Chapter 6: Allena Walker's Man's Name is Yuu Kanda

The Crying Girl in the Shadows

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Allena's POV:

"No no! Komui, Lenalee, meet my cousin, Annie!"

A silence, then:

"She's your cousin?"

"Why do you call her Okaa-san, Allena?"

"I can totally see the resemblance!"


Scientists who were never there, now seemed to be popping out of nowhere like weasels from their holes.

Annie stood there, her grip around me tightening. It had been ten years, but I could still tell what she was feeling. She was nervous, scared. I looked at her, worried.

"Are you okay? Do you want me to tell them off for you?" I whispered. Annie just looked at me, a slow grateful smile spreading across her delicate face. She nodded slightly and I returned with a cheeky smile.

"Cover your ears…" I whispered. I only had a glance of her confused face before smirking and looking to the big crowd that had gathered in Komui's office.

"HEY EVERYONE SHUT UP!" I yelled into the crowd. The sudden silence was deafening compared to the excited, noisy chatter a second ago.

"Thank you" I added, as an afterthought.

"Everyone, I would like to introduce Annie, my cousin. I call her Annie-Okaa-san because even though she is only a year older than me, she took care of me and was like a mother to me before we got separated at a carnival around ten years ago." I looked to Annie, remembering that day.

Some people around me had pity or a sudden sadness on their faces, so I quickly added,

"But she's here now! As a…" I trailed off, not really knowing how she got here or why she was here.

"As a new Exorcist!" she completed for me. I stared at her as cheers erupted from all around. I was happy, of course, but shocked, scared, and incredulous as well.

Annie, who I remember used to hide from spiders, is going to be an exorcist? But, but… what if she got hurt? What if she wasn't suited for the battle field? I didn't realize the slow drain of noise until I was back outside Komui's office. Annie shut the door quietly and turned to me, smiling brightly. She had led me out while the scientists chatted and spread the word of a new exorcist. I looked at her, and then she threw her arms around me.

"Allena…. I've missed you so!" I hugged her back tightly. Pushing her back slightly, I inspected her face, noting happily she still had the bright glow of an excited six-year-old. Her blueish-gray eyes looked into my own ones silently, as if they were begging me to ask her about her travels. I, of course, obliged.

"Okaa-san! Tell me AALLLLLLL about your travels! How did you find this place? How did you know where I was?" My questions tumbled on and on. I didn't know I had been leading her back to my room until she flopped on my bed and stretched, smiling, while I was still wondering how on Earth she had found me. I told her about how I had been searching for her, following my gut feeling that she had traveled to another country, probably with her thinking I had traveled there.

(A/N: See? They really are family! My sisters and I always get these gut feelings about each other. Sigh… we triplets are mad…)

"Well…" She started with a grin on her face. She jumped up, crossed her legs, the flopped her bum back onto the bed, "Where do I start?"

A long, long, long time later:

Allena's POV:

The grins stayed on both our faces while she told of her adventures to France, Italy, and a hell lotta other places.

Brazil, Nigeria, Haiti, France, Germany, Italy, Middle East, Djibouti, you name it, she's been there.

We sat for a while, teasing my German, and in walked Kanda. He stared blankly at Annie, then at me, then at Annie, back at me, then tilted his oh so slightly, silently asking me for a private word. I looked over to Annie; she had a knowing smile on her face.

"Have fun with your boyfriend" She teased-whispered, standing up and leaving the room. No sooner had she left the room that Kanda was on the bed.

"Who the hell was that?" he asked flatly, leaning down to re-tie his boots.

"Kanda! You can't go streaming curses wherever you go!" I said, playfully swatting his arm. "That," I continued, "Is my cousin"

His actions stopped abruptly, then he turned to me fully, "You have a cousin?" he asked, bewildered.

"Sigh… long story, Yuu"

"…I've got time…" he said slowly, curiosity taking the best of him.

And so Annie stayed just outside the doorway, for how long, she didn't know, listening to Allena's version of the 10-year-old tale, tears brimming helplessly in her beautiful blue-gray eyes, as scientists and staff alike passed her, not noticing the crying girl in the shadows

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