It was a cold rainy day in Racoon city. Leon looked out his office window taking in the gloomy atmosphere.

"Hey Leon, I have some files you might want to look at."

Chris put down the files and walked out of the medium sized office room. glimpsing at the file something caught his eye. 'Ada Wong' was written on the file. Ever since Leon ran into that mysterious woman, he just had to know who she was.

"Who's Ada Wong?"

Asked Claire, Leon's current girlfriend as she looked through his black suitcase.

"Someone I ran into while out in the field. Told me her name was Ada Wong. But something isn't right about her. I just know it."

Leon took off his shirt and placed it in the laundry basket than worked on taking his jeans off.

"Think she works for Wesker?"

Pausing for a moment Leon turned towards Claire.


With that he collapsed onto his bed and fell asleep. Still wondering about that Ada chick.

Ada stepped into Weskers cabin. Isolated in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by snow. She had been invited here for a reason. But that reason was unknown.

"Nice seeing you again Miss Wong,"

Wesker sat in an arm chair facing away from Ada. pointed towards the fireplace.

"You wanted to see me, Albert?"

Ada loved getting under peoples skin. Especially Weskers.

"Someone knows everything about you Miss Wong."

The room went silent. A deadly silence.

"A man by the name of Leon S. Kennedy has recently recieved a file with all your information in it. You better watch yourself."

"Where did he get the file from?"

"His friend, Chris Redfield."

Ada mentally slapped herself. She should of been more careful. Now a man she met Two months ago was on her and so was a Redfield.

"Thank you for the valuable information Albert."

With that Ada walked out in the middle of a snow storm. With a new mission in mind.

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