Notes: Wrote stuff from my expiriences, but no-one was there for me. The person whom I told I liked her... I lost a great friend that day. Waited, waited... nothing, nya~

I sat there for ages that the sun made its way above the horizon. I wore all my clothes on because I was getting cold. I made my way out and closed the door. My whole body somehow felt numb in every inch of my skin. I hand over the keys to the receptionist and I made my way out of the Inn and back to Seyruun. It was a painful walk, more painful than the stomach ache I had yesterday, but the aching feeling right now is in my chest. I grabbed my cape and used it like a tissue. Those childish feelings I had for her... I just don't know what to do if I never see her again. That was a goodbye... More of a bad-bye...

I was taking my last steps in Atlas City and there was a forest with in the way. The tall grassy areas, so I cast, "Ruh-Ray Wing!" I lifted off the ground and swooped passed the forest. My whole body felt odd. I was flying turbulently, but kept my hopes up. I landed in the castle grounds and walked straight to the front entrance and the guards halted me in the way to the gates. "How rude! It's me, Princess Amelia!" I exclaimed.

One of the guards gasped. "I apologize, Princess Amelia," he said. "I didn't recognized you at first."

"It's fine," I said, making my way in the palace. That wasn't much of a journey... It only lasted about two days...

"Amelia?!" I heard someone say. I looked around and saw Daddy running towards me. "Why are you here? I thought you were supposed to defend people in the rights of justice?!" he asked.

"Oh," that was all I could say, "I... I'm waiting for someone to get here, Daddy." I then started to run towards the staircase to my bedroom.

"Don't you want any breakfast first, Daughter?" Daddy asked, with a worried sound in his voice.

"No, thanks," I said, then closed my bedroom door shut as I got there. My bedsheets were neatly folded on my bed and there was no mess to be found. Must be my maids that cleaned my bedroom while I was gone. I grabbed a chair to place it near the window and sit on it, patiently waiting for my Miss Lina. I hope she'll come. Oh, I know that she'll come! I just need to put some faith in her that one day she'll be here.

I watched as the people were walking and running around the place outside my bedroom window. I just rested my arms and my head against the window sill, waiting. All I could feel was numbness as the cold air lingered around me. I looked up above the clouds, it was getting cloudier and darker and rain started to pour down. I didn't bother to move, the rain lightly hit my forehead, but suddenly, the wind became stronger and the rain showered me. Crap! I suddenly stood up, making my chair to tumble over that made a loud clunk noise against the wooden floor under the carpet.

"Princess! Are you alright?" a maid asked, just outside my door. She sounded very worried. "Are you injured? Do you want me to get Prince Philionel?"

"N-No, I'm fine! I accidentally hit a chair, that's all!" I replied. Then I heard the footsteps outside faded away. Phew...

I made my way at my bed to rest. I took out my diary under my pillow and also a feather to dip it onto some ink. I started to draw a face, long hair on it, a smile... Little did I know, it was Miss Lina whom I was drawing. I kept sketching her features: Her long hair, short bangs, the headband she wore around her forehead, those metal shoulder pads... her chest. Then, when I sketched the last feature, right beside it I wrote, 'I would give up my life, here in Seyruun, just to be with you.' Tears followed and fell flat against my drawing, making the paper wrinkle.

Will Miss Lina really keep her word about her visiting me? And what does she mean of later) Is that later today? Or much later like days from now? Sigh... I'm going to hate waiting.

Seconds turned to minutes...

Minutes turned to hours...

Hours turned to days...

Days turned to weeks...

Weeks turned to months...

All I've ever done was wait, wait and wait. I grew bored. I even stayed up every night at my window sill, knowing I was the only one in the palace who was awake. I hope that one dayshe will come. I looked at the locket that was around my neck and looked inside it. Only if I can talk to Daddy about this...

Being a kid was sure better than being an adult. You can do whatever you want and not to worry about anything.

It was late in the afternoon and I was just sitting in the corner of my bedroom, crying. It was pretty dark there. I've locked myself up in my bedroom since I waited for Miss Lina to come and I was hardly eating much. The only time that I was eating is when I ask my maid to bring me some food to eat. I could feel that daddy was getting worried, but who am I to blame him? I wearily stood up on my feet and took out my diary from the drawer near me. I flipped the pages and looked through it. I stopped at the page that I last scribbled on. The page was dated exactly five months ago. "Miss Lina..." I cried. "You... You broke your promise..." My tears fell on the page as I ripped out the paper. It was the drawing of Lina that I ripped. I stared at the drawing for a while, then I saw her... there... in front of me. Joy and happiness appeared in my face and I let my free hand out to reach for her, but she faded away. I was just hallucinating... Crap. I looked at the drawing one last time, then scrunched it in my hands and threw it straight at the door with a grunt.

Then, there was a knock on the door just after the paper hit the floor. "Princess Amelia, you've got a visitor," a maid said. "Do you want them to come in your room?"

As soon as I heard what she said, it made my whole body very light and fluffy. It felt like a was using a Levitation apell. I quickly got up and replied, "Yes, yes, yes!" and I bounced on the spot. I felt like my heart was dancing happily and I was just flustered there as I heard the maid made her way back to fetch the visitor. I was all excited now... Eeek! Miss Lina is coming! She's really coming! I raised my arms up and ran in a circle, screaming inside my head. Felt like I was walking in a fluffy cloud and I just want to run forever and ever until I was rested on Lina's warm and pleasant arms. I suddenly halted when I heard the door opened a while later and I thought it was going to be Miss Lina, but to my surprise, it wasn't the fiery-red-haired girl I was longing for, it was the dragon-priestess, Miss Filia. She was only wearing her pink dress. Her white and purple cloak and hat were absent, her gloves and headpiece, too.



"Miss Amelia!" she exclaimed happily. "It's been a long time, hasn't it?!" Her expression looked so excited. I sighed, wearily made my way back to the dark corner, with my head down, then I stopped walking when my head touched the wall. "Miss Amelia?" she repeated. "What's wrong?" I then heard her walking towards me. "Aren't you happy to see me? Am I a bother to you?"

I sniffled so loud that I could feel dusts from the corner going inside my nostrils and I gulped. My eyes went teary. "No, it's not you, Miss Filia... It... It's someone else..."

I felt her ungloved hands on my arm and I looked up at her as she smoothly took me to my bed. "Come on, tell me what's wrong, Miss Amelia," she said, holding my hands. "It's better to let it all out rather than bottling everything inside."

"Alright..." I took a deep breath, then I let go of her hands to collect the scrunched up paper from the bedroom floor. I sat back on my bed that it caused to make a creaking sound. I sighed and revealed what was in that paper. I explained to Miss Filia what happened between Miss Lina and I and why I was acting like that. I even told her how I felt when Miss Lina left me and how much pain I had to suffer in those five whole months. It was too much to bear and I just suddenly burst into tears. "M-Miss... Lina..." I cried. "Please.. come back... I need you..."

Miss Filia grabbed my shoulders and pulled me close to her, nuzzling my face at her chest in a swift motion that made me fluster. "Cry," she whispered. "Cry all you want. I'm not going to leave."

I nuzzled myself on her smooth and warm chest, but I quickly pulled away and wiped my tears with my hands. "No, Miss Filia. I'm okay," I said. "I don't want to get comfortable with you too much."

"I understand."

"So, how's life?" I wanted to start a new subject. "And Mister Xellos and Mister Jillas?"

"Mister Xellos visits my antique shop every now and then," said Filia as she blushed. "Mister Jillas and Mister Gravos are running the shop whenever I'm away. Val's egg still hasn't hatched yet, so they told me to have a day off to rest and to have fun. Explains why I'm here to visit you."

"Oh." That was all I could say. "What else happened between you and Mister Xellos besides the visits?"

"We... Uh... Uhh... That's a secret, Miss Amelia!" said Miss Filia, imitating Mister Xellos's voice and the way he wagged his forefinger.

"Hmm... So something else you didn't expect to happen did happened, right?" I asked, inquisitively. "It's alright if you don't want to tell me." I then giggled suddenly. I didn't want to suppress a laugh, but somehow I let that giggle out. It felt awkward though, because it has been a long time since I had a smile of my face that it sort of gave a sting feeling on my cheeks when my lips stretched across my face.

"Miss Amelia! You're smiling."

"Oh, why. Yes, I am!"

"That's good that I've made you smile."

"It's been a long time since I did," I said, quietly.

By the time Miss Filia had to go back home, it was night time. Time flew by fast whenever you're having fun, I guess. It only felt like seconds when I was with her and centuries waiting for Miss Lina. "I'm sorry, Miss Amelia," said Miss Filia. "But I have to leave you now. I told Mister Jillas that I'll come back to cook them dinner for their hard work."

"Oh, okay then..." I squeaked out. I didn't want her to leave... when she was the one who made me all happy all afternoon, but she has Mister Xellos now. Besides, she's just a friend, I shouldn't be thinking of her that way.

"You'll be alright. I know Miss Lina didn't mean to say that... goodbye. She'll come, even if she doesn't return any feelings. She's your best friend and she's not going to leave you just like that."

"Thank you, Miss Filia," I said, smiling at her. I gave her a hug. A hug that represents that I was really thankful what had she done now; Visiting me, making me laugh and saying that Miss Lina won't leave me... All that. That was what I needed. "Thank you..." I repeated.

Miss Filia hugged me back in such a caring touch and pulled away a moment later. "Now, take care of yourself. We don't want an ally of justice to be let down by all this! You're waystronger than this."

I giggled, having tingly feelings on my lips again. "All right."

"I'll see you later, Miss Amelia."

"Goodbye, Miss Filia." Then I watched her leave my room. That was great talking to her like that. Letting it all out felt good. It was like... I finally removed something off my chest that felt like I ate a huge boulder and when I told Miss Filia about it, it somehow disappeared like I puked it out somehow and the heavy feeling was gone.

I poked my head out of my bedroom and sneakily tip-toed to the kitchen because I suddenly felt an urge to eat. There was food to be found on the table, like someone knew that I was going to eat. When I forked food upon my own plate, I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around and it was Daddy. He looked really surprised. "Daughter," he said, smiling, "you're out of your bedroom and- you're eating like your usual self!" He then gave me a gentle hug.

"Yes, I know, Daddy," I replied. "Somehow talking to Miss Filia made me happy... and of course, I felt like eating! I'm so famished! I haven't eaten properly in, like months!" I then shoveled the chocolate creamy rice on my mouth.

Afterwards, I went back to my bedroom and swiftly fell asleep on a full stomach. It was like some sort of a remedy to help me to sleep faster and knowing that Miss Filia still cares. I then started to see things in front of me... I was dreaming of Miss Lina. There she was in my dream. I ran up to her, with a smile on my face. Please, don't wake me up... This is what I wanted...

"Amelia," she said. "Please, forget about me."

I stopped in my tracks. "What do you mean, Miss Lina?!" I had to ask.

"We're not meant for each other. Just don't think about me anymore and move on."

She then disappeared. I was there, running towards her disappearing figure. I began to cry, then she fully disappeared, her ash-like dust winded passed me, like sand blew around my flesh. "Miss Lina..." my voice echoed.

I woke up, sweat all over my skin and I was gasping for air. Oh, oh... stupid dream!

A week later, I decided to take an evening walk to cool down my body. I needednan evening stroll. When I had enough of walking, I decided to go back to my bedroom to go to sleep. Just to my surprise, I saw a glance of someone there under the evening sky. I swiftly wiped my eyes because I thought I was dreaming. No.

Am I half asleep... mostly hallucinating...? No.

I see my knight and shining armour in sight just outside my palace. She turned around, then saw me looking at her. My heart melted at the sight of... her.

The one that I've been longing for.

"Amelia," she said out loud in such an angelic voice. She waved at me with a smile on her face.

I couldn't get any words out. I was just speechless there. So I just decided to jump up and risk it. Dream or not, I was going to chase after Miss Lina! "Ray Wing!" I cast. I ran and ran towards the girl I've loved since I began my journey. She took me in her arms as I cried on her chest, with my arms wrapped around her hips. "Miss Lina... This isn't a dream, right?" I said, then looking up at her.

"No, it isn't," she said, brushing my messy hair with her hand. "I'm sorry I didn't come back sooner... I had to explain to Gourry what I really wanted in life."

"Which was...?" She then pushed herself onto me and brushed her lips to mine as quick as lightning. I licked my lips, then decided to kiss her back. The sweetness lips she had... I didn't want them to leave mine. I pulled her closer and closer until I felt her pulse beating against mine.

A kiss like this after a long wait is worth it. I felt her hand behind my head to pull me closer. She moaned something during the kiss, but I pushed much closer to her to shut her up. I didn't part my lips from her until I felt a slight moist running down my chin. She then looked straight at me, with her beautiful face shimmering under the moonlight. She opened her almost-pink lips and said, "I would be really honured if you can be my Crowned Princess."

I gasped.