my own little twist with some of my oc

Kim pov

I am sitting on the couch watching tv waitng for Jared to come home from patrol also thinking about the new imprint she kinda wierd to but she so nice me and her are quicky becoming friendsi'm glad embry imprinted on her.

i hear a knocking on my door i get up and walk to the door opening it i find Aria standing and for once she doesnt have a big goofy smile on her face she looks serious and that scares me"cani come in?

"her tone is even serious ok now i'm worried I open the door she walks in and drops her bag on the floor and sits on the couch I follow her and sit down as well"there is something i need to tell you"she looks at me"now when i star you can't interupt okay?"She looks at me i guess watching my reaction i nod my


your life isnt as simple as you would like to believe"she leaned forward and grabbed my hand a green mist surrounded our hands slowly blue streaks started to appearin the hand started to burn.

i start to panic and glance up at her nervously"its almost over"she looks down the burn is getting stronger almost to painful and it just stops.I look down on the back of my hand is a strange symbol that seems to be burnt into my skin."what is it"i look up at Aria"its called a triquerta the mark of the charmed ones"she said reachin into her bag"this is your mom"she pulls out a picture of of a women handing it to me

"she's beautiful"i whisper then a thought occured to me"your dad is your dad him and paige had hooked up a year before he met your mom since her powers were in active so were yours."i jerk my head up

"what powers 'she smirks at me "follow me if you want to know' she got up and walked out the door i stood up looking bak at my hand the symbol gonewe walked up to the cliffs in silence we got to the edge she was starring down at the water as i lashed out a storm must be coming i walked up to stand next to her

"do you trust me?"she asked as she glanced back at me did i i don't know why but i feel this strong connection to her i nod at her she grins "good then you will survive"i looked at her in alarm one minute I'm on the the cliff now i'm in the air hurdling down towards the crashing wave i closed my eyes I'm gonnadie.

oh no don't worry more to come