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So, here's a little fluff bunny I had found and I wanted to share with you all.

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On this particular rainy afternoon in Jump City we come upon a certain heroic empath who had currently taken to curling under the covers of her bed as her body gave way to trembling.

As thunder boomed in the sky Raven once again winced.

What, you ask was causing the normally fearless heroine acting this way?

It was simple.

She hated them really, Rain and Thunder. The way your hair fell and your clothes clung to your body and how COLD it was! She admittedly enjoyed dreary weather but not rain! And The Thunder! Don't even get her started on the thunder! It was loud and obtrusive, sounding much like cannon-fire or gunshots. It also was something that the unfortunate girl had no control over…which was another thing that terrified her.

So what this means?

She absolutely hated storms.

Beastboy loved storms.

It took him back to his time in Africa with his parents as he stayed with them in the rainforests.

The way the rain felt like a soothing kiss against your skin on a blistering day, the way it chilled the air and left you cleansed, and the thunder! He loved the thunder! As it boomed it reminded him of the tribal drums beating in rhythm.

All in all,

He positively adored storms.

So as the empath walked into the common room, it was much to Raven's utter surprise that she would find the normally video-gaming changeling sitting on the couch- TV off- and his eyes closed; with a calm, happy smile on his face.

'what's he doing?' Raven mused quietly to herself, as she wandered over to the changeling.

"Beastboy? What are you doing out here?"

The teen looked up at the empath and smiled, causing the girl to blush.

"Oh nothing, just listening to the storm."

Raven quirked an eyebrow, before shuddering as another clap of thunder stormed through the sky.

"Why on earth are you doing that?" she asked.

Beastboy smiled and motioned the half-demon over.

Weary, the young sorceress cautiously made her way towards the smiling changeling and timidly sat down on the couch….

…..Which just so happened to be facing the 50 foot glass window that portrayed what could possibly be one of the worst storms of the year.

Trying to hold in her whimper, the empath curled into her side slightly before trying to focus her attention on the boy in front of her.

"You're scared of storms Raven?" this was more of a statement then a question.

Giving a death glare the girl nodded before replying

"Tell anyone and they won't be able to find the body."

Laughing off the girl's threat- if she hadn't carried out with her previous threats why would she with this one?"

He gently grasped the sides of her face and moved closer.

'what's he doing?'

With a blush on her face she allowed him to pull her face closer as her eyes slowly slipped shut of their own accord.


Opening her arms the empath looked down to find her ear placed upon the changeling's chest.

The almost hypnotic rhythm of his heartbeat beating like a soothing lullaby against the roar of thunder and cry of rain.

And she smiled and allowed herself to snuggle into his chest just a little more…

Maybe she didn't hate storms so much afterall.