Author's Note: Hello my dear readers to another one of my stories. I haven't done a Nano in a while due to my other writing and real life obligations and I know they don't count as fan fiction, but I wanted to write one, so this story is it. I also wanted to have a little fun and cut lose on some of my writing. I want to try a few things and take some risks in my writing without having to worry about a story going off the rails for trying some things. It will include references to other works of fiction (including the possibility of other Nick shows) and out there interpretations of characters and surprises about them, so you have been warned that there might be eye rolling events during the course of the story. I'm experimenting with a writing technique that I've actually loathed for years: "Hey, wouldn't that be cool to try?" Let's see how it goes.

Whether this story is actually part of my Jade/Freddie series or not or any element of the story having any bearing or future bearing on the series, I'm leaving that up to you as the reader to decide. I'm going to remain neutral on the whole affair. It goes without saying that one should be familiar with my series of stories for a number of things to make sense for this story.

This is also my first M rated fan fiction, so let's see how this goes too (in all honesty some of my other stories probably should have been rated M on adult content and violence using 's rating scale).

One last thing, I recently found out that one of my readers is no longer with us. We exchanged a few words during some of my Creddie stories, but I'm sorry to say that I really didn't get to know him as I have some of my readers and fellow writers. May he be at peace.

So this story is dedicated to him, A Writer's Right to Write.

Because Fate Said So
By OneHorseShay

Disclaimer: Don't Own, Don't Sue. For God sakes, don't sue.

Rating: M Warnings: Language, Offensive Language (including trigger words), Adult Sexual Content, Adult Subject Matter, Depictions of Drug Use, and Possible Violence

Pairings: Jade West/Freddie Benson (Jeddie), Tori/Beck (Bori) and pairings of secondary/tertiary characters

Summary: A 'What If?' tangent after the earthquake in André's Horrible Girl from my story 'We Love Each Other'. What if Fate wanted to take a more hands on approach with Jade to set things back the way she thought they should be?

Chapter 1: I'm not in Kansas

Freddie Benson's Room
West Residence
Los Angeles, CA
1:12 AM, Sunday, January 29, 2012

About an hour later after Jade had changed (and wore one of his old Penny-Tees) and ate a small meal while telling him and her mother about what had happened while with Cat, the couple lay in his bed with him slightly propped up with the Galaxy Wars pillow case covered pillow. The flat screen television sitting on the short dresser drawers was displaying late night horror movie. He didn't care for it at the moment, but Jade was enjoying it for the most part, well as much as she had paid attention to it as she was curled up on his left side and rested her head on his left shoulder and letting the lullaby of his heartbeat lull her to sleep.

Jade took in a slow breath as she ran her hands across the covers and started blinking as she realized that was all she felt. She lifted her head off the pillow and pushed up to realize she was lying on top of a made bed. She put on a perplexed expression as she sat up and brushed some of her hair out of her face and behind her left ear to see that the bed was made up with a conservative light blue comforter.

She turned her attention to slowly looked around and saw that other than the short dresser where the television rested and the dresser draw by the window on the left side of the room from the entrance, was mostly bare and missing everything that made it Freddie's room.

Her jaw slightly slacked allowing her lips to slightly part as she felt a sharp sinking feeling in her stomach at the familiar yet unfamiliar surroundings. She instinctively whispered out when she realized that she was alone, "Freddie? Freddie?"

She cautiously scooted off the bed then headed for the door. She stopped just passed the threshold and looked down the hallway. She didn't see anyone or heard any sound. She wouldn't admit to anyone, but she was… concerned at the moment while taking several slow breaths. She slowly started making her way down the hall while cautiously looking around as if her baser instincts were expecting something to jump out of the L shaped hallway with her socks covered feet dampening the sound of her foot steps. She stopped in front of the door to her room.

She cautiously reached for the door handle then slowly turned the knob. The doorknob internal mechanisms clicked and she pushed opened the door. Her mouth fell open when she saw that almost all of her possessions were gone with only her bed remaining. Her burgundy chair was gone with all her specimens were gone off the shelves and paintings and pictures were off the walls. Her flat screen TV and PearBox were also missing.

She cautiously stepped back out of her room then turned her head to look down the hall towards the top of the stairs. She quickly made her way down the rest of the hallway and down the stairs. Once she reached the bottom step that exited into the kitchen, she stopped and glanced around. Seeing quickly that the kitchen had not changed, she turned to head into the living room. She slowly cut through it and saw that the TV remained standing at the opposite wall with the back of the couch towards the kitchen. The other pieces of furniture of a recliner and other chair remained in place with the various pictures in place.

The pale singer continued out of the living room to the short hallway that separated the end of the living room from the sitting room (the room that Jade caught Sinjin in on the video of chat almost a year ago) and headed for the first floor bedrooms, specifically the master bedroom.

She stopped at the ajar door, but didn't hear anything inside. She reached out with her left hand and pushed open the door then stepped inside.

She sucked in a sharp breath at finding her mother was sprawled out on her bed face down. Her mother had changed into her usual casual nightwear, but looked more passed out than asleep. The dark brunette cautiously reached out with her hand and rested it on her back and felt that her mother was still breathing.

The actress glanced around and saw on the nightstand a half empty wine glass and an empty wine bottle. She frowned in confusion at the idea that her mother had apparently drank herself to the point of passing out. She was only aware of her mother being a social drinker during the big wheel meetings with executives at the advertising agency and the very rare occasion at home.

She shook her head as the fear turned into a feeling confusion at the sheer strangeness of everything. As she shook her head in disbelief, she glanced over at the nightstand where her television rested and saw that her mother's laptop remained open sitting beside it.

She quickly walked over to the PearBook then closed it and walked out of the room. She went back to the living room and plotted herself on the couch and opened the PearBook on the coffee table.

She tapped a button to bring the computer out of sleep with the hopes that it had enough charge left to do what she wanted. Once it finished waking up, she blinked and swallowed as she saw the date in the bottom right corner: Sunday, January 29, 2017. She clicked on it to double check the time then clicked a button to re-synch the clock with the internet time. The next moment it displayed the time as 10:37 AM, Sunday, January 29, 2017.

She swallowed down her apprehensiveness then pulled up a browser window. It took her a few moments to navigate an unfamiliar new browser, but she pulled up several news websites and started reading off several headlines: President Shay talking about his goals for his first term as president, NASA refusing to confirm whether they had received signals from extra-terrestrials, Justin Beiber was somehow determined to have American citizenship and jokes about running for US President someday. However, as strange as those headlines were, the one that caught her eye was an entertainment headline: Jade West's World Tour Concludes in Los Angeles at the Boomerang Theater on Tuesday.

The teenager quickly clicked on the headline and her mouth dropped open as she saw a picture of herself. However, the picture she saw was incomprehensible for her for a moment: Her hair was straight and chopped off to shoulder length and a lighter shade of brunette, not as light as her natural hair color, but lighter than her dark brunette coloring with the blonde extensions she use to wear almost a year ago. Her nose stud was replaced with a nose ring and she was missing her left eyebrow ring, but was wearing a cross as a right earring and a small silver skull pendant on a black choker.

The scoop neckline of her black tank top shirt under her very short denim blue jacket allowed Jade to see an intricate skull tattooed on the other girl's upper left breast over her heart, two barbwire tattoos around her left arm just above her elbow and a tattoo of what appeared to be a dragon with bat like wings wrapping around her upper right arm just below her shoulder.

She blinked several times as she studied the picture, but she couldn't believe the image. She wasn't sure how long she stared at the picture until her eyes finally started to drift to the text of the article and started reading about how she—the other Jade—had played sold out concerts across Europe and the United States over the course of the last year.

She continued to read further to a comment from Mason Thornesmith, which the article stated was Jade's music executive, 'We are absolutely thrilled that Jade is wrapping her World Tour at the place that started her music career nearly five years ago and it should the capstone to the thrilling ride of the last year.'

Jade took several shallow breaths and took a moment as she couldn't believe what she read; she apparently was famous—really famous and a successful musician.

Without thinking, she typed in her name into a search bar and the search engine immediately brought millions of hits, but decided to click on more legitimate news articles to find out more about herself and hopefully not just gossip. She didn't know how long she read article after article about 'her' rise to fame. However, as the pale teenager continued reading, the stark lack of any mention of Freddie stood out and brought an uneasy feeling in her stomach until was able to go back far enough to find two separate articles about when she got her big break and one mentioning her relationship with Freddie: a performance at the Platinum Music Awards in early April of 2012 after being selected to play after an audition submission for a fresh talent in the hopes, as Mason put it, for that person 'to become an overnight sensation'. Apparently she did become such an overnight sensation that Mason was hoping she'd reach that she dropped out of Hollywood Arts and finished her schooling with private teachers so she could get started on her first album which apparently did go platinum.

She wasn't exactly pleased about the idea of leaving Hollywood Arts even if she did wrap up her schooling to get her diploma with private teachers and becoming famous. She didn't dwell on that fact as she read the second article about how she and Freddie apparently broken up sometime around the Platinum Music Awards. She took a sharp breath and she felt her chest tighten as she read that bit of news. She continued reading hoping that it would explain why, but it provided nothing more specific other than wild rumors about her thinking he was holding her back or that she had caught him cheating on her with his first love Carly Shay (she rolled her eyes at reading that part) or that he had caught her cheating with Beck and dumped her.

She decided to type in Freddie's name for a search and it brought up millions of hits, not as many as her hits, but still a significant number. Most of them were older links about his days with iCarly or his time at Hollywood Arts; however she did find a more recent news article listed near the top. It was about how Freddie had recently graduated from MIT and was working full-time at Pear Incorporate to continue his work on the next generation of three-D cameras. It didn't say whether he was seeing anyone, but did mention the fact that he use to date the famous musician. Other than that, apparently he had stayed out of the public eye over the last several years.

She closed her eyes and shook her head in wonder at the sheer strangeness of everything so far while speaking to herself, "No, this is crazy. This is just some crazy dream." She opened her eyes and took a deep breath then continued speaking, "Okay Jade, you just fell asleep in bed with Freddie. He's still watching TV, but you're out; time to wake up."

She pinched the top of her left forearm and hissed out in surprise at how it hurt (and not in the good way), "Ow!" She blinked in surprise at the pain and the slight red mark on her pale skin. She glanced around the living room and taking a hitched breath as she realized that she may not be dreaming.

As her mind desperately grasped at what could explain what was going on, a thought jumped to the forefront of her mind: what Freddie described what happened to him on Christmas Eve and apparently happened with Carly years ago. 'Could the same thing be happening?' a thought crossed her mind. She looked around cautiously and whispered out at first, "Anna? It's Anna right?" She cleared her throat and tried again with a raised voice, "Anna? Are you, ah… doing something like you did with Freddie with me? Is this some kind of lesson you want to teach me?"

She waited for an answer, but silence remained filled the living room.

She suddenly felt alone with a chill running down her spine. She looked off to the opposite wall without focusing on it and whispered out afraid of whatever response she would receive, "Please Anna? Please Anna answer me."

Her answer was continued silence.

She took a deep breath as she realized that the silence was going to be her answer… an answer she was not going to accept. She slightly frowned and stood up with a sense of purpose. She closed the laptop then quickly headed back up the stairs. She entered her room and dropped the laptop on the bed before she headed for her closet. She hoped that something was left and wasn't disappointed that though she immediately saw that most of her clothes were missing, there were still a number of articles of clothing left with a pair of boots sitting in the floor of the closet.

Jade took a sniff of the clothes and smelled a slight staleness to them as if they had remained in the closet for perhaps the last five years; however, the smell didn't matter at the moment. She grabbed one of her red and black plaid button shirt and a pair of medium shade of blue jeans then headed for her drawers. She opened it to find one of her black athletic tank tops then some undergarments. She dropped them on the bed to air out for at least a minute or so then headed to her bathroom.

She took the time to wash and dry off her face from a still hanging towel then started to search the bathroom hoping to find some toothpaste intended to brush her teeth, but realized that she could still taste the lingering flavor of brushing her teeth before crashing with Freddie. That little tidbit of information made her realize that she hadn't been asleep long before being snatched up.

She headed back to her room then threw on her laid out clothes and leaving her night clothes on the bed. Once she straightened her plaid pattern shirt on her shoulders then the leather jacket around her neck then went back to her closet. She took a moment to search the floor and a soft smile formed on her face when she found her Gears-of-War bag. She pulled it out and started brushing it off quickly as there was dust and filth on it.

The pale actress pulled the strap over her head to wear it over her chest and rest on her right hip. She grabbed the laptop and stuffed the laptop in the empty bag. She turned to head out of the room, but stopped and looked at the Freddie's old Penny-T she threw on the bed. She walked back to the bed and quickly folded the shirt up into a nice square then slid it into her bag behind the laptop.

She turned and headed back downstairs to go back to her mother's room. Once she was back inside the master bedroom, she started searching for a few moments. She found her mother's wallet and grabbed a wad full of cash along with a bank card then picked up her mother's phone sitting on the dresser. She scrolled through the contacts and found the one she was looking for. She stuffed the phone in her right pocket than took another moment to search for the charger to the computer and the phone. She found them after a few moments of searching then wrap it up and stuff it in the front top and bottom pouches of the bag.

The dark brunette turned her attention back to her passed out mother and gave her a sympathetic expression then bent down and kissed her mother on the forehead. The woman that had to be in her early fifties at this point barely stirred. The pale dark brunette turned away to head out of the room.

The brunette finally stopped at the door in the kitchen that led to the garage and looked to the key rack hanging on the right side of the door above the kitchen counter. There were only two sets of keys, one she recognized as belonging to her mother and the other as the ones to Freddie's Charger. She cautiously reached up and plucked the keys to the Charger off the hook and with a bit of trepidation, looked down at them in her palm as if weighing them in her hand to see if they were real. Once satisfied they were real, she stuffed in into her jean pocket.

She stepped through the kitchen exit into the garage and surveyed what she saw. A new Mercedes-Benz was in one of the parking spaces that she assumed belong to her mother, but her car was missing which answered the obvious question as to why her keys were missing off the hook of the key rack. However, at the far end of the garage she saw a vehicle covered in a tarp.

She walked down the steps and walked over to the front of the vehicle then examined the covering for a moment to see there was fine level of dusk over it. She took a deep breath to try to suppress the apprehension she felt at what possible condition she could expect of the vehicle then grabbed the end to give it a hard jerk to her left. The dust on the tarp snapped away from the surface and filled the air with a fine mist for a few moments. She shut her eyes as she frowned and she waved away the dust. The dust cleared enough for her to open her eyes to look at Freddie's Charger. There may have been dust on the tarp, but the classic muscle car looked just as good as when she 'gave' it to him on New Years.

A soft and relieved smile formed on her face at seeing that the vehicle appeared to be in such good condition. She finished taking the tarp off the vehicle then went to the driver's side door. She slid into the driver's seat and pulled the door shut behind her.

She looked over the interior and saw that it was still in fine condition. She pulled the bag strap over her head and dropped her old bag in the passenger seat then turned her attention to starting the vehicle. She dug the keys out of her jean pocket then shoved the key into the ignition to start the car, but whined as the engine refused to crank.

She blew out a breath and tried again, but it refused to start.

"Come on, start damn it," she swore out then turned the ignition one last time, but this time the engine roared, bringing the old muscle car came to life. She glanced at the fuel gage and saw that there was about a quarter of a tank of gas left, but she didn't know how long it had sat in the tank.

She glanced up to see the electronic garage door opener remote was still slid onto the sun visor. She tapped the button and fortunately it still had enough battery power to send a signal for the garage door as it started to slide open. The teenager out of place backed the car out unto the driveway then tapped the button to close the garage door.

She pulled back into the clear street and started on her way. As she made her way down the road, she just hoped she wouldn't be pulled over for expired tags.

Beverly Park
Los Angeles, CA
Sunday, January 29, 2017

After stopping by Inside Out Burger for some lunch (they had stopped serving breakfast half an hour earlier, much to her annoyance) and some coffee, she pulled the Charger up to the security gate to the main entrance of the gated community where a number of celebrities lived.

She looked over to the security both and saw several security guards stationed inside from what she could tell from her seat. A middle aged security guard with blonde hair stepped out from the booth and slightly bent down to look at her through the driver's side window to give her a questioning expression.

She flashed him a confident smile as he apparently took a moment to study her in seeing her appearance did not match up with how the current Jade appeared. She was glad that she wore the plaid pattern shirt and leather jacket that covered her arms as not to have to explain where her tattoos had gone.

He asked cautiously, "Miss West? I thought you were home?"

The pale teenager answered in a casual voice, "Nope, I… had to go out this morning…" She glanced at his nametag and then asked, "Hank. I wanted to visit my mother since I've been gone so long."

The security guard smiled and gave her a nod apparently satisfied that she was the older Jade, but she was unsure if he was smiling because she was using his name or thought it was sentimental to visit her mother after an apparent international tour. He glanced over the car and asked with a conversational tone, "New car Miss West?"

Jade's smiled faltered and the security guard looked slightly nervous at possibly upsetting her, but she quickly pushed on with a soft and inviting tone, "It's… an old friend left it to me. I just got the chance to finally pick it up."

Hank blew out a relieved breath and decided not to press his luck with the mistaken musician and motioned over with his head to another security guard in the booth to open the gate.

Jade gave him a polite nod then brought the Charger through the entrance.

She started glancing around for the house number as she slowly drove the Charger through the community. She spared a glance to the other homes in the gated community and tried to suppress the apprehensive expression at seeing the various celebrity homes. She had wondered how it would be like to live at that level of comfort from time to time as an interesting distraction of her goal of making it big and apparently she had made to that level of success.

She noticed one resident walking down the left side of street walking his dog. He threw up a hand and shouted a greeting as she approached, "Jade!"

She smiled politely as she passed and waved out to Sean Combs. She shook her head as she glanced to the review mirror to see that he continued to walk his dog.

A few moments later, she found the house and pulled into the driveway. She killed the ignition (and hoped that it would actually start the next time she tried) then exited the vehicle to take the moment just look at the home. 'Sick place' did not begin to describe how nice the home looked form the outside and guessed that she was a 'bazillionar' like Mister Gibbons. This was the exact type of home that she pictured last night (or five years ago if this wasn't a dream or some weird alternate universe Freddie's angel dropped her in) that she and Freddie would live and raise their children.

She took a breath to set aside that vision for a moment then headed for the front door. The intricately designed wooden double doors were slightly intimidating, but she brushed that aside to tap the doorbell then waited to see if anyone would answer. She shuffled back and forth between her feet as the seconds ticked away then tapped the doorbell again in frustration at having to wait for her older self to answer if Hank was under the impression she was home.

She tapped it several more times and nearly a minute passed by before the door finally opened. Her eyes shot open wide as she looked at the girl wearing a thin white athletic undershirt (without any additional undergarment) and very short grey sleep shorts. Seeing a picture of what she could look like in the future and seeing 'herself' in person were two entirely different things with the clear tattoos, particularly the skull one over her heart that was only partially obscured (and not by much) under the shirt.

The other girl… the older version of herself looked half asleep with one eye closed with a fist trying to wipe the sleep out of the eye and yawning. She shouted out without really focusing on the younger Jade, "Who the Hell is bothering me this early?"

"I'm bothering you!" Jade snapped with an impatient tone.

The shorter haired young woman dropped her hand and opened her eyes to take a look at the girl that had the nerve to snap at her. She paused at seeing the younger Jade for a moment then blinking several times to see if what she was looking at was real.

She slightly frowned then asked with a short and challenging tone, "What in the Hell?"

Jade calmly replied, "Hi."

"Shit, some nutty impersonator." She snorted out and shook her head. "How the Hell did you get past security?"

Jade smirked at her older self as she retorted with a slightly sarcastic tone, "They thought I was you."

"Then I'm going to have that damn fool fired." She shook her head then looked Jade up and down then dismissively commented, "Great, I have another twin? I thought Heather Fox was enough…"

Jade slightly frowned with confusion as the name sound familiar, but she couldn't place exactly where she heard the name before, but ignored to retort, "I'm not your twin. I guess I'm you… five years ago."

She started laughing and the younger Jade immediately frowned at her. "Really? You're me? Wow, you're even crazier than I thought dressing up like me. You know, I'll cut you a break because it's so early and I'm tired: you leave now and never bother me again and I won't call the cops to haul your ass away."

"Is it really January twenty eighth… two thousand seventeen?"

The older Jade crossed her arms under her chest and shook her head. "Really, you're asking me what year it is? Fine, yes, it's twenty seventeen you nut now get the Hell out of here."

"Then I am you five years ago to the day… but instead of waking up with Freddie in his room, I wake up in a made bed and mom passed out drunk in her room."

The older girl frowned at the apparent detail she was able to describe.

The teenager continued, "Do you remember the earthquake?"

The musician snorted out dismissively trying to regain the dominance of the conversation, "It's L.A., we have plenty of earthquakes. You need to be specific."

"I'm talking about the one when I was hanging out with Cat when she was dog sitting Mister Gibbon's dog… a week after I found out that Beck had been talking to Carly all long."

Her eyes opened wide from the statement, so Jade continued on as she held the other girl's attention, "I… we fell asleep in Freddie's arms while watching TV and I woke up in his bed about…" She pulled out her mother's phone from her pocket to look at the time then finished, "…about an hour and a half ago."

The twenty seventeen Jade shrugged a shoulder and forced her voice to remain calm as she avoided the younger girl's eyes, "Wow, you guessed that sometimes I would sleep with my ex, big deal. You did your homework you creepy stalker."

Jade smirked turned to her right and pointed to the old muscle car with a smirk on her face as she asked, "Maybe, but where did I get that?"

The shorter haired Jade shook her head then stepped out the door to get a clear view into her driveway to satisfy her curiosity. Her mouth dropped slightly open and her arms dropped to her sides at seeing the black Dodge Charger. She whispered out with a disbelieving tone, "How… how the Hell did you get that?"

The corner of her mouth lifted up and verbally pricked at her, "I already told you: I went to sleep with Freddie and I woke up here. Do you want me to answer you inside or you prefer we have this conversation outside in your underwear?"

The shorter haired woman frowned and gave her a harsh glare then turned to head back inside with the teenager quickly following behind her.

Author's Note: For those of you who don't know, future Jade's appearance is from a character Elizabeth 'Liz' Gillies recently filmed as a guest star for a future CBS comedy called 'Friend Me'. If you get a chance to see some of the photos she took of herself during filming, you should because they are interesting to look at and they are Jade turned up a few notches.

Also, some of the headlines Jade read are allusions to predictions that an iCarly character Caleb made for the year 2077. It is an interesting list.

Special Guest Appearance by Jennifer Connelly as Ruby Lynn West

Special Guest Appearance by Sean Combs as Himself