaah!"

One of the townsfolk below saw me and shouted, "Oh, look, everyone! Princess Amelia is awake!"

The crowd around him looked up at me, almost in synced and then they all shouted, "Happy Birthday!"

I quickly hid my face behind the window sill for a moment at the sudden attention. I just blushed more and giggled. I then stood up on my tippy-toes. "Thank you, everyone!" I exclaimed. I waved my hands at the people below. "You've made my day!" Then the crowd cheered. Wow. Just. Wow. I'm speechless from all this...!

I heard a knock on my bedroom door. I turned around. "Amelia, it's me."

I knew who it was. "Daddy?!"

The door opened and he smiled. "Happy birthday, my Princess," he greeted. He spread his arms out.

I just ran up to him and wrapped my arms around him and he placed his waiting arms around me to give me a tight hug. "Thank you, Daddy," I cried. I then let go from his embrace. I looked up at him. "Wow, those people outside sure knows how to greet a Princess!" I giggled.

"Yep and we arranged a parade for you later, so you can meet and greet people at the outskirts later," he said. "But first... you need to get changed, Daughter." I looked down. I was only wearing singlet and shorts. Oops. I blushed and made my way to my closet as Daddy went out of my bedroom. "I'll see you later."

After I changed my attire to my pink Princess dress, I made my way to the kitchen to grab some quick breakfast. A few moments later, I made my way to the main entrance of the palace and saw Daddy talking to one of the guards. "Oh, hello, Princess Amelia," the guard said. "Ready for your ride around the outskirts, your highness?"

I nodded, "Sure am!" I ran up to them. "Will you be taking me?"

"Yes, your highness. You and Prince Philionel will ride on a wagon to the outskirts while I take control of the horses." He smiled at me.

"That sounds like fun!" I clasped my hands together.

I made my way out of the palace entrance. There were two horses and a wagon connecting to the horses. The wagon was brightly coloured baby-pink and was decorated with pink, purple and magenta hearts and stars. I was speechless! It looked so cute! I went inside it, so did Daddy. After several minutes later, we rode around town. The people around us threw confetti and flower petals. I just waved at the people as some gave me gifts on the way. I just placed them at the back of the wagon as they piled up.

It was late afternoon when we got back home. I was totally showered with a lot of petals and confetti on my hair. "Wow, that was... just... awesome!" I exclaimed as I entered the palace, running around the main entrance with the confetti and petals from my hair was making a slight mess on the floor. The guards were taking the last bit of my gifts at the living room. "And I received so many presents!" I giggled and made my way at the living room. "Thanks for bring them in!" I said at the guards and they just wished my a happy birthday before leaving.

There were four big piles of gifts. I walked around the piles and spot one in the bottom of a pile. It was wrapped in a bright pink paper and covered with sparkling glitter and a big red bow on it. I quickly grabbed it. I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around and saw it was Daddy. I had the ribbon of the present in my mouth, trying to tear it open. "Wow, you sure have bright eyes there, Amelia," he said. "Save that one for last."

"Oh, alright..." A while later, I opened all my presents. I was quite sad that none of them were from Mister Xellos, Miss Filia, Mister Zelgadis, Mister Gourry or Miss Lina... Guess they didn't know it was my birthday... "Clothes, clothes... more clo- Oh? A bouquet!" I swiftly rose up on my feet and placed the bouquet on a vase that I also received that had lavender flowers printed on it and ran up to the kitchen to put cold water in the vase. I darted back at the living room and placed the vase on the nearest table. "That ought to brighten up the room!" I placed my hands on my hips.

"Amelia, here's one more," Daddy said. I looked at him and saw the bright pink gift that was covered with sparkling glitter and a big red bow in his hand. "You wanted to open this earlier, but I refused. It's from me, that's why."

"Oh, great," I said, taking the gift from his hand. It wasn't that big. The box was just a handful. I slowly pulled the red ribbon on the middle, not wanting to ruin the perfectly good ribbon. When it was all loosen, I removed the ribbon and set it aside. Then began pulling the pink gift wrap. At first, I see an indigo coloured box inside. "Wow..." I whispered, then opening it. The first thing that caught my eyes was... a gold star shaped locket. I gasped. I swiftly had an urge to grab the necklace to look at it much closer. It was pure gold!

"If you open it... You'll see some photos," Daddy said. I looked up and he was smiling at me.

I slowly placed my thumbs in the side and pulled it open. There were two photos. In the left side, it was I... doing one of my best Justice pose and in the other... it was Daddy holding me when I was a little baby. Sudden tears came out and fell onto my hands. "Daddy..." I cried. "Th-Thank you..." I stood up to hug him tightly, softly crying on his chest.

"I knew you'd like it, Daughter," he said. He then held me closer. We were like that for ages. I wanted to fall asleep while he cuddled me. Just like when I was a little kid. He carried me in his arms and placed me on my bed when I pretend to fall asleep. Even though I'm twenty now, I still love Daddy for what he had done. I thrive with him around. He then slowly released me and said, "Amelia, you're getting older every second." He placed his hand on my head. "Don't stay here, I want you to continue your adventure."

"All right, Daddy. I got caught up staying here... Plus, I miss walking on the road..." I cried. I wiped my tears with my hands. "I'll leave soon."

"Don't you want to sleep for the night and start tomorrow instead?"

"No, I don't want to when I'm all excited now!" I giggled. I then put the necklace over my head and placed it around my neck. "Wow. I love it. It looks great on me, Daddy."

He just placed his head over me to kiss my forehead. "Just take care of yourself, all right, Amelia?" he said and smiled. I made my way back to my bedroom. I didn't have to pack much. I just removed my Princess outfit and wore my signature clothes on - pale yellow outfit, green boots and my pink and purple bracelets, also my pale yellow and purple cape.

I looked out of my window. The sun was gone. The dark night filled the sky. No time to back out. "Goodbye, Daddy!" I exclaimed, hoping he heard me all the way to the living room. I jumped out of my bedroom window, "Levitation!" I cast. I soared above the castle grounds. People were cleaning the streets from the mess earlier I waved goodbye as I flew passed a few people.

Once I passed Seyruun, I waved goodbye one last time. "Goodbye, Seyruun..." I sniffled. I landed safely on the grass and made my way at the dark forest. There were branches in my way. "Damn these branches!" I exclaimed, pushing them away. It was getting darker on the way. I should cast a Lighting spell. Yes, great idea! "Li-"


Suddenly, I felt something sharp slit straight on my left cheek, cutting the branch that was in front of me. I didn't cast the spell in time and it was still dark. I stand my ground, while I felt blood oozing out my cut. I had my hands in front of me. "Have you got any ideas who you're messing with?!" I exclaimed, shakily.

"No," someone said. It was a female voice. "But do you have any ideas who're you messing with?" A tall, shadowy, female figure was making her way straight to me.

I knew I recognize her somehow.