At the agency, Eve is in a chair, drinking a beer. Kate walks to her and says "Eve…can I talk to you?" Eve says "Yeah, sure. What is it?' "What's going on with your drinking?" "My drinking is fine." Abby walks up to them. She says "What's fine?" Kate says "I asked what is going on with Eve's drinking and she said she's fine." Abby says "Eve…we know you. Your first priority is solving a case, but now it's getting a beer. Something is up. What's going on?" Eve shouts "I'm fine! Now, I see I can't drink a beer in peace and quiet so I'm going to go out for a bit." Abby says "What about the case?" Eve shouts "Screw the case!" Eve walks away. Kate and Abby give each other concerned and worried looks.

Bosley, Courtney, James (in handcuffs), and Richard walk near them. Richard nods his head and walks towards the elevator. Bosley throws James to the floor. Courtney says "Well, we got something out of them. Where's Eve?" Kate says "She left. Guess what she's going to do?" Bosley says "Drink?" Abby says "Correct." Courtney says "Does she always act like this?" Bosley says "No, she usually puts a case before everything." Courtney says "Then why is she acting like this?" Kate says "No clue. What did you find out?" Bosley says "We found out where the factory is." Abby says "Sounds too easy. What's wrong?" He says "James told us that there's a bomb inside." Kate says "We can't let it blow. Every one of those hostages will be killed." Courtney says "God, I hope it isn't who I think it is." Abby says "Who are you talking about?" Bosley says "Well, Eve saw a woman that night at the bar. The woman was talking to James about the kidnapping, but Eve didn't see her face." Courtney says "Did she explain how she looked?" Bosley says "Uh, long black hair, wore a lot of black…" Courtney says "Oh god! It's her!" Kate says "Who? What's wrong?" Courtney says "Vanessa Jones…she's my sister...and my twin."

Outside the agency, Eve is walking out the doors, holding a beer and walking drunkenly. A van is driving fast down the street and screeches, stopping in front of Eve. Three men get out and grab Eve. Eve says "What's going on? Where are you taking me?" The men throw her in the van and the van speeds off at high speed.

What will the Angels do when they discover Eve has been kidnapped? What will the Angels and Courtney do about her twin? These questions will be answered in the next chapter. Please review!