I looked at him from across the room. He was so handsome; possibly the most handsome man at the party. He stood proudly against the far wall with a man who I was not familiar with, talking and laughing. His eyes seemed to laugh with him. His chocolate brown eyes that matched his soft brown hair and stood out against his smooth, cream colored skin. He wore brilliant clothes, obviously expensive, meaning he was a man of class. Also he must've had a proper career.

He caught my eye from across the room and smiled. My face felt warm as I smiled back and pretended like I was interested in the crowd of people. My eyes wandered back to his far more often than was even the slightest bit appropriate. After about half an hour of stolen glances he finally made his way over to me. I watched him, taking another sip of my drink and trying to catch my breath. He was even more stunning up close.

"Hello." He said. His voice warmed me up inside and I felt as though I could fly; But first I'd have to catch my breath. "My name is Benjamin." He looked like a Benjamin. I loved the name Benjamin. I told him my name and he repeated it back. How my name sounded beautiful on his tongue. He asked if I would like to dance. Of course I said yes.

After just a few moments I lost track of the song. I lost track of the rhythm, the beats, and even time itself. All I knew was him. All I smelled was his amazing scent, and all saw was his beautiful face. I only felt his soft touch, his arms around my waist and even being as close to him as possible I was still to far away. Neither of us spoke, we were comfortable with the silence and I could hear a thousand thoughts in my head, all about him. I knew I was smiling, I could feel it. I never stopped. And I could feel small butterflies dancing all over me, making my body tingly and light.

When I finally came back to reality I realized there were only a few other couples on the dance floor. I didn't mind. I didn't care that the whole party may have been watching us, or that they may have even thought us strange. All I cared about was that he was with me and me alone. And I was in his arms and I never wanted him to let go.

And suddenly I heard my name being called. I thought it was only my imagination, until Benjamin stopped dancing and looked at something over my shoulder. I looked too. My parents were there, calling for me. I felt my smile fade as I knew that it was time to leave. I turned to Benjamin and told him so. I said that I'd rather stay with him. He just shook his head sadly and handed my hand to my father.

Everything grew quiet in that moment. I was being led in one direction while Benjamin was in another. I felt myself nearly collapse as tears ran down my face. I called his name several times, but he just looked at the ground. I told him I loved him, but he still wouldn't look at me and I cried even harder.

And then there was a woman, who came and stood next to him. A fair, ivory skinned woman, with golden blonde hair and a radiant smile. And he kissed her. I fell to the floor screaming. Screaming his name, calling for him. And then everything went black.

When I opened my eyes I saw daylight breaking through the curtains into my room. A hand on my shoulder caused me to turn, and there stood Mr. Todd, watching me with narrowed, concerned eyes. I sat up a bit and rubbed my eyes, only to find them filled with tears which poured down my face.

I asked what happened and he told me I was screaming and crying in my dream. He said I kept calling for Benjamin. I nodded and looked at him. He only stared at me, as if waiting for an explanation. I took a deep breath.

"I love you." I whispered. He nodded.

"I know."