Percy: ready?

Alex, Zwen, Percy, Nico, Annabeth, Thalia, Connor, Travis, Leo, Katie, Jason, Piper, Frank, Reyna, Hazel, Jake Mason, and Lyea: -nods-

Percy: -clicks button on Annabeth's Phone-

Phone: -shows random names and then shows Travis-

Travis: Dare! :3

phone: Impersonate a famous character and the group guess who you are

Travis: -thinks- COME WITH ME IF YOU WANNA LIVE!~~~~


Phone: -shows group names and then lands on Jake-

Jake: truth?

phone: describe a wild dream that you had

Jake: a cookie is eating me

phone: -shows groups name then lands on Jason-

Jason: Dare

phone: say something dirty to Annabeth

-everyone laughs but annabeth and jason-

Jason: er...Leo has a big butt?

Leo: hey!

-everyone laughs-

Phone: -shows Katie-

Katie: uh, random?

Phone: Lick Jason's ear



Everyone(but Katie and Jason): -laughs-

Phone: -shows Alex's name-

Alex: dare?

Everyone: OHHHHHHH

Phone: rub lotion onto Annabeth's neck

Alex: can i forfeit?

Percy: yes!

Phone: boo -shows Zwen's name-

Zwen: i said i didn't want to play-

Nico: she chooses dare!

Zwen: Nico!

Percy: :P

Phone: who in the room has the biggest boobs?

Zwen: Frank

Frank: wat?!

-everyone laughs(but frank :3)-

Phone: -shows Nico-

Nico: forfiet

phone: boo~ -shows Piper-

Piper: truth

Phone: do you own any kinky outfits? If so, what are they?

Piper: boo~

Phone: -says Hazel-

Hazel: uh, truth?

Phone: who in the room would you date if you were of the opposite sex?

Hazel: ...Leo

Leo: should i be offended?

Phone: -says Percy-

Percy: DARE!

Phone: Group Dare: Pass a card using only your lips

Percy: k~ -gets a card and passes to Zwen as it passes on and on-

Phone: -says Lyea-

Lyea: truth

Phone: would you rather date a athlete, a brainiac, or a model?

Lyea: athlete, he may be all

Phone: -says Leo-

Leo: dare me!

Phone: Slowly reveal the lining of your underwear to Hazel

Hazel: -turns red- wat?

Leo: DX

Octavian: -comes in with Reyna- what you guys doing?


Octavian: what?
Phone: -says Octavian-

Octavian: eh?

Phone: Group Dare: everyone must remove two pieces of clothing

Alex: ok! forfeit!

Phone: boo~~~~ -says Jake-

Jake: random

Phone: sing Am a Little Teapot with all the actions

Jake: -shrugs- ok -does am a little teapot-

Twins w/ Alex: BRAVO JAKE! BRAVO!

Phone: -says Travis-

Travis: dare!

Phone: Attempt a Cartwheel

Travis: thats not hard -tries to do a cartwheel but fails-

Phone: -says Connor-

Connor: dare :3

Phone: exchange a article of clothing with Thalia

Connor: whats that?

Phone: -says Leo-

Leo: truth?

Phone: what color is your underwear?

Leo: am wearing boxers like a man!

Nico: liar...!

Leo: then how would you know?

Phone: -says Leo wins-

Everyone: eh?

Phone: -says Lyea-

Lyea: truth

Phone: have you ever watched porn with a partner?

Everyone: -laughs-


Annabeth: i know huh

Phone: -says Frank-

Frank: truth

Phone: describe when and how you lost your virginity.

Frank: wtf?

Leo: how it knows you lost your virginity?

Frank: LEO!

Nico: -puts hands on head- if that question was only for me..

Zwen: Nico! -pushes him off his chair-

Nico: AH! -falls-

Phone: Katie
Katie: truth, cause i dont trust your phone

Phone:Who in the room would you want to be stranded on a island with?

Katie: Annabeth, cause she is smart

Annabeth: woot~

Phone: Percy
Percy: Dare

Phone: Take off your shirt

Percy: eh? -pouts- its cold, but k -takes off shirt-

Phone: Jason
Jason: dare?

Phone: Flip a coin. Heads, you take off something. Tails, Reyna takes off something

Jason/Reyna: eh?

Percy: -gets Jason's coin and flips it-

Piper: is that a good idea?

Zwen: where does Percy get this stuff?

Travis: who else?

Coin: tails


Reyna: -still shocked- eh?

Piper: ok, skipping

Phone: Zwen
Zwen: Dare

Phone: Use a banana creatively, and make it hot

Zwen: ok? -gets one and puts it in the microwave for 5 minutes-

Alex: where that come from?

Nico: aww...thought she was gonna actually do it but put it in her mouth..

Hazel: Nico! You sick pervert...

Phone: Alex
Alex: dare

Phone: on a scale of 1 to 10, how good looking would you rate Octavian?

Alex: is there a -10?

Phone: Nico
Nico: FINALLY (pervert -.-) dare~

Phone: 7 mintues in heaven with anybody of your choice!

Nico: Zwen~

Percy: -.-

Zwen: what's 7 minutes in heaven?

Nico: I'll show ya! come on! -grabs her and takes her to the closet-

Piper: he's one sick bastard...

Phone: Piper
Piper: truth

Phone: which relationship do you prefer: a wild, passionate one or a quiet, calm one?

Piper: when is this game over?

Alex: annabeth y ur phone is a pervert like Nico?

phone: Thalia
Thalia: dare

phone: Act like a wild west cowboy. Throw your hat, shoot your gun, and yell YEEHAW!

Leo: can i do that?

Thalia: sure?

Leo: -does-

Phone: Annabeth

Annabeth: truth

Phone: Let's hear one of your sexual fantasies

Percy: :3

Annabeth: when is this game over?

Phone: Reyna

Reyna: when did my name get in?

Percy: -whispers- dare

Phone: put an ice cube down Octavian's shirt.

Reyna: K -gets an ice cube and put it down his shirt-

Octavian: EEP!

Phone: Hazel

Hazel: truth

Phone: when is the last time you kissed?

Hazel: Alaska quest?


Phone: Octavian
Octavian: dare


Nico and Zwen: -comes out-

Nico: cant see D:

-everyone leaves the phone behind-