Aria pov

I was looking at the girl in the mirror who was quickly becoming a woman the same woman who was staring back at me as i sat infront of the mirror while emily was finishing my hair we were in embry and my bedroom we were having the wedding on the beach

it was in a braid which soon became a flower on my head i looked down at my dress the nymphs had made for me it truly was beautiful

Emily had just finished with my hair when mom walked in holding something behind her back

"hers's something new close your eyes"piper whispers to me i feel her placing something on my neck

"can i open my my eyes now'i asked mom

"sure but i still have to give you something borrowed "she replied

i open my eyes to see a white choker wit a blue charmed symbol on it

"what about something old"i heard emily ask

"that's what i'm for darling"i turned to see grams holding here arms out i ran to her to give her a hug she pulled me close

"did they remember to cloak the beach so we wont be seen"grams nodded

"of course we have magical creature in this wedding the shield is a must"she says smiling

"it was your idea to have nympphs as flower girls"mom says smiling at me

we hear a knock at the door

kim and puck come in looking nervous

"whats wrong"i asked noticing thier faces

"embry's mom is refusing to stay"i pause before asking"how is he taking it"

"he seem angry but he's still talking to her"i watch as mom stands up"so she's here then"mom asked puck nodded

"alrighty then i'm going to knock some sense into her"mom said leaving before i could stop her

Piper pov

I marched down the hallway stopping at the guestroom door i was about to knock on the door when it flew open a women walked by me briskly

"Tiffinay"i call to her she stops turning to me she acknoledges me with a quick nod"piper"she say stiffly but politely

"come on we need to talk"i say pulling her into the kitchen

"why are you leaving you're embry's mother"i asked

"i will not stay and watch my son marry a harlot"she screams at meshe pauses before contiuing"with her evil wicked powers i will not see him cursed"she glares at me

"what gives you the right to judge me when you've never once asked what my powers were or what i do with them"i turned to see Aria with her arms crossed glaring at Tiffany

"let me show you please stay for the weddeing and after i will show you"i watched as tiffinay stared at aria for a long moment before nodding "i will be heading to the beach now"both Aria and I watch as she left quickly

"you okay "i asked

"i have to put my dress on did Ava bring the gypsie shoes"Aria asked looking at me

"Gypsy shoes ?" kim asked coming in the kitchen

"they're shoes without a bottom kinda like a baerfoot sandal and yes Ava brought them"i said answering both of them i grabbed aria arm and led her back to the bedroom

Aria pov

mom had me sit on the bed while she got them we heard another knock as she handed them to me it was phoebe and paige

"time to go youu ready"as soon as the shoes ar on my feetpaige orbs me mom phoebe kim leah emily and herself toward the entrance which was covered by a white curtain

"your up em"emily slipped the curtain

Embry pov

the nymphs did a fantastic job with the flying flowers i looked back to see Aria's aunt prue and her grandmother patty she has no idea they're here i flash them a quick smile

emily is first in her shortpale purple dress i watched as she walks gracefully down the the aisle sam at her side

next was leah in her pale green dress with puck guiding her down the aisle

And last was kim and jared kim in her blue dress i noticed each girl had gypsy shoes on that matched thier dress

everyone was settled in thier place when the song Aria had chosen came on

Aria pov

i heard a moment like this by kelly clarkson start to play that was my cue to start walking well that and the fact the sun had started to set

i began to walk down the aisle mom behind me paige on one side phoebe on the other

i look to the groomsmen to see each boys cotton shirt matched thier dates dress they also had white pants on

i looked down and noticed the the orbs on the ground creating a path then i noticed the torches that weren't lit but as i walked down the aisle the orbs started to creat a veil the torches lit themself as i walked down the aisle

as i got to the end of the aisle i felt my looked up to see aunt prue and my mom's mom i was speechles my mouth hanging open prue leaned forward closing my mouth

"i know its alot to process"prue said smiling i turn to embry

"who gives this witch away"grams ask

"we do"paige phoebe and mom say together grams nods before turning to me

"Do you Phoeni Aria Rose Halliwell and do you Embry Joeseph Call promise to make this union you are creating on this day the strongest union you will ever have with another person"grams says looking at us expectantly

"yes"i reply"yes" embry says nodding

"now you may exchange vows Embry you may go first"Grandma patty says looking at embry

"Aria the first time i saw you i was amazed you were going head to head with a leech without even blinking my first thought was this chick is badass Aria you know i'm not scared of anything but when that leech threw you into the water and i heard you scream i had never been so terrified in my life i was frozen with fear i never wanna feel that fear agian Aria i want to spend the rest of my days with you"Embry says staring into my eyes

"Embry you've helped me grow in ways even i didn't know about the first thing i was taught as a child was if i wanted to be the witch i was destined to be i needed to find my true strength i found my true strength on this beach as our love blossomed my strength and power got stronger"i pause to look up at embry before continuing

"Embry your my strength your're the reason i can face the worst monsters without blinking you're the reason i fight as long as you by my side i would take on the world"i say smiling

i can hear my mom crying

"Aria you may join hands with embry"prue said

I held up my hand Embry pressed his hand agianst mine i watched Embry's eyes widen as the green mist wraps itself around our hands slowly it morphs into a vine

"to seal you union you must kiss"embry grabs me by the waist dipping me he leans down before kissing me i hear the cheering

as we come up for air grams comes over to us

Darling its best we head to the manor now"she said

"actually grams i have to take care of something first should only take about five minutes"i reply

she nods before leaving us so she could tell the whitelighters to start orbing the guest to the manor

"come on lets go get your mom"i say as we go through the crowd we find Tiffany waiting for us we wait for all the guest to leave as they went we were left alone

"Embry told me the other night about your friend suzie's little girl the one with the tumor"i say looking at tiffany

"the doctor said he couldnt operate it was too deep "Tiffany said tears forming in her eyes

"where is it"i ask

"in her heart"tiffany replied begining to get choked up

"ok lets show you what good magic can do stay here honey this trip is just for me and your mom"i say as i orb us into a hospital room I looked around the room to see a little girl no older then eight years old asleep her mother asleep in a chair beside her i walk over to the bed sitting down the bed shifted and the little girls eyes fluttered open

"are you an angel"she said in a quiet voice i shake my head

"nope i'm a fairy i'm here to make you all better so you and your mommy can go back home"i whisper moving her hair out of her face tucking it behind her ear

i look back up at tiffany she has woken up the mother who is staring at me hopefully

"this is what my powers do "i look back to the little girl befire place my hand above heart heart my hand started to glow

"all done no more tumor for youlittle miss"i stood up before walking out the door i could hear her mom crying thanking tiffany as i was trying to find a place to orb out someone put thier hand on my shoulder i turned to see doctor cullen

"oh hi you scared me"i said as i notice he wasnt alone bella and edward were here to

"is there a problem i should no about"i asked looking at them

" Bella wants you to come to her and edward's wedding its in a month" i nod

"if she wants me to come her and edward can ask me themself but not today i have a party to get to"i say orbing back to the little girls room

"youre back"the little girl said excitedly i smile walking over tiffany

i was surprised when she hugged me she pulls back she looks speechless she mouths a thank you to me i nod before heading out

Embry pov

"dont worry embry she wont kill your mom"Phoebe said trying to comfort me that wasn't what was bothering me it was the fact she wasn't here yet that was bothering me

Suddenly something small popped me in the back of the head i turned to see aria holding a bowl of grape she threw another one i caught it in my mouth between my teeth i motioned for her to come close she waled over to me i flicked the grape with my toungue turning it sideway aria leaned forward biting a piece of the grape off

Before she could away i grabbed her by the waist picking her up i wanted a kiss and i wanted it right now i felt her smile into the kiss

"hey no no no we have to get to p3 save all that for tonight"i hear piper say before whacking me in the head

Aria pov

Embry and i were walking down the stairs of P3

"ok ladies and gentlmen lets make way for the first dance by the bride and groom"Kim annouced everyone cleared of the dance floor as embry and i made our way to the middle of the room i listen as the first song came on glory of love by peter cetera

Embry took my hand it felt like we were gliding spinning me around as soon as it started it ended the next song came on it was mama song by carrie underwood i watched as mom danced with embry

"wanna dance" i turn to see Leo

"Sure"i sad as me and leo did the classic waltz the only dance he knows and yet he stil mumbles

"on two three one two three one two three"I laughed as he kept mumbling

"mind if i cut in" leo spun me into jared's arm i was curious"now why are you dancing with me"i asked teasingly

"because my date is dancing with your guy besides i wanted to say i'm sorry about how rude i was in the begining "i smile before leaning up to hug him"thank Jared dont worry about it though ok one more thing thats my foot not the floor so quit stepping on it"i say pulling away the next song started to play it was embry's favorite Never Say Never by The Fray

"Ok i want her back now"embry guided me to the middle of the dance floor i laugh surprised when embry grabbed me by the waist hoisting me up going round an round he set me back on my feet only to have my view upside down as he dipped me my face hurt from smiling so much

Finally things started to wind down when i noticed kim making her way to the stage

"hi well its time for the speeches and the mother of the bride will go first"i watched piper walk onto the stage embry sat down but not before pulling me into his lap

"For so long Aria has been my world when i first met my now husband leo i asked aria if i should marry him she was only nine at the time but she told me if i didn't marry leo there was no way i was gonna get another happily ever after"she paused for amoment before continuing

"and then she met embry which was funny because when she was little she was scared of big dogs even when prue got turned into a dog she was scared of prue "i laughed as she contiued

"then i met Embry i could tell he loved her right away buti wasn't sure about the soulmate deal but now I am Embry welcome to the family "she raised her glass to us

i watchas she hands the microphone to jared

"i want to thank you Aria if you hadn't of showed up me and embry wouldn't be the buds were now i defintely wouldn't have been his first choice for best man if it wan't for you"he said pointing to me

"But now for the lady of the hour of when i first met Aria she threatened to neuter me"i laughed as he mentioned that

"ok ok ok kim is giving me the sign to stop talking so i'm gonna turn it over to her"he said before kim took the microphone from him

"i will be quick cause i can tell Aria is getting impatient the first time i knew these two were a perfect couple was right after i got my powers when i saw Aria jump on embry back and when she yelled mush believe it or not he took off like a sled dog"kim said smiling

Embry pov

Finally we were wrapping it up piper was hugging aria as Jared was wishing me luck i turn back to aria who is smiling at me

"ready to go"she asked i nodded excitedly i heard jared lauggh at me she grabbed my hand as we orbed to our house she took me to the hallway as i make my way to the bedroom i notice she stopped in the middle of the hall

"Embry i want to show you something"she says turning to me walk back to her she was staring at that wierd door knocker or what ever she called it when she insisted we put it in the hall way

I watched her reach forward to grab the door knocker she used it to knock three time before taking a step back i watched amazed as a silver door appeared

"a giftfrom the elders all i have to do is write on this slip of paper what i want"i lean over to peek at what she's writing

A place where love and magic is celebrated the perfect place to honeymoon like upendi

she glanced at me smiling before slipping the paper under the door beore waiting a minute before opening the door

"are you ready for this"she askedi smiled" lets get this show on the road" i replied as we walked through the door together

so thats the end what did you think keep an eye out for the next story that i will be starting today it will be call Our fight now see you soon