Hey guys! After two there is HUGE chance of me updating this once again! I feel very hateful at myself for just abandoning this and possibly without warning for me just literally being lazy. I also noticed a few "(Guests)" that my grammar was bad. I ain't angry, that's most likely true since the last time I updated I was 13 (Jun. 20, 2013) and I am now 15(July 19. 2015). Like, seriously, last year I looked at my favorite story I made the year before and cringed literally every sentence. I really don't blame you if you hate my spelling. Also gonna make it have more description like a actual story, like this author's note itself.
Another thing:
I left without a word. Some of you readers where just "UPDATE THIS". I have two things to say about that 'command'. 1) THIS MAKES ME WANT TO UPDATE SLOWER. Unless I give an actual date YOU DON'T decide when I update, I decide for myself. This story and possibly my OCs (since I was a brat and put them in here) are MINE, I write these words. Ordering me to update my own story(or anyone else's) doesn't work with most author's. If I give a date then I will most likely meet that deadline. If I don't then this is really just for my enjoyment of creating the story and anyone who is willing themselves to read it.
2) I literally could've been dead. I never really updated any of my stories on this website and profile for like 2 years, you have no idea if I suddenly dropped dead. If I was gone for 10 years you would've felt like a big pile of dicks for saying that without knowing if I was alive, dead, or worst. Again, don't order, command, or threaten an author to update a story they made for FUN or just practice. Just don't.
Sorry if I sound extremely rude but I am telling you I am not. You are if you are saying "UPDATE THIS NOW".

Also want to say one more thing:
I'm refreshing all of it now. The characters(dead, alive, or missing, it doesn't matter(no OCs though)) are picked by you guys. The truth's and dares are picked by you guys now. Note: the truths and dares were picked by my phone before and NOT you guys. I'm just saying. Also my immature-ness won't get in the way like in my old stories where I was impatient for clues to be found.

Since you are picking the dares and/or truths here are a little rules list.
1) No OCs. Including mine. (I actually hate having OCs in stories most times, even sometimes my own OCs).
2) Give a truth and dare and mention the character's name for I will chose either for the character.
3) Don't demand you're dares/truth to be in this 'story'. It will not be in it.
4) Keep it 13 years and younger. I seriously got a dare for Percy(I think) to chose from a list of females and suck their breast. That's really immature.
5) Respect the characters. :) I've watched Supernatural, Sam and Dean hated being in a story and others 'enjoying' their suffering. So yeah, even respect Octavian(the freaking brat I love).
6) Don't 'order' me to update. I will seriously leave for 2 years again.
7) You can PM me your dares/truths if you want it as '(Guest)' or for me to notice it a bit more.

Every chapter will consist of 5-10 dares/truths so the next chapter will probably take a while.