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"Kanda Yuu, YOU BLOODY GIT!" Allena's voice echoed through their home's halls.

Kanda heard the Moyashi's yells, but only ignored her with a roll of his cobalt eyes. He continued with his training, but was forced to stop as he sensed a presence near him. He took of his blindfold, and he saw he was about to lop off the Moyashi's head. And she was fuming.

Hm, he thought, she's cute when she's mad.

"What, Moyashi?" He asked coldly.

"What what?" She demanded.

Lavi, who had the misfortune of being in the training room, stopped his training with a wooden sword, turned to the pair, joked good-naturedly "What what what?" The couple fixed him with a death glare.

Lavi gulped; sweat dropping along the way, sensing danger. Getting the message, he choked out, "Yep, gotta go... I'll leave you two alone." He dashed off after another incoherent sentence. Kanda made out the words "panda" and "hair".

Ha, Kanda thought, serves him right. That was... until he looked back to Allena. Only three words came to Kanda's head:
Extremely cute.

Okay, so four words, but still. Her eyebrows were furrowed and her cheeks puffed, with her waist length pure white hair slightly messy, as if she had ran all the way from their rooms almost five floors up. She probably had. And all just to yell at him.

Yanking him by the wrist, she pull-dragged him all the way back to their room that they were um... discreetly... sharing. There, she dropped his hand like it was a poison.

Her eyes suddenly swelled up with the tears she knew she could no longer hide. They fell unstoppably.

Kanda just stood there, waiting for her to finish. They both knew he was not a hugger, no matter the situation. Allena grabbed a handful of tissues out of the box and dried her eyes.

"What happened?" He asked, his tone soft.

She straightened up and took a deep breath. "Urgh" she groaned at his stupidity- and indifference.

Sometimes she wondered why she liked him. She looked back at him and saw his blank face. "Oh my god, you really don't know." She walked in tiny circles, wondering on the best way to tell the swordsman. A minute and a whole lot of foot tapping (courtesy of Kanda) later, she took a deep breath. And another. And yet another. "Urgh" she groaned again, head in her hands. Another two circles. She finally composed herself and looked straight into his beautiful cobalt eyes. Kanda had known her long enough to know that it was something very important, and had to be concerning the two of them. In the span of a few seconds, Kanda's mind whirred, thinking back on the last week and a half (or so), thinking about what he might have done wrong to upset her this much.

"I'm pregnant."

So THAT was it, Kanda thought.
Before the real meaning sunk in.


That was all Kanda could do.


He almost couldn't choke the word out.



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